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Messianic Jewish Insights with Amir Tsarfati: How Prophetic Events Are Converging

Messianic Jewish Insights with Amir Tsarfati

In the midst of a year of unprecedented upheaval throughout the world, a new voice in Bible prophecy has emerged coming out of Israel. Our guest this week on Christ in Prophecy blends a Jewish perspective as a Messianic follower of Jesus Christ with a passion for God’s prophetic Word. His name is Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel.

Amir Tsarfati with Tim Moore

Amir Tsarfati with Tim Moore

How Behold Israel Was Founded

Tim Moore: For those who are not familiar with Amir and may not know his background, I’ll take a moment to introduce him. Amir was born in Israel and became a Messianic follower of Jesus Christ as a teenager. He served in the Israeli Defense Force Armored Corp, which is the tank service, and was quickly selected to train as an officer. At the amazingly young age of 21, he was appointed the Deputy Governor of Jericho in the Jordan Valley, becoming one of the IDF’s chief negotiators with the Palestinians. He still serves as a Major in the reserves.

Following his military service, Amir continued to consult with various law enforcement agencies on homeland security issues, even as he became the chief tour guide with one of Israel’s major tour companies. In 2001, he launched Behold Israel to teach about the prophetic times and seasons so that people can find faith, love, and the hope of salvation.

Amir Tsarfati: Yes, it was 9/11 basically that led me to understand that there is a complete blindness around the world to what really is going on in the Middle East. At that time the Middle East exploded in America’s face. And so, I felt that it was time to have people understand what Israel and the Middle East were all about. I wanted to connect the dots with Bible prophecy. I believe that a lot of people think there is the Bible you read on Sunday, and then there is the news you are watching the rest of the week, and they do not connect, especially with the younger generation, unfortunately. They’re really affected by social media, and not in a good way, when it comes to Israel and the Middle East. There’s a great challenge ahead of us to reaching the youth with the truth of God’s Word.

Tim Moore: You have made a tremendous impact on young people, both Millennials and what we would call Generation Zs here in the United States. Many of your podcasts have a tremendous number of young people regularly following them. How have you made that connection?

Amir Tsarfati: Well, it’s funny, I really started Behold Israel on the social media realm. I was sitting in a restaurant with my wife, and I saw a round table with about six youngsters, and they weren’t talking to each other in the restaurant. They were all busy looking at their phones. All six of them! When the waitress came over to take their order, she seemed to be a bother to them. So, I thought over what I’d seen and I leaned over to my wife Miriam and said, “I want to speak to these people. I need to be right there inside their phone.” And, that’s how I came up with the Behold Israel app. My ministry started out as an app on a phone for the sole purpose of giving good, reliable, unbiased news from Israel. Then, once I got that anchor, I could use the online venue to also teach the Word of God.

How Prophetic Events Are Converging

Tim Moore: Amir, what do you see are the most prominent prophetic signs that jump out to you and declare that Jesus is indeed coming soon?

Amir Tsarfati: There are regional and then there are global aspects to the prophetic signs. The regional one focuses on Israel having more and more influence and strength in the Middle East. Israel is becoming a major player in fields other than just the political realm, such as in energy. We are now a superpower when it comes to energy production in the area. We are now talking about an eastern Mediterranean pipeline that will go all the way to western Europe, which greatly angers the Russians.

Let’s zoom a little bit out now from Israel to see that there are the Russians, Turks, and Iranians who are now involved with Libya and the Sudan. We see that the stage for the Ezekiel 38-39 War is being set as Israel becomes more safe, strong, and prosperous.

The prosperity that Israel is gaining is not only in energy, but now the new peace deals we are striking with the Emirates and the Bahrainians, and the Omanis will be next, along with the Saudis and Qatar. Qatar has just said that they are willing to step forward with the Abraham Accord. All of these agreements will contribute to the prosperity that Israel will enjoy, which will motivate the Turks and the Iranians and the Russians to desire with very angry eyes. They’ll wait for just the right moment when they can proceed with their vicious plan to invade and plunder Israel.

The peace we are seeing bloom in the Middle East I credit to the identity of the one who sits in the Oval Office, because we know that without whoever is sitting there right now, much of what we see now in the Middle East would not have been possible. Again, God is in control. God knows! Ezekiel wrote about Israel’s future temporary peace and safety some 2,600 years ago. With Donald Trump sitting in the Oval Office, along with the players in the Middle East, and Israel as a nation once more, all of this is called convergence. This convergence of prophetic events brings me to the realization that we have reached the last minute of the last hour of the last days of the Church Age.

Calling for Peace and Safety

Tim Moore: Knowing that we are living in the season of the Lord’s return, with all of these signs being manifest in our day and age right before our very eyes, are there any prophetic signs that remain to be fulfilled before the Father says to the Son, “Go and get your Bride,” and then in the twinkling of an eye the Church will raptured to be with the Lord?

Amir Tsarfati: Honestly, I don’t think so. I think Christians are ready to be raptured. This is why the imminence of the Rapture is so important. I don’t think I can say that there is one more thing that needs to happen that we still have to wait for, therefore, I think the Rapture can happen at any second.

Honestly, as an Israeli, my country is ready to embrace the Antichrist. I can tell you that upfront. Just go to Tel Aviv right now, which is the second-largest city in Israel. Tel Aviv has the highest population of Jews, even though Jerusalem has more people, but it is a mixed city. Tel Aviv is ready for the Antichrist, as far as the mindset of its people. They would be willing to receive someone who will promote an agenda that is quite ungodly. Tel Aviv is ready.

Tim Moore: The Antichrist will come on the scene offering the hope of peace with the rest of the world, but it will be a false peace.

Amir Tsarfati: Yes, the Israelis right now are being conditioned to love peace which, by the way, everybody loves peace. We all want peace. And, they will not want war anymore. Once the Gog-Magog invasion comes to a peaceful Israel, the result will be so devastating. Russia’s attack is going to be fast and furious. Once the Gog-Magog War happens, Israel will do whatever it takes to restore the peace that they just learned to fall in love with earlier. They’ll long for peace at all costs.

But, that peace will be sweeter. It will be sweeter because now the biggest players in the radical Islamic world will be gone. Then the Antichrist will introduce a new type of religion that many millions of Muslims will gladly embrace. He will make a peace treaty with Israel that will also enable the Jewish Temple to stand once again on the Temple Mount. The Antichrist will play to the emotions of both secular and religious Jews. The religious will be so happy that their dream of a Temple in Jerusalem will be coming true, and the non-religious will be happy that there is peace. Everything is good! Peace is breaking out in our day and age! Or, so they will be led to believe.

In the second part of this series with Amir Tsarfati about Messianic Jewish insights, we will discern just what tribulations Christians must overcome.

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