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Mark Hitchcock on the Evidences For a Cashless Society

Mark Hitchcock


What are some evidences that the world is near to becoming a cashless society?

Dr. David Reagan and I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Mark Hitchcock on the show Christ in Prophecy. Mark is a leading Bible prophecy expert, prolific author who has penned over 20 books on the end times, senior pastor of Faith Bible Church located in Oklahoma, and adjunct faculty member of the Dallas Theological Seminary. He is also a much in demand speaker at Bible prophecy conferences all over the nation.

Dr. Hitchcock was invited to answer questions based his book Cashless: Bible Prophecy, Economic Chaos, and the Future Financial Order. It concerns the world presently teetering on financial chaos, global interdependency, and modern technology all converging in such a way that a cashless society and one-world economy are not only possible, but inevitable.

Evidences For a Cashless Society

Dr. Hitchcock: A number of secular economic experts are saying the world is right on the threshold of a cashless economy. One, for example, is the head of Visa in Europe who said that he thinks there is going to be a cashless society in Europe by 2012. Here we are back to 2012 again and the predictions that it marks an end to the world as we know it. What he made is a bold statement. Even if he is wrong by just a few years, that is an incredible statement to make!

Secondly, just think about the buying practices of most people today. Just about every day people have automatic deposits of their checks. When people go to get gas, so few go in anymore and pay with cash. People just swipe their credit cards.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I am old fashioned. I still sit down at the end of the month and write 35 checks for everything. But, almost every day I am getting an email message from those companies saying we will give you this incentive or that incentive if I would simply sign a statement and let us do the payment automatically. The banks don’t want to mail out a thing. Sooner or later they are just going to say we are not going to mail a bill anymore.

Dr. Hitchcock: That’s right. What people fail to realize are the unbelievable advantages to being cashless. Think of all the disease from money being handled back and forth. Think of the taxes from the underground economy out there that is based on cash that are not being taxed.

Dr. Reagan: I think of crime, it is a positive thing in regard to crime.

Nathan Jones: Dealers can’t make a drug deal if they don’t have any cash to trade.

Dr. Reagan: When you go cashless every transaction has a record, and there isn’t money dealt under the table.

Dr. Hitchcock: It gets rid of counterfeiting. In my book I enumerate at least 10 things we can say are just good practical advantages that we would all agree on about going cashless. Many of these other movements in Bible prophecy that are moving forward, they seem like good ideas at the time. With a one-world economy coming together it could stop wars. If everybody is tied together economically they won’t have to fight with each other anymore.

Dr. Reagan: There are always good things to all technology, like the Internet. There are so many good things about the Internet. We don’t have to pay international postage anymore when we send out and talk to people all over the world.

Nathan Jones: With email I don’t have to write paper letters anymore.

Dr. Reagan: On the other hand, pornography is unbelievable.By going cashless there are many positive things in regard to a cashless society, but the reality of it all is that it is paving the way for a world government to control what we buy and what we sell. In fact, right now, when I go to many stores they will give me a discount if I show them a little card, such as at CVS Pharmacy or Kroger Supermarket. When I purchase with a credit card, the store has a record and knows everything I buy. With my buying characteristics they can pinpoint advertising to me based on that information. It is mind-boggling to think of what they can do with that purchasing information.

Dr. Hitchcock: With all the technologies existing out there to do these things, it is only a matter of them being accepted by people.

Nathan Jones: As the world readily accepts these cashless technologies, it’s further evidence that we are quickly becoming a cashless society, a society that the Bible foretells one day will be easily controlled by a one-world leader.

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • one statement i strongly disagree with is that people fail to realize the advantages of a cashless society. (that may be true with old timers like reagan) most people would welcome it.if it were not for its demonic nature or for the fact that i could be tracted anywhere i`d welcome it

  • Again, I go back to the word "stream-lined".

    In a lot of ways, it will (does?) make life easier. Without printing or minting money, it cuts down on "environmental" concerns. It cuts down on spreading germs and viruses. I can see why people support it.

  • I agree that from a practical standpoint, it makes a lot of sense. Tax dodgers will be a thing of the past, handling stolen goods for cash will end etc. I am 65 and my dear mum is 88 and we have agreed that it makes good sense if only it wasn't connected with Satan. In witnessing, I find it is difficult to put up an argument against it.

