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Rape as a Terrorist Weapon

The prophet Zechariah in chapter 14 spells out in great detail the return of Jesus and the conditions of His Second Coming. In this chapter we find descriptive information concerning events at the end of the 7-year Tribulation, such as all the nations of the world gathered against Jerusalem, the battle over the city, Jesus’ returning to the Mount of Olives with his holy ones (including the Church!), the uniqueness of the weather the day of His return, the way Jesus wins the battle against the attacking armies with such ease, and a picture of the joy and worship of the Lord during the following Millennial Kingdom. Zechariah 14 is about the victory of Jesus Christ and those who follow Him. It is a chapter worth reading again and again!

Verse 2 especially catches my eye when reading chapter 14, though. It grieves my soul every time I read it: “I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to fight against it; the city will be captured, the houses ransacked, and the women raped. Half of the city will go into exile, but the rest of the people will not be taken from the city” (Zechariah 14:2).

The rape of the women of Israel is what bothers me the most. Rape is a heinous crime that goes beyond mere physical damage. It scars a woman psychologically as well for the rest of her life. One can expect an invading horde to want to destroy a political rival and take plunder, but to rape the women is satanically-fueled lust. To desire to damage by rape their hearts and souls as well as their bodies is clearly an act of intense hatred against a people. Rape is a monstrous weapon.

Shocking is that a woman has come out in support of sexual harassment as a weapon for terrorists. Israel Today reports in “New Terrorist Tactic: Sexually Harass Israeli Women” (Nov. 12, 2008) that “a female Egyptian lawyer has very publicly recommended that Palestinian and Israeli Arab men begin sexually harassing Israeli Jewish women as a means of pressuring them to leave the region and thereby bringing about the demise of the Jewish state.” The Egyptian woman, Nagla Al-Imam, stated that Israeli women “are fair game for all Arabs, and there is nothing wrong with this… this is a new form of resistance.” When asked about raping the Israeli women, “Al-Imam said her proposal does not include rape — which she claimed the terrorists are too ‘moral’ to contemplate — but rather the threat of rape made palpable by overt sexual harassment.”

Nagla Al-Imam must not understand men, and her view of “moral” terrorists is certainly skewed into the realm of fantasy. Evil men given free license to sexually harass women will take it to its final expression — rape. Since the lawyer is herself a woman, I am taken aback by either her naivety, or more probably, her sheer hatred of the Jewish people. If it is the latter, she is in reality condoning the raping of Israeli women.

The Bible gives every indication that the invasion of Israel by the Antichrist is at least seven-plus years off. Since this is so, I’ve met what may be possibly some of these women who will be raped by his hate-filled hoards. Like my impression of Canada, this year I was again given the impression that Israel, too, is a country run surprisingly by young women. Any invading army will come not just across young Israeli Defense Force men, but teenage and 20-something women in military roles, since military service is a 3-year requirement for an Israeli.

Pretty young women chatting on cell phones can be found all over Israel today stopping the tourists at every checkpoint and terminal to question them for security purposes. I myself at first found it hard to take these young women seriously, since in the States girls of equivalent age are not matured by constant threat of national attack to be entrusted with security details. And yet, as soon as the pony-tailed young lady turns around, her machine gun sobers the tourist up pretty quickly!

I pray that the young Israeli women I’ve come across and many others like them that are out there defending the nation of Israel will accept Jesus as their Messiah, escaping the horrors that will come on the world and to their very persons.

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