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Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

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Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

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Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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  • You can be a good little Pharisee and quote Jeremiah about not bringing evergreens into your house (you’ll find find a verse in there denouncing birthday cakes as well). Still, you have to remember that Satan twisted everything that God created or made. There may be pagan elements to Christmas, and Christ probably was born on the Feast of Trumpets in the Fall. It is still about Jesus. Everything else is window dressing.

  • The ministry isn’t against celebrating Christmas. They believe it is the time to reflect on a great God who was willing to let His Son come as a baby and be among us. They celebrate the gift God gave us, and thus celebrate Christmas. It may not be the exact birth date – but it is about reflecting on His gift. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Keith!

  • The reason I cannot celebrate Dec 25th is because I worked for years as a trained nurse in A&E and as a night sister. The December celebrations involve concentrating on our Saviour and Lord as a baby, at a time when many need to find Him as Who He is now.Fellowships lay aside ministry and concentrate on Nativity plays and presents. Third world countries are introduced to this tradition such that, each December there are requests for gifts as opposed to having finances for needs and helps.
    Of course it is good to have family celebrations and goodwill, and the chance to mention Jesus in public.
    But I feel much closer to Him on that day by praying for those I know are suffering more because all else are having such a good time, and they are excluded.And not joining anyone else.

  • Nathan Jones,
    Hi, I am Facing a shack in my spirit.. Every time I when to my church, I felt something is wrong with church. Spirit told me to get out this church( i ask why ) he told me in my spirit check tax exemption. I after I checked I was shack ( my church sign 501c3 ) it’ s State Church, I dig deep what that means
    here what I found :
    *Waives its Freedom of Speech
    *Waives its Freedom of Religion
    *Waives its Rights to Influence Legislators the Legislation they Craft
    *Waives its Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights
    *Is no longer FREE TO SPEAK to the VITAL ISSUE of the DAY
    *Its CONTROLLED with FEAR, if it does’t following IRS guidline it will lose its TAX EXEMPT STATUS
    *Because A STATE- CHURCH. One need not look far to see that the acceptance of the 501c3, and its significant restriction
    *Has had devastating CONSEQUENCE to not only the church, but to the entire nation

    I can;t understand how pastor trade Jesus like Juda’s ,
    How i can find other church that is real church of the Lord ( my husband is none -christian person ) and ( i have 2 kids ) i still need to go to church before God Rapture his church, Judgments is coming on this earth very soon. please tell me what is my step
    your sister Nellie in Christ

    • Because all churches are non-profits they fall into the tax exempt category, so you’ll be hard fought to find a church that’s for-profit, and you certainly wouldn’t want a church that’s in it for the money. Go where Christ is center and not man, and the doctrine is sound, and you will have found a healthy church.


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