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Could The Antichrist Be Alive Today?


Lamb & Lion Ministries sought out ten different Bible prophecy experts and asked the question, “Could the Antichrist be alive today?” The following is how they responded.

Ray Gano

The reason that I believe this is because no other time in history are we seeing Bible prophecy come to pass than what we’ve seen. Over and over again we are seeing Israel as a nation, Israel blossoming, Israel coming together, her people returning aliyah. On May 14, 1948, I imagine God taking a big ‘ol huge hourglass and just going “wa-pump!,” turning it over and we are seeing the sands of time run out. I believe strongly that the age of the Gentile is slowly coming to a close. In fact, in TV vernacular you have what’s called a cross-fade transition. I believe the Church is here and I see Israel here in a cross-fade. At one point both scenes come together — one scene is fading out and one scene is fading in. At one point they both occupy the same time and space and that is called the cross-fade. The Church and Israel right now, I strongly believe we are standing in the cross-fade. Both Israel and the Church are occupying the same time and space. We are coming off stage, Israel is coming on.

So, yes, with all these things taking place today, I believe the man of perdition is around. We don’t know him. I don’t know he even knows himself. But, I believe he is at least alive and well today.

Ed Hindson

Not necessarily. It all depends on how close we really are to the time of the end. Could the Antichrist be alive today? Yes, certainly. Does he know he is the Antichrist? No. Is he moving in power to try to take over the world right now? No.

Now, I have been in the ministry for 40 years I have heard it all. That Hitler was the Antichrist, and Mussolini was the Antichrist, and Stalin, and Gorbatchev because he had a mark on his forehead so it was the mark of the beast. And before that, people said it was Khrushchev. People even said it was John Kennedy, or it was Ronald Wilson Reagan because he had six letters in each of his three names. It is George Bush and he doesn’t know any better. It is Bill Clinton and Hillary is the False Prophet. And of course, now everybody wants to say it is Obama. He came out of nowhere and doesn’t even have a birth certificate. Nobody knows where he came from. He has a Muslim connection in his background. He is going to take over the world one day, etc.

It is certainly possible that any individual could potentially become the Antichrist once he is indwelled by Satan. But, I am convinced that 2 Thessalonians 2 makes it clear that until the restrainer is removed, until the Church is raptured out and the spirit-baptized, spirit-empowered Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is no longer here to restrain evil in the world, only then will Satan have the power to indwell someone to become the Antichrist.

The Bible says in the words of Jesus, “That nobody knows the day or the hour of my coming, not even the angels of Heaven.” Satan is a fallen angel, therefore Satan doesn’t know the date of the Rapture. Satan can read the Bible. Satan can read the newspaper like anybody else. He can sense a crisis is coming in the world and perhaps this is the big one. He may even feel that he has to get a candidate ready potentially to be the Antichrist in every generation, but his hands are tied by the sovereignty of God and he can not move on someone to indwell them and empower them to be the Antichrist until after the Rapture of the Church.

So, I am not looking for the Antichrist, I am looking for Jesus Christ.

Al Gist

I believe that he is alive today because we are so close to the return of Christ. He probably will not be an elderly man when he comes to power, but he will be a adult and probably will have already achieved some political prowess in the international community. And, because I believe we are so close to the Return of Christ and the beginning of the Tribulation, I just believe that he is alive today waiting for his appointment with his political debut.

Nathan Jones

Most definitely! We are so close to Jesus’ soon return. He has to be out there somewhere. He may be a minor politician, or religious leader, or something like that. But, as the signs of the times show and Israel struggling so hard to survive — big things are happening right on the horizon. And, he has to be ready to take the reigns and be the savior of the fallen world at the time. So, yes, I believe the Antichrist is alive.

Daymond Duck

Absolutely I do, course that is just speculation, that is just opinion. Sometimes I tell people opinions are like noses — everybody got one, so I have one. I would say to you that the Antichrist cannot appear for two reasons. First of all, he can not appear because the Church is still here. I believe he rises to power after the Rapture of the Church. And, the second reason I believe that he can not appear, I believe in Daniel it teaches that there will be 11 kings, 10 kings will rise first, 10 horns, and then an 11th the little horn which is the Antichrist he will appear. So we don’t have these 10 kings yet.

