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The Reality of the Resurrection: Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus

What are the evidences that prove the Resurrection of Jesus?

There is simply no way to overemphasize the importance of the Resurrection to the Christian faith, for the resurrection of Jesus is the Christian faith. Christianity stands or falls on the validity — the historical reality — of the Resurrection. The Resurrection of Jesus is either the greatest event in the history of mankind, or it is the cruelest hoax that has ever been perpetrated.

Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus

Dr. Reagan: Let’s consider the greatest evidence of the resurrection of Jesus. The empty tomb and the post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus are powerful evidence of the truth of the Resurrection, but the greatest evidence of the Resurrection in Scripture is to be seen in the transformed lives of Jesus’ disciples. For within 50 days of Jesus’ crucifixion, His disciples had been miraculously transformed from a defeated, frustrated, hopeless group of individuals into a confident band of Christian soldiers determined to win the whole world for their Lord.

David Reagan: The greatest evidence of the #Resurrection in #Scripture is the transformed lives of Jesus' disciples. #Easter Click To Tweet

Nathan Jones: Jesus’ own brother, James, is a good example. James did not believe in Jesus while He was alive. Yet, after the Resurrection, James became the leader of the Church in Jerusalem. Or, consider Peter, three times in a fit of cowardice he denied Jesus, but then He began to proclaim Jesus boldly, even before the very Sanhedrin Council that had condemned Jesus to death. Then there was a young Christian by the name of Stephen who was stoned to death because of his witness of Jesus.

Dr. Reagan: And let’s not forget the most ruthless persecutor of the church — Saul of Tarsus. He became the greatest missionary in the history of the Church, all because he encountered the risen Lord on the road to Damascus. What more evidence could one demand?

Nathan Jones: There is one more evidence, and I consider it to be the most convincing evidence of all. I have in mind the way in which people’s lives continue to be transformed today through their encounter with the living Jesus.

Nathan Jones: People's lives continue to be transformed today through their encounter with the living #Jesus. #Easter Click To Tweet

Meeting Jesus

Dr. Reagan: So, what about you? Have you met Jesus? Have you been born again by placing your faith in Him? Are you ready to face death without fear, because you know you will spend eternity with God?

Salvation is to be found in a personal relationship with a living Savior. Jesus said that eternal life is knowing Him. When one of Jesus’ disciples named Thomas finally encountered Him after His Resurrection, Thomas cried out, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus replied, “Because you have seen Me you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.”

We challenge you to believe in the risen Jesus. John 20:31 says that through belief in Jesus, “you may have life in His name.”

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