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  • Hi Nathan, I was wondering if you have the most recent news about Todd Bentley. I have recently, been sent and article referencing him in a newsletter called the A friend I know sent it to me to read. I do not believe what I am reading and seeing about him. I want to be able to loving share with her about this deceptive movement. I have copied Lamb & Lion’s article on TB and yikes, very dangerous stuff. What year was his visit to Lakeland, FL. that the article was written about. Lastly, do you know anything about the Director of the School of Supernatural Ministry and his Associate of Fresh Fire Ministries Westley Roderick, and is the Elijah List a newsletter by Steve Shultz, supporting them or exposing them. Any information you can offer would be grateful.

    Thank you, C

    • Carol, I haven’t heard really anything about Todd Bentley since Dr. Reagan wrote the article about him about 5-6 years ago, other than I thought I heard he’d gotten a divorce. We currently do not have any info on the other’s you listed.


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