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Quantum Computing, Game Changer

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Have you ever stopped to think how much life has changed for the everyday consumer since 1977, when the personal computer industry officially began?

Over the last forty-six years, computer technology has been embraced by the average user, from desktops to laptops to tablets to smartphones. Most of us have some understanding of computing terms such as CPU (central processing unit) or RAM (random-access memory) or read-only memory (ROM) such as CD and DVD. But many people just want to know enough to use the technology they have to perform the tasks they want to accomplish. With that minimal knowledge, one can successfully shop online, book travel, bank, and schedule medical appointments.

Frankly, technology can be intimidating for some, while others have an insatiable appetite to stay on the cutting edge. For example, while some of us are still trying to understand the concept of holograms, there are nightly sold-out shows in England to watch ABBA perform a musical show — all in hologram!

In recent months, ChatGPT has become the technological buzzword. Some people are unsure how it is used, but a recent church service in Germany was written entirely by ChatGPT and spoken via avatars. Technophiles now tell us that digital IDs and digital currencies are coming soon, but these technologies may pose grave threats to freedom when they are implemented. Soon, we may not be allowed to enter a grocery store until we have downloaded their app. Already, young people have fully embraced the idea of shopping and paying with the wave of their palm (in such places as Whole Foods and Amazon). Technology is already deeply woven into our daily lives, while amazing new technologies are constantly being developed and tested.

What is Coming Next?

The next advancement is called quantum computing — an exponential leap in computer capability. The military, analytic, scientific, and “artificial intelligence” potential of this advance is expected to be virtually unlimited.

The business world is already at the “early adopters’ stage” regarding quantum computing. Early adopters believe they cannot become complacent by relying on existing technology. Instead, they must constantly create new value; through more and more advanced technology. IBM, Google, and Microsoft are the leading business entities developing quantum computing. According to Investor’s Business Daily, Google has already spun off SandboxAQ, a new entity specifically designed to expand the use of quantum computing further.

What is Quantum Computing?

This technology may be mind-boggling for the average user, so let’s try to simplify what this is. Classical computing uses a binary code to process data: a 0 or 1. There are no other coding options. Quantum computing does not use bits; it uses qubits, which in layman’s terms, can be fractions of 0 or 1, which is impossible with current technology.

The virtually limitless subdivision of qubit data allows a quantum computer to exponentially accelerate calculations. Packed with infinitesimally small microprocessors, it can easily process over 5 billion calculations per second — 3 million times faster than classic computing. The chief analyst at Hyperion Research estimates that tasks that currently take 25 hours will soon be completed in two minutes with quantum computing.

With its blistering computation speed, quantum computing will soon be used to revolutionize the military, logistics, pharma, life science, and finance. All of these are already aggressively investing in quantum computing. For example, Moderna partnered with IBM to use quantum computing to advance the mRNA technology used to develop vaccines. Nvidia is working with Israel-based quantum machines to run algorithms used in quantum physics on supercomputers built with AI chips.

In summary, quantum computing solves problems deemed too complex for today’s classical computers. It is so advanced that some question if it will ever be available or affordable on a personal level, but the same was said of traditional computing 50 years ago.

Cyber Threats

Cyber security risks are expected to skyrocket. Currently, the most widely used security protocol in cybersecurity is RSA, a public crypto-technology released in 1977 and named after its developers (Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman). In layman’s terms, that is a string of characters in an algorithm that pairs a public and private number to encrypt and decrypt data. This is why you add your personal password to keep your data safe. Unfortunately, computer experts expect quantum computing to make RSA protection obsolete.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is currently developing methods to minimize potential cybersecurity risks. NIST expects to release post-quantum cryptography standards by 2024 — a vital measure to protect US assets as adversarial nations like China attempt to gain the upper hand with their own quantum computer technology.

The Difference Between AI and QC

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is modeled and designed after the human brain. AI developers claim that this revolutionary new technology has the capability to learn and reason. The creators of AI have modeled their neural network after the human brain. However, artificial neural networks will never fully replicate what was designed by the Supreme Creator, Almighty God.

Recently, Popular Mechanics explained that AI has suddenly evolved to achieve the “theory of mind.” In January 2022, AI had the analytical and learning prowess of a seven-year-old, but by November 2022, AI had grown to have the intuitive skills of a nine-year old. In eleven months, AI increased in knowledge and its ability to learn. By mid-2023, this research claims that AI now has the intellectual ability of a full-grown adult. Mo Gawdat, a former chief business officer for Google, estimates ChatGPT now has an IQ of 155. This intellectual growth challenges developers of AI, who confirm that AI can scan and learn the ENTIRE Internet. AI computer networks are constantly browsing the Internet and growing in knowledge.

What Lies Ahead

The combination of AI and quantum computing is a growing concern of many developers involved with this super technology. The Financial Times explains:

  • Quantum computing can render all current encryption obsolete the very moment it comes online.
  • Once quantum computing is merged with AI, its learning potential will be irreversible.
  • Quantum computing could break the Internet.

Julie Love, product leader for quantum computing at Microsoft who holds a Ph.D. in quantum physics, warned, “You will not own quantum computing; it will own you.”

Setting Up the Antichrist System

On its website, the World Economic Forum proclaims they “have established the Quantum Computing Network, which facilitates collaboration with companies like Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft, as well as academic institutions and national governments… to prepare society more broadly for the significance of the transition.” Transition indeed.

What quantum computing can do is unlike anything we have seen to date. Not only will this technology have the ability to control every aspect of life, business, finance, medicine, government, etc., but it will also be able to do this with such precision and speed that every person on earth could be placed into a one-world system. This technology will virtually force the world into a one-world financial system, a one-world government, and eventually a one-world religion. This super technology will cause the world’s systems to merge into one unified and computerized way of life. Choices will be eliminated. Freedom will be severely limited. Control will be delivered into the hands of the one who oversees this worldwide interconnecting network.

Scott Townsend of I Am a Watchman Ministries describes how quantum computers combined with AI will be used to establish the Mark of the Beast system. This technology will allow the Antichrist to seemingly replicate the attributes of God during the Tribulation. Only God is omnipotent (all-powerful) (Genesis 1), omniscient (all-knowing) (1 John 3:20, Matthew 10;29-30), and omnipresent (present everywhere) (Psalm 139:7-9), but technology will allow Satan’s Man of Lawlessness to deceive the world. Like the Father of Lies, those technology-enabled lies will cease when Jesus returns in glory.

Scripture warns that mankind will succumb to a one-world government. Quantum computing and AI are the technologies that will make it possible. Understanding the anticipated threat is one thing, but witnessing end-time technologies and events fall into place before our eyes is amazing.

Time is very short. Tell everyone you know about the love Jesus has for them… before it is too late.

Maranatha. Come, Lord Jesus!

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Dr. David Bowen

Dr. David Bowen serves part-time at Lamb & Lion Ministries as the Teaching Evangelist. He pastors Standing Stones Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona.

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  • Quantum computing would be a big change in my life because I can hardly figure out how to use my lap-top now. I just hope I can live long enought to see all these things happen. Thanks for the read. Yours in christ, Michael


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