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The End Times Sign of Famine: Tribulation Statistics

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How many people will die due to famine during the Tribulation?

In this “The Truth Will Set You Free” TWave Radio episode, Pastor Vic Batista and I will look at the fourth end times signs of famine prophesied by Jesus in Matthew 24:7.

Famine in the Tribulation

Nathan: The food shortages of today will be nothing compared to the uber famine that will plague the world during the coming 7-year Tribulation. We read in Revelation 6 that a fourth of the world’s population is going to die from the first four Seal Judgments. The great Second Seal War will destroy much of the food supply chains so that there won’t be any way people can get food. When you level a plant that processes chicken, you’re not getting chicken. When you destroy the supply runs by the ships, you’re not getting food shipped in anymore. When the stores are destroyed and when crops are swallowed up by earthquakes, terrible events like that which the Bible says will happen, it destroys the way people get food.

Starvation will be a tremendous problem during the Tribulation, to the point that a fourth of the world will die from it. In today’s numbers that’s 1.5-2 billion people who will die.

Vic: We got a little taste of what food shortages are like here in South Florida. We get a lot of hurricanes, and as soon as there is a hurricane threat, people flood to the stores and buy up all the food. There’s nothing left. The shelves are empty and the stores are bare.

Nathan: I’ve never had to experience a hurricane, but I remember seeing the news on Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. On the news they showed a Walmart and how within hours literally, like you said, every scrap of food was taken from the shelves. People ran in there and bought it all up.

I think we take it so for granted the fact that in our day we can go anywhere and get food. Can you imagine cutting the food supply chains off? Within days our shelves would be empty.

Vic: Just think about a mother who has a newborn baby and needs food, milk, and just the basic necessities. When disaster strikes, that can happen to us, really at any point. Today’s disasters point us to this awful sign of famine that the Bible is warning us about.

Nathan: Like we discussed, famine is happening in different places all over the world. Just here in the West we have such a great supply chain, we don’t realize this sad fact. Praise the Lord for a good economy based on values that make us productive!

In the future, the world will destroy these supply chains through global wars and earthquakes which will happen during the Tribulation. Both political and natural disasters will cut off people’s ability to get food.

I don’t know about you, Pastor Vic, but I’m a suburbanite. I don’t have a yard big enough to grow food, much less wait the three to four months for it to grow. I’d be in deep, deep trouble. So many in the world aren’t farmers, and will be the first to suffer.

Jesus tells us this time is coming when severe famines and pestilence will come upon the world and wipe out a quarter of the population. To think that’s 1.5 billion people who will die from starvation.

Vic: I live close to the Everglades, so I guess I’ll have to start hunting alligators! Maybe I’ll outlive you.

Nathan: Alligator is good eating! But, I don’t want to joke about this topic, though. I really don’t think you and I can really grasp what it’s like not to have food. We can go anywhere and get as much food as we want. In fact, that’s why American’s are so obese, because we have too much food; more than we know what to do with. It’s almost impossible to imagine there not being food a plenty.

But, that’s what the Bible says will happen. During the Tribulation there would be such tremendous famine that a quarter of the world’s population will starve to death. That’s just beyond my ability to understand, but for many people here on the earth, they understand. Some live on only one meal a day.

Vic: That’s why we are not making light of the situation, because famine is really is a very, very serious thing.

Hope for Today

Vic: We are hoping everyone will finally recognize that the Tribulation is what the world is preparing for. The signs leading up to the Tribulation are what we are starting to see happening. But, there is hope — the Rapture of the Church. Sadly, there are going to be millions of people who will be left behind, and they are going to have to experience all this disaster and death. That’s why we all need to start telling our unbelieving loved ones about Jesus and offer them hope, because once these disasters come, it’s going to be unbelievable.

Nathan: It will. There are so many people holding out that don’t want to give their lives to Jesus Christ. They want to hold onto their sinful lifestyle. They just want to live their own lives doing whatever they want to do and forget God’s protective law. They want to forget the fact that their decisions are hurting themselves and those around them, even killing them, and certainly killing them forever.

There is a time of judgment coming. The Bible is very specific and this point and gives us tremendous detail about it. Jesus even told us what the signs would be so that we can prepare. It’s very important that we get our hearts right with Jesus Christ and surrender our lives to Him. We must ask for forgiveness of our sins so we can be made right with God and so that we can inherit those blessings of forgiveness and eternal life.

Vic: That’s right. We all have loved ones who don’t know the Lord. I think what’s encouraging is that we all need to see the urgency in telling people about the Lord. Tell our neighbors, our friends, people at school, wherever you might be, because the only real hope for the future is Jesus Christ. We need to be ready to receive Him. Of course, we also never know when the Rapture is going to take place, but we can see the signs of the end times all around us pointing to Jesus’ soon return.

I’d like to encourage everyone that if you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, come and receive a relationship with the Lord now while there’s still time. Nathan, how can a person begin their relationship with the Lord?

Nathan: Start by knowing that the Lord Jesus Christ loves you so much. God has been trying to get humanity redeemed, in other words, forgiven of their sins and its punishment of death. God went so far out of His way to accomplish a means of redemption that He sent His only Son, His perfect Son Jesus Christ, to die on the cross in our place.

When we accept Jesus as Savior and ask Him to forgive us of our sins and be our Lord, then we no longer stand condemned before God. When we accept Jesus our sins are forgiven. We’re given a whole new life in Him. We inherit the promises of the Rapture of the Church and to live with Jesus forever in Heaven and all the wonders that entails. That’s why it’s so vital that you give your life to Jesus Christ right now.

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