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Ministers Ponder Creation of EU Super-President

August Rosado

What Lamb & Lion Means To Me

August Rosado: I want to say congratulations to the Dr. Dave Reagan and the staff of Lamb & Lion Ministries for their 1,000th article. The ministry has been a blessing to me in helping me to understand the plain sense teaching of the prophetic word of God. What I appreciate about Lamb & Lion is that they are not about hype and sensationalism, but educating the body of Messiah as to events in Israel, the Middle East, and the world, from a clear, literal interpretation from God’s word. I have been following the ministry since 1989 and have read many of Dr. Reagan’s books, and he has been a mentor to me. It was an honor to do a two-part TV program for the “Christ in Prophecy” show. Again, I say congratulations to Dr. Reagan, Nathan Jones, and the staff of Lamb & Lion Ministries. God bless!

Guest Article: “Ministers Ponder Creation of EU Super-President”

Talk about a page right out of Bible prophecy! A high ranking European Union official said that the EU is set to create a “Super President” position. The EU said that the new “Supremo” would have more powers than the current President, Herman Van Rompuy and Jose Manual Barrusso.

The EU says the “new figure” would streamline the European Commission into a two-tier structure. Every EU member State would still have their own Commissioner in all 27 countries. The new Super President would also chair General Affairs Council monthly meetings of Foreign Ministers which discuss internal affairs the EU.

In the 50’s the Spokesperson for the European Union was Paul Henry Spaak. His statement still sends shockwaves in the prophetic world today:

“We don’t want another committee, we have too many already, what we need is a man of sufficient stature, one who can hold the allegiance of the people, and take us out of this economical mess we are sinking into, send us such a man, and be he god or the devil, we will accept him.”

A Great Statue

In Daniel 2:31-33, God gave Nebachednezzar king of Babylon a dream concerning a great image. This dream and image really concerned the king of Babylon, and with good reason, this image would spell the end of his Empire.

This image’s body parts would represent a succession of world empires:

  • Head of Gold – Babylon
  • Breast & Arms of silver – Medes-Persians
  • Belly & Thighs of brass – Greece
  • Legs of Iron – Rome
  • Feet of Iron and Clay – Revived Roman Empire

Four Beasts

Fifty years after the king of Babylon’s dream, Daniel received a vision concerning four beasts. As with the great image of Daniel 2, these beast also represent world empires, (Daniel 7:1-8):

  • Lion – Babylon
  • Bear – Medes-Persians
  • Leopard – Greece
  • Forth Beast – Unidentified, but is Rome

Ten Horns

Daniel 7:7 tells us out of the Roman Empire will arise ten horns from a future Revived Roman Empire. Verse 8 says a “little horn” will come out of these ten horns — a future Empire. This would be the Gentile world ruler described in Revelation 13:1 as the Antichrist.

These ten horns are described by Daniel in 7:7-8,20,24 and the Apostle John in Revelation 12:3; 13:1; 17:3,7,12,16. These horns will be a strong global ten-nation confederacy that will give global authority to the Man of Sin when he appears on the world scene (1 Jn. 2:18).

The Great Stone

Daniel 2:34 tells us that this final Gentile world empire — the image in Daniel 2 — where the feet of iron and clay is the final world empire, will be destroyed by a great stone. This stone is the Lord Jesus the Jewish Messiah who will defeat the Antichrist and False Prophet and cast them into the lake of fire (Rev. 19:19-20).

This stone will become great and fill the whole earth. This is referring to the 1,000-year Millennial Kingdom reign of Jesus recorded in Revelation 20:2-7. At this time Satan is confined to the bottomless pit for the duration of the Millennium, and then will be released. Satan will meet his eternal doom when he is finally cast in to the Lake of Fire (Rev. 20:10).

Set Stage

With this current event unfolding in the European Union, and their goal to create a powerful “Super-President” position which could be the position the Antichrist himself could take over, it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The next event soon is the Rapture of the Church. Jesus could return at any moment. Let us keep looking to the heavens, anticipating the sound of the trumpet. We can almost hear it! Maranatha!

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • All the time we hear from L&L the phrase "says what it means and means what it says".

    27 does not equal 10

    I don't see the current EU as the kingdom of the a/c.

    If you look at maps of the world throughout history you will see the changing nations and empires are incredible. The nations look so different over the ages. I don't see why this wouldn't be the same for the future.

    The nations as we see today may not necessarily be the ones that exist in the near future.

  • I agree billy, and i think the a/c will rule from brussels. Cuz of the economic power. I think arab nations will be part of the ten rulers. I think there may be some nations involed from the roman empire but i think islam is a huge part. Which.. they r saying above too… medio persia..

  • Excellent point, Billy! A geo-political restructuring is definitely in the world's future. Either the EU will be divided into 10 zones or the world divided into 10 regions (my belief), the international makeup as we know it will see a radical transformation during the radical upheaval coming to the world during the Tribulation.

  • As it all comes together there will be more clarity. We already see more possibilities than we did just a few years ago. Much will happen after we are gone, but most of us who believe in the rapture are looking up – our redemption draweth nigh!

  • concerning the 10 regions: van impe on one of his shows listed the 10 world regions as nathan stated
    also could the one world religion be simply (all as one) those who reject Jesus ?

  • What will this EU Super President rule while Europe crumbles under the weight of debt and lack of leadership? In order to dominate the globe there are three required assets to maintain stability, these being: (1) Dominant military;
    (2) Resource independence domestically; (3) Unified or collective political power. The European Union has none of these!

  • I don't think there is ANY nation that fits your list, Rodney. Including the U.S.

    I'll add my list of the three requirements to dominate the globe.

    1. The removal of Christians via the Rapture. (still to come)

    2. Worldwide panic and fear over worldwide collapse of economies, worldwide anarchy as governments collapse and the use of nuclear weapons on a large scale in a conflict. (in progress right now)

    3. The williingness to give ones very soul to anyone who can fix #2(who will be, of course, be the a/c).

  • So TRUE, if you think the EU has problems take a look at the Islamic nations it seems that most of them are in some type of Civil War !!! and to add insult to injury Arab Muslims are destroying the little infrastructure that they had !!!


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