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Mark Hitchcock on Hope in a Cashless Society

Mark Hitchcock


Knowing a cashless society is a sign the end of this age is near, is there any hope?

Dr. David Reagan and I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Mark Hitchcock on the show Christ in Prophecy. Mark is a leading Bible prophecy expert, prolific author who has penned over 20 books on the end times, senior pastor of Faith Bible Church located in Oklahoma, and adjunct faculty member of the Dallas Theological Seminary. He is also a much in demand speaker at Bible prophecy conferences all over the nation.

Dr. Hitchcock was invited to answer questions based his book Cashless: Bible Prophecy, Economic Chaos, and the Future Financial Order. It concerns the world presently teetering on financial chaos, global interdependency, and modern technology all converging in such a way that a cashless society and one-world economy are not only possible, but inevitable.

Hope in a Cashless Society

Dr. Hitchcock: I ended my book Cashless with a chapter titled “Cashless and You, Dollars and Cents.” I always like at the end of my books to convey one of the main purposes for writing these books — that if someone doesn’t know Christ I give them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For those of us who know the Lord, I also give some practical challenges and admonitions. I end with some hope.

If a person doesn’t know the Lord, one of the things I talk about in that last chapter is that we can talk all we want to about the coming cashless society, but right now we have a present Christ-less society. For those people who don’t know Jesus Christ, accepting His salvation is the ultimate thing they need to do.

A beautiful thing is the Lord offers us the Gospel and forgiveness of our sins without any cost — it is a free gift. That great news is the greatest news in all the world! We have a Gospel that is free and doesn’t cost us anything. Now, let me be clear — it cost God. It cost Christ His life there on the cross, but it is free to you and me to accept.

Just thinking about the whole issue of economics worries people a lot. We end up thinking too much about money. I understand money is important to our lives, and God knows that, but God can take care of us financially if we’ll trust in Him. If we will be faithful with what He has given to us, and faithful in giving and sharing and being generous, then we can be assured all our needs will be met by Him.

We should never trust in money. There are a whole lot of warnings about trusting money in the Bible. Remember the church of Laodicea thought they were self-sufficient, saying we don’t have need of anything, and yet they were so spiritually poor. Money is a great slave, but it is a terrible master. Let’s make sure in our lives that while we work hard we do the things that God has called us to do and be good stewards of the money He has entrusted us with.

Don’t allow money to dominate your life, because Jesus said you can’t serve both God and money. When people allow money to dominate their lives and then the economy goes sour, people feel hopeless and so start jumping out of windows and blowing their brains out and hanging themselves. Their hope in money has failed them. Instead, our hope is in Jesus Christ and His coming.

What I call the “Sign Posts of Armageddon” are lining up. All of this globalism that we see taking place are those sign posts. The move towards a cashless society is another one of these sign posts. When we see these things happening today, we should be lead to believe that the coming of Jesus Christ will be very near. Such a realization should motivate us to live for Him in these last days in which we live.

Difficult economic times create one of the best times to reach people with the Gospel. People are looking for hope because they are desperate. Christians have hope — the Gospel — a word that even means “Good News.”

Give those people out there hope!

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • Dear Mark, I Am Joseph Daniel Riley, I am 81 yrs. old, and yes Christ is my Redeemer in 1962.As I examine the programs that God t-v and others shew it saddens my Heart.There is no Rapture. It is a lie. God warns you and I not to add ONE WORD to His Word. Prov.30.6 One cannot ENTER the KINGDOM of God by lying against the Word of God. No 2 The Anti-Christ is not a Man. It is a Lie. Dan.and Rev. and Isaiah 14 declare that He is an Angel named Lucifer,Satan the Devil and He gets His Body from the Earth at the end of the Tribulation no not Great Tribulation. At the End of the Three half Time.No.3 The Book of Revelation is the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. the People do not accept Jesus when the Son of Perdition put forth the Mark His 6,the Word of God declares in Rev. 14 that the Angel takes it's sickle and reaps the Souls of them that rejected the Evil Works of the Beast. The Beast that is Wounded is the False Prophet,this Pope. No He is not Shot, the word of God declares that he has a Stroke. This Beast is one of the Heads. The false Prophet . the Son of Perdition is of the 10 Horns. You and these men who lie against the Word of God never tell who the 10 Horns are. God declares that we can know Who they are so We who are Teachers can warn the people not to take Their Mark. God commands a Man of God to Rightly divide the Word of Truth. Yes it Took Satan and His Evil Workers 500 yrs. to put the W.T.O. in place, so the 10 Horns in Rev.13 could be seated and then the Son of perdition could be seated in TYRE. No not Rome or in Iraq. He will be seated in TYRE. The Young people on God T-v are Hungry for the knowledge of God and none is being given to them. there is not Great Revival in the Tribulation, It is a Great Harvest when the Angel in Rev. 14 takes it's Sickle and Reaps the souls of them that reject the Evil Works. The Tribulation is under the old Law. It is about the Evil Works. They Have had 2 Meeting in the E.U. to find the Man who will be seated in TYRE. Would to God Men would examine themselves before they lie against the word of God and mislead the people. they never mention the Word Work. It is in God's Word 1500 times. 4 more things are to be put in place then the son of Perdition will be seated in TYRE. Paul declared Brother you are not in Darkness. Only these Men who lie against the Word of God are in Darkness. Yes Paul Warned the people night and day,concerning lying. IICorth.2:11,Eph.4:25,Titus.I:1thru16. My Heart is Troubled for the Soul's of Mankind. A Servant of the God of Israel.

  • My dear brother
    Paul was much, much more concerned by false teaching and our being led astray by false teachers. My 88 year old mum say’s to tell you that she has no doubt from Scripture, that any teaching other than Pretrib, is an anathema sent to rob people of the ‘blessed hope’, and to steal away their rewards Jesus has waiting for us. This hurts Him far more than us, as He wants us to benefit from what He so wants us to receive.

    That is my quick answer, I shall take my time to digest your post and respond as is deemed necessary by me. I know other’s will enjoy ‘speaking’ with you. God bless.


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