    My bank uses Visa and I am loath to pay bills on line with it. I bought some furniture a few months ago, and it’s creepy that I only had to give my post code (zip?) and with the press of a button the shop knew who I was! I hate the thought of losing our cheques because it feels like I am losing control – but I can see the advantages as long as it is made safer from fraud, but that can only be achieved by having the chip in our bodies. 🙁

  • Going cashless is NOT an inherently evil thing.

    Everything from TV to the internet to whatever CAN be used by PEOPLE for good or evil purposes. That is where the problem lies. In the human users.

    TV and the internet will be used by the evil in the world to look upon the two dead witnesses and celebrate their deaths. But I'm using that same internet right now to post a comment on a Christian ministry site.

    That's all for now. I dropped my biscuits and spilled my tea while typing and need to clean up the mess. Not really – that's just for E.I. 🙂

  • Cheers Billy, that made me giggle. Forgive me lad, I'm alone most of the time with no fellowship. My old mum is as deaf as a post and partially sighted and hubby is the the strong silent type. I do tend to waffle, and I talk to meself and all 8~}
    I had better shut up now!
    God bless x

  • Better be careful, EI! I've been hearing rumors for yrs that they have such things as 'listening posts'.

    Yer 'mum' may be pulling one of those James Bond thingies that MI5 & 6 are so famous for… ;D

  • DrNofog
    Oo ah! yer could be right lad! Me mum worked with the RAF and was sworn to secrecy. That hearing aid she wears could be a receiver twixt her and the government ‘listening post’ GCHQ on 'tother side of hill!!!! AND we live near the M4!!!

    I bet her chickens are homing birds, mind you, they don't fly much, so they would have to walk there and back BUT they could slip little messages in their eggs? I bet that's it, ‘cos she worked for the Pigeon Service in war! Just think; the dear old love is a Bond girl ‘Chicken Galore’.

    I must stop nattering on to meself; it puts a whole new slant on ‘keeping mum’; all this time, and I never knew what the ‘M’ stood for – but I do now, thanks to your alertednessing. 8~D
    God bless America!

  • Well I dunno, but she does do a lot of whooping and yipeeing in her sleep while making brm, brm, vroom sounds? (:-O

  • Hmmm. Interesting. How about weird antennas? That's a dead give-away in the James Bond movies, usually. Not so much in the newer ones, but definately in Connery's day.

    I know what the M4 is, but what is GCHQ "on 'tother side of hill!!!!"?

  • ‘Weird antennas’? her old tv aerial is a bit weird since we had a bad storm! Does that count do ya think? But now she’s gone digital on cable that two-way camera thingy could be IT?

    GCHQ – GCHQ! Ya don’t know what GCHQ stands for ???

    Well actually I’m not too sure either cos it secret stuff. AND they are listening in to the U.S. peeps, getting your secrets then telling Obama what ya said! THEN your equivalent are doing the same to us Brits! Basically mate, we are spying on one another cos it’s against both our laws to spy on ourselves, so it’s you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. All of this carry on is a few miles away from my mums chickens and weird tv aerial, over on the other side of the hill we live by! See?

  • The big doughnut, I get it.

    How would I know what GCHQ stands for, huh? I'm a Yank for crying out loud. I live in Indiana. All I have are black unmarked helicopters flying over an old abandoned Army ammo plant a mile or so away that also has a well used perimeter road and the occasional weird booming sound. No secrets here. The US government is completely open and honest.

    For the record, I almost got that typed before I stared laughing.

  • Do ya suppose my mums chickens are using those 'copters? they can't fly much under their own steam? The booming sound could be Meggestik dropping their messages from GCHQ snitching for your yankicockadoodles!
    Hm Huh?

  • One of the reason going cashless or argument that will come up is to end the drug dealing and violence that comes with it. One argue and welcome those ideas however as christian person that I am and the knowledge the I have about the book of revelation, one knows that is step closer of the mark of the antichrist but it is enivitable it will happen. The argument that a cashless sociaty will bring the drug traficking down will very welcome for a sociaty that does not find a good way out the drug mess that will live. In addition, the amount of tax revenue that goverment will receive will be good incentive for the politicians to go forward with that idea. May be a republican president will put in function with the excuse that his goverment will not increase taxes but just collect taxes from bussines that do not report all the cash income.

    -Noe Martinez

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