Don McGee

Yes. I believe the Antichrist is alive today. The reason I believe that is because of the days in which we live. I believe that he is living somewhere probably as a minor official of some kind. Who knows, he might not be known even as a minor official today. The critical thing about Antichrist is that events are going to propel him into a situation where the world will demand him and his services. He is somebody, much like Adolf Hitler was, someone people will ask for. If you think about it, Hitler did not impose himself upon the German people as much as the German people demanded his services as the results of the post WWI depredation they were experiencing.

Don Perkins

I do believe the Antichrist is alive today. One reason why I believe that is because of the signs of the time that we see. First of all, the nation of Israel is back in the land. We are witnessing them rebuilding the third temple, or they have plans for rebuilding it. We see so many indicators that are indicators for the last days. As a result of that, I believe that it is so close. I believe that the Rapture again could happen at anytime as a result of that. I believe that when Antichrist comes on the scene it will be a turn-key situation. So, because what we are witnessing today the preparation for the Great Tribulation, I do believe the Antichrist could very well be alive today.

Phillip Goodman

I believe the Antichrist could be alive today, but 2 Thessalonians 2 tells us that he is being restrained. He will be revealed in his time, and his time will not come… that revelation of who the Antichrist actually is will not come until after the Rapture happens. Now the reason, as a matter of fact I will go a little stronger than that. I think that he probably is alive today, because I think the Rapture is so close. The Rapture, of course, has always been imminent, but the signs of the times are pointing to the Second Coming of Jesus. If that is true, how much closer is the Rapture? The Rapture is the curtain that has to be raised before the Antichrist will be revealed. So, if the Rapture occurred today, which it very well could, then the Antichrist is certainly on the scene because he would be revealed very shortly thereafter.

Mark Hitchcock

That is a question that is one of the main questions that gets asked at prophecy conferences… you know, “Is the Antichrist alive today?” Obviously, if we say anyone says for sure that he is alive then that means that the Lord would have to come back within 30 or 40 years because the Antichrist won’t live forever. So, what I would say about that question is that no one knows for sure. But, if someone where to ask me, “Do I think he is alive?” I do. I do believe that he is alive somewhere on the Earth today because of the convergence that we see of the signs of the times and the acceleration of these signs. So, if someone where to ask me, I do believe that, but you can’t state it categorically. I think that he is alive today. No one knows that for sure, but that is my own view of it.

David Reagan

Yes, I believe the Antichrist is alive today. But, I must add I think that he has always been alive. Let me explain what I mean by that. Satan knows Bible prophecy, but he does not know its timing, so I believe Satan has always had an Antichrist candidate ready to anoint with his power. And, I think he has one ready today, one who is very likely to become the actual Antichrist. But please, don’t waste your time trying to guess who that person might be! The book of Revelation teaches that the Antichrist will not be revealed until the Great Tribulation.

Do not live looking for the Antichrist. Live looking instead for Jesus Christ! He is coming soon and the crucial question is, “Are you ready?” I hope so. If not then reach out to Him today, repent of your sins and accept Him as your Lord and Savior. Salvation is a free gift of God by grace through faith in Jesus.

You can watch this Q&A at our website on Christ in Prophecy.

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • defenitely yes
    although i believe the antichrist to be primarily a fallen angel who MAY possess a human
    if so then we will not know who this human is until the antichrist ascends from the abyss and reveals himself (who i believe to be abaddon but possibly under a different name through a human)

  • I figure he's alive and well on planet earth right now. He's most likely some mid- to low-level politician somewhere on the European continent (or a western nation descended from Europe [read USA]).

    I say low- to mid-level based on the fact that there is no-one (outside the Obamassiah) who fits the bill right now, and even he needs a teleprompter to form a complete sentence (AC's supposed to be an oratorical genius, right?), so I'd say he's on the long-list of NOT being AC.

  • I agree with those who are of the opinion that the Antichrist is alive today, and may even be actively involved in politics. It is even possible that we read about this person or see him on television from time to time right now, but we have no way of knowing who this individual is at this time. I believe that the Abomination of Desolation will be his revealing.

  • I believe the AC is alive just by all the signs of the times. I think his charisma will be so unlike normal charisma and he will captivate many many hearts. I am not saying anything new here, I also believe he has a huge temper.

  • I'm also of the opinion that AC is not necessarily an "evil" man.

