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Protesters Boycott Israel By Stealing in France


According to the following YouTube video, on March 7, 2009, a Pro-Palestinian group clad in green t-shirts calling themselves “Action Boycott Israel” entered a French supermarket and began removing all goods manufactured by Israel. After pilfering the shelves, the protestors held a rally in the middle of the store while making passionate speeches about why Israel should no longer exist.

As illegal as it is to have dozens of protestors pillage a store, a sign of how overall anti-Semitic France has become are the absence of police on the scene. Another frightening sign of the ever increasing tide of the subsequent rise in anti-Semitism world-wide are the comments people from around the world have posted with the video. The following are a few examples:

It is amazing how one country can cause so much terror and grief to one area of the planet. I am truly sick of the state of Israel. The new Nazis!! I can only wish that this wave of anti Israel sentiment would surface here in Canada!

Down with Israel…Hail Adolf Hitler!

Way to go French people! Let’s ALL send lots of HATE to Israel! That’s what they deserve and nothing more. Long live Palestine!

Let us all know the brands so we can avoid them! But if it’s not Kosher it might be poison, that’s what I heard. Check out the ingredient and you will see some strange stuff if it’s not Kosher. Like EDTA.

Time is running out for the chosen people. Tick, tock ,tick tock, tick tock.

Boycott Israel! Justice for Palestine!

Israeli soldiers were shooting children in the head at point blank range during the recent GAZA attack. 1,500 Palestinians DEAD, 5,000 injured -The Israeli army should be proud of this blood bath.

Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome

That supermarket sure sells a lot of Israeli goods. The entire supermarket should be boycotted.

Absolutely BRILLIANT!! These people have the right idea. The same should be done in every supermarket across the world that sells israeli tainted goods.

Bravo Peace for the Innocent Justice for the criminals

As long as the American government still props up the Terroist State Israel, this is just a publicity stunt.

A thousand curses on the nation of israel, and well done to these good French people.

This is really great!… A most encouraging video. Down with Israel!. Long Live Palestine!

french cops boycott israel too…. all world wil boycott israel soon

On another point — the Supermarket is selling illegal goods – produced on stolen land. The Cops should be doing this!!

great video. more power to the boycott israel movement!!!

Well done Palestinians.. We all Muslims are with You..

Bravo, good job.

I experienced a wide range of reactions when witnessing this scene online. My first reaction was disgust at the hatred and prejudice of the anti-Semites. My second was pity, because due to the false teachings of their Islamic mullahs these Jew-haters are very ignorant about God’s promises to Israel and their historic claim to the land, as too are the European sympathizers who buy into the Islamic rhetoric. But, thirdly, I felt sorrow at how lost these people are. They truly feel their hatred of the Jew has God’s sympathy and support.

God’s reaction to those who rage against Him and His promises to both Israel and believers in Christ is this:

Why do the nations conspire
and the peoples plot in vain?

The kings of the earth take their stand
and the rulers gather together

against the LORD
and against his Anointed One.

“Let us break their chains,” they say,
“and throw off their fetters.”

The One enthroned in heaven laughs;
the Lord scoffs at them.

Then he rebukes them in his anger
and terrifies them in his wrath, saying,

“I have installed my King
on Zion, my holy hill.”

– Psalm 2:1-6 (NIV)

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  • Wow. I don’t even really know how to respond to that. I’ve never seen so much hatred. Believe it or not, I’m almost as shocked as I was on 9/11. I can’t wrap my brain around it.

    I think that part of the curse of the Tribulation is because unsaved mankind is cursing the Hebrew people, as God said would happen if people didn’t bless the Hebrews.

    To me, this is just one more sign that Jesus is coming back extremely soon.

  • Sadly, I’m not surprised. Europeans have tradionally been Jew haters throughout history.

    Unfortunately, a lot of secular people I know are vehemently on the side of the Palestinians against Israel and I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to make them full on Jew haters.

    Most all conservative evangelical Christians love the Jews and support Israel.

    Most liberal “Christians” hate the Jews. I base this mainly on my experience with the Lutheran church which I attended for a while. My eyes opened when a female “pastor” began slowly introduced support for homosexuals and abortion into sermons. The jig up was up when I went to the website and discovered they are liberals who hate the Jews – they alway side with the Palestians and critize Israel for protecting itself from homocide bombers will a wall.

