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Do you believe Israel’s 70th anniversary may coincide with the timing of the Rapture?

Do you believe Israel's 70th anniversary may coincide with the timing of the Rapture?

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Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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  • My husband just read an article from Jan Markel’s site about this. Very interesting! Our pastor shared it with the congregation on Sunday. It’s a possibility.

    • LOVE Jan’s ministry! I’ve been listening online for several months. I’ll have to search for that one you mentioned.

  • As we are told, we cannot know the day or the hour but we are admonished to recognize the times. This is definitely the time when all prophecies are coming to pass and we see all the signs around us increasing just like a woman about to give birth. Get ready Church to meet our Lord!

  • Could very well happen for the Lord has a way of connecting Feasts, events of Israel with with how He moves…………I am sure something marvelous in happening in the Spirit during these Seasons in time, even President Trumps declaration about Jerusalem being the Eternal Capital of Israel is not Happenstance…….I pinch myself daily still in Awe that I am living in the End times, being 74 and sitting under Prophecy teaching since the age of 12……

  • So much to happen before the rapture takes place.. Matthew 24 is very clear on this.. watch in Matthew for the “when”, “then”, “and”… what i find interesting is that so many “Christians” have become date setters and not soul winners.. I have heard many who will tell you the year and why that year is significant and so on, but not once do they encourage or discuss winning souls to take to Heaven… may the Lord upon His return find us so busy winning souls that He is pleased with us..

    • Many of us believe The Rapture is a sign-less event that could occur at any moment. The Second Coming, when every eye shall see Him, is a different event that is preceded by MANY signs that are being set up right now but are not happening yet and most won’t happen until the Tribulation, a 7-year period that occurs sometime after The Rapture. This is the essence of the Pre-millenial viewpoint. Regardless of how prophecy works out, you are right that we believers must be pointing the unsaved to the Cross NOW, more than ever. Franklin Graham and Anne Graham Lotz certainly did that yesterday at their dad’s funeral. To God be the Glory!

  • Maybe. I have several HIGH ALERT watch days: The 100th anniversary of the Sainthood of the Blessed Virgin, Saint Joan of Arc. That 100th year will be 2020, 100 years from 1920. Joan was executed on May 30th of 1431. That is near the time of year of Pentecost. Joan was the Holy Spirit incarnate (come to earth, sent by God, as just the lesser: holy spirit of Trumpets). Trumpets, an important Jewish holy day, is in September. Look for either a May 2020 or Sept. 2020 return of Jesus Christ. Joan came from God on Jan 6th 1412 and was executed on May 30th 1431 at approx. (or right at) 1400 years (2 periods of 700 years) from the time of Jesus’ death/resurrection/ascension/pentecost. Look for a return of Jesus Christ at the end of the 3rd 700 year period. 700 years from May 30th, 1431 is approx. May 30th, 2131. These are my 3 HIGH ALERT watch periods. Only the Father knows for sure when the end will come, but we are to look at the SIGNS of the times and stay vigilant.

  • The being ‘ caught up to meet Yeshua in the air’ ; comes when the false prophet begins killing those who refuse the mark of the beast. See 1 Thess 4:13-18 ..There is nothing in the scriptures about a ‘rapture’ and it definitely isn’t secret! Smh ☺


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