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Prophetic Perspectives #144: Satan’s Storm Troopers

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Nathan Jones: If I say the words “storm troopers” you probably think of Star Wars, right, those white-clad soldiers who can’t ever aim straight? But, there are real-life storm troopers, and they are right now invading America and the West. Just who are these invaders?

Don McGee has joined us to reveal just who those storm troopers actually are. Don’s served as a fellow evangelist for many years. He’s been a mentor of mine. And, he’s also a contributor to an eye-opening book about globalism titled Lawless. He wrote a chapter, along with Dr. David Reagan and myself, who were likewise contributors.

Don, you served as a captain in the military and you were a police officer, so you know about military and police tactics. Tell us then, who are Satan storm troopers? Or, more specifically, what are they?

Don McGee: They are very subtle creatures. A storm trooper is not part of a massive army. A storm trooper is an unconventional warrior. They sneak in and do terrible things in a very short period of time. We have such people today in our society, impacting it negatively. They are not people whom you see a whole lot of. They don’t show themselves very often, for they lurk behind the scenes. But, their influence greatly impacts society, because our society is open to any kind of influence, especially if it’s evil.

Nathan Jones: My initial image of storm troopers involves a traditional, massive army descending and attacking in a juggernaut-type fashion. But, your chapter says my picture of these storm troopers is not that, rather they are more like sappers, which is the term you used. Can you explain what a sapper is?

Don McGee: A sapper is someone who is trained to silently invade perimeters, causing little or no notice. We had them in Vietnam, and they could penetrate concertina wire and minefields. They were experts at infiltration. They would sneak in undetected, cause a lot of damage, then slip out again unawares.

Nathan Jones: Here’s a quote from your chapter: “Satan has developed his own group of special teachers and influencers whose responsibility it is to combat the proclamation of what God has said about sin, redemption, and the events that are immediate to the future. These may be called Satan’s storm troopers, and they are evil and ruthless as any despots that have ever lived.”

What a frightening thought that we have such storm troopers infiltrating our society for the purposes of tearing it down! What areas are they trying to tear down?

Don McGee: Primarily, education. John Dewey was a signer of the first Humanist Manifesto. He cared nothing for God or His people. Dewey wanted to change society. Education to him was all about propagating a socialist agenda, as opposed to teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Nathan Jones: Don, you also said, “Satan’s hatred of God cannot be separated from His hatred of God’s creation; the character and substance of evil demands it.” So, what you are saying is these storm troopers are being fueled by a satanic hatred of God and His people?

Don McGee: Satan's hatred of God cannot be separated from His hatred of God's creation; the character and substance of evil demands it. Click To Tweet

Don McGee: Yes, they are being fueled by hate. But, they’re also being encouraged by people who have no moral standard of living. What makes a storm trooper’s job easy is for someone to leave the gate wide open, and that’s just what we have done as a society. We tolerate and accept just about anything that comes down the pike, that is, except a godly standard and the Christian worldview. Society claims we can have any worldview we want, except the Christian worldview.

Nathan Jones: So, the storm troopers purpose then is to tear down Western society, to remove our Judeo-Christian values, and to remove Capitalism as our economic engine. For what purpose? What’s the end goal for Satan’s storm troopers?

Don McGee: Control of the human race. That’s it! Look at people like George Soros; that man has no national inclination. I don’t care where he was born. He has no national inclination and no patriotism. Those people are after one thing and that is control — control over the entire planet.

Nathan Jones: Do they have a master whom they report to?

Don McGee: Yes, certainly they do. Satan is their one true god.

Nathan Jones: What then is Satan’s end goal? What’s he trying to accomplish using his storm troopers?

Don McGee: To bring dishonor to God, because if he can bring dishonor to God, then God is in no position to judge him. If we can find a flaw in God, in any kind of way, and Satan has been trying to do that by destroying the Jewish people, then you can say, “Who are you, God, to judge me?” Our society likes that idea of having no responsibility for our evil deeds.

Nathan Jones: Are they trying to build our society toward the end goal of the Antichrist’s kingdom?

Don McGee: Certainly, yes, one man — the Antichrist — is going to come and he’s going to proclaim something like, “I’ve got all of the answers to all of your questions.” And, the people are going to eagerly respond with, “Yes, you sure do, we’ll do whatever you say!”

Nathan Jones: Tell us then, Don, how are we to figure out who these storm troopers really are? How do we identify them?

Don McGee: If what they say does not fit 100% with the Bible, that’s how you can tell.

Nathan Jones: That reminds me of 1 John 4:1, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” So, in other words, Satan’s storm troopers reveal themselves to be false prophets when their promises do not come true.

Well, then, we need to diligently watch out for these liars. They are after humanity. They are trying hard to tear people away from their faith in God. But, for those of us who are Christians, we are God’s salt and light to this world. We represent Jesus Christ here on this earth. Therefore, we stand up for what’s right and fight against Satan and his storm troopers.

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