  • Jeremiah 33:17 “For thus says the LORD, ‘David shall never lack a man to sit on the throne of the house of Israel;

    This is good news for Jesus Christ will be the One upon that throne. Jesus Christ will judge the anti-semetics with perfect justice. God’s Promises are Eternal and this gives me comfort when the bullys start bullying Israel.

  • Wonder what CNN is saying about “these” people and their demonstration?? My guess is….”aawww these poor people that have been sooo mistreated by Isreal”. They sure raked “Tax Day Tea Partiers” over the coals!!!

    I have always worn my heart on my sleeve…guess I am gonna have to toughen.

  • GOD BLESS ISRAEL! GOD BLESS THE JEWS! LORD God, the enemies of your people are at the very gates of your holy city, Jerusalem. The unbelievers have chosen which side they will be on, and it is the side of evil.

    LORD defend your people. Protect your people with your mighty right-hand. Reveal yourself to them. In the name of Yeshua the Messiah, let it be.

  • how come obama, hillary and nazi polosi was not in the store looting wit his pro-palastine friends? surely they must be ecstatic! seriously tho there is only one word that comes to mind SICK!!!

  • Of course it’s sick, hartdawg. But Satan hates Israel. And if Satan hates Israel, then so do his servants.

    What they are doing is condemning themselves. They are poking God in the apple of His eye. That’s why I think that much of the Tribulation is because of mankind’s cursing of Israel.

  • “the obama administration doesnt want a palastinian state alongside isreal, rather a palastinian state INSTEAD of isreal”-hal lindsey. is that accurate? i know its true about the palastinians but i’m not sure i believe it about the obama administration-not yet anyways. is that accurate?

  • i have not heard about this demonstration in the news yet. i’ll bet if it gets reported it’ll be called “a peaceful gathering”. pray for the peace of jerusalam.

  • Yes, hartdawg, it’s true, but Obamassiah can’t take all the credit. It appears that this was on the table during Bush’s administration in 2007.

    But Obamassiah brought it up during his trip to Turkey, and all his Muslim buddies just started drooling.

  • “it not to bad here in southern indiana” well thunder here is another tidbit about seattle/portland. while most of america is POST christian the pacific northwest is stii PRE-christian. the gospel never really took root here, the last time i checked (4yrs ago) less than 4% of the population of seattle/portland ever go to church. WE HAVE A STATUE OF LENIN! not the beattles lenin, the communist lenin. we are the most unchurched area in the nation. (as of 4yrs ago, vermont is catching up) LESS THAN 4%. we never had a major revival. the gospel never really took root here.

  • Here in “fly-over” country, aka: the “Bible Belt”, you can still go most places while carrying a Bible, and no-one will throw rotten eggs at you.

    As I understand it, Seattle/Portland and surrounding areas have always been “different” (I saw “Singles,” unfortunately) I almost moved out there years ago. I was gonna be in a “grunge” band.

    I used to have a supervisor at work and he and his, ummm, boyfriend, were from Portland, OR.


    Oh man! It doesn’t surprise me, and it says all you need to know about that area. If you really want to get under their skin put a RONALD REAGAN WAS RIGHT sticker on your car!

    How big is your church congregation?

  • i attend a church called mars hill. its huge bout 8,000. has 7 campuses. he teaches capter by chapter verse by verse and aint afraid to talk about hell. just to make people angry i drive around the university district with my mccain/palin sticker

  • when i worked as a carryout clerk in alaska as a teen i used to look for clinton/gore stickers or pro-choice stickers on customers cars so i could get into it. the customers tho liberal were actually pretty cool with it but i got in trouble when the manager overheard me doing it.

  • So, you have been a conservative since you were a young man, then? Me too!

    I guess we didn’t adhere to Winston Churchill’s famous line; If you are not liberal when you are young you don’t have a heart, if you are not conservative when you are an adult you don’t have a brain.

    Of course, I believe I had a heart when I was young because I refused to support abortion, and at that point I wasn’t saved yet.


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