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As Bible prophecy is silent about the USA, what will be the major cause of her strength waning?

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As Bible prophecy is silent about the USA, what will be the major cause of her strength waning?

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Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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  • Moral rot does not really mean anything. Atheist can live just as much a financially prosperous life as any Christian. That seems to be a far unlikely cause of calamity. It would have to be one of the other choices to be more likely such as joining a one world government or economic collapse.

  • I think that if Trump wins in 2020, the left will not be able to stand the thought of 4 more years of Republican leadership. Many on the left have already become psycological powder kegs over Trump’s win in 2016. The whole field of Democratic Presidential contenders are unelectable (lunie), so Trump should come out on top. I think the liberal left will become more violent and take to the streets.

  • As Bible prophecy is silent about the USA, what will be the major cause of her strength waning? Democrats

  • Things are bad now, after the Rapture, it is sure to fall apart– no one knows for sure– Deut. 29-29 praise the LORD–

  • Our God continues to tarry before the Catching Away of the Bride, He will not send the Lord for us till the last soul has claimed Him as Savior! Thank your for your faithfulness to the Lord God’s work.

  • It could be any combination of the reasons you listed. Only God Knows WHY we won’t be available to help Israel. Biblical scripture revolves around Israel and The Church, not United States of America, whom many of us love so dearly.

  • The Bible isn’t silent on the USA. She is the final Mystery Babylon to be destroyed. Rome/Vatican and Islam are just partial fulfillments of Mystery Babylon, but there is one final one in the end, America. Mystery Religion is Freemasonry secret society which is America’s religion now. The Sino-Soviet coalition is rising up to do this destruction. Read the news, we are in an arms race with Russia and China. North Korea/Turkey joins them. They are Gog and Magog but Russia is Gog and behind her is the ancient spirit of the Medes (who were Russian/Sychthian immigrants). So according to the prophecy of the fall of Babylon, what will destroy her is a sudden attack, and it will be nuclear. Babylon is engaging in commerce right up to her very end and so therefore economic collapse will not happen to America until war comes-this stock crash is just scare tactics against Trump. Famine/pestilence will not happen either as this only comes with war. The Rapture will take place at the moment of this nuclear attack, therefore fulfilling the thief in the night prophecy. Once America is destroyed, Gog/Magog will turn on Israel who will be alone and vulnerable. Europeans will hand over power to the Antichrist during this chaos- they are already in the New world Order union called the E.U. The Europeans will know this attack is coming against America yet will stand idly by and watch her burn as they are secretly hateful and jealous of the woman on the beast (America). They haven’t gotten over our economic superiority over them since they blew themselves to smithereens in WW1 &2. America just acquired the vile award of being the #1 human trafficking nation in the world-latest news headline. Antichrist will emerge after Gog is supernaturally destroyed by God for turning on Israel and make covenant with her starting Tribulation. Study Jeremiah chapters 49-51/Isaiah 13/ Rev 17/18/ Eze. 38/39. America’s final hour is almost upon us! Tell loved ones and pray they accept Christ before it’s too late!


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