    Before rocks are thrown, let explain what I mean. The best analogy I can think of Senator Palpatine (the Emporer) of the Star Wars saga. He only wants what's best for his "world." But he comes under the influence of evil; the "Dark Side" of the "force". He wants peace, but only if he can have total power and control and all who would stop him should perish. He figures that peace can only come with one man at the helm. Too many cooks spoil the soup. He will be a tyrant that would make Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot blush with shame.

    By dissolving world governments, he figures he can get everything "right". By controlling armies, religion, and commerce he can control peace. There will be no peace, but's only because people will stand up to him.

    He may even appear to be a "Christian" man, and may even claim to be so. By that, I mean how Christianity is defined today: warm and fuzzy and tolerant; not fundamental.

  • yes! and maybe. yes, satan always has a candidate read (as dr. reagan states) hitler wouldve been him had the time been right, same with stalin, napolean… maybe (i think most likely) the actual one is alive unless God tarries 30-40 yrs.

  • You bring up some good points, Son of Thunder. I agree that the AC will probably think he's doing the world a favor. But what people like him (as well as most of those in authority today) don't get is that people don't want more control. They want less. The uppity-ups today (including the AC) have this mentality that they can make it all better–IF they are in complete control . . . OF EVERYTHING, including what you think!

    The AC (and politicians today) are MAJOR control freaks. In other words, they want to be GOD.


  • That's spot-on, Laura. Hillary Clinton once said several years ago about raising taxes that the general population isn't smart enough to take care of themselves, so the gov't has to do it.

    That's the mind-set of so many politicians around the world: that the only people who know what's best for everyone is the liberal leftist elite.

    And I agree that a larger portion of the world population wants freedom, but the take-care-of-me attitude is growing. What makes the most sense (to me) is that after the Rapture, everyone is going to be in a panic and they will follow anyone who can get things moving again, which opens the door for AC.

    I work with several people who say they don't care who's in charge as long as someone gives them some sort of entitilement.

  • The antichrist cannot be revealed until an angel descends from Heaven and unlocks the abyss wherein are imprisoned the king of the fallen angels (Abaddon/Apollyon and his hordes of fallen angels, sybolically described as locusts.

    This beast is the demonic indweller of the man who will be the antichrist. See Revelation 9.

    At the time of John's receiving the Revelation of Jesus Christ this beast was (previously was on the earth), is not now (was not on earth at the time of John's writting circa 95 AD), and will be again (During Daniel's 70th Week).

    This proves that the contention of those who claim Caesar Nero was the antichrist are absolutely incorrect. There can be no beast, no true antichrist, within the man being indwelt by Abaddon/Apollyon.

    Previous to 95 AD I think this demon spirit had indwelt the Macedonian/Greek king of the Seleucid Empire, Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the specific template and percursor of the RETRUNING of the beast to this earth.

  • Correction:

    "There can be no beast, no true antichrist, within the man being indwelt by Abaddon/Apollyon."

    Should read:

    There can be no beast, no true antichrist, without the man being indwelt by Abaddon/Apollyon.

  • I have a feeling that the current global financial and economic crises provides the necessary preparation for the Antichrist (AC) and his kingdom.

    In fact it is quite logical to conclude that the current international financial and trade system must be heavily regulated and controlled in order to guarantee globally more stability in the future. Interestingly, at the G-20 meeting in April 2009, the world’s 20 richest countries agreed to accept regulation of their economies by the Financial Stability Board (FSB). The real power however belongs to the G-8 nations (Germany, Italy, France, Japan, the U.K., Canada, the U.S. and Russia).

    If the AC kingdom will be a global one, not just for instance the EU (which is a common view), then one theory could be along the following lines: the G-8 will first be transformed into the G-10 (to include China etc). Later the EU countries will be given only one voice. That voice would belong to the AC. In order to have more stability and more equal global distribution of food, oil etc necessities, international money and trade flows would be controlled. This would
    be done both at country and at individual level. The latter would involve the use of AC sign. In the EU it has already been decided that
    every citizen must have Visa, MasterCard or similar international debit/credit card in order to be able to buy. Luckily currently cash is also accepted
    and the card is not yet an implant.

    We need to watch carefully the world developments in order to narrow down alternative prophecy interpretations. This is also the advice given in the book of Daniel. When we first see how the big picture is taking shape, we will have a better possibility also to spot the possible AC candidates etc. But indeed for us the only important thing is Jesus and His soon return.

  • I just felt something evil happen to me/come over me right at 2:00 PM/MST, today, September 22nd, 2009.

    Just before this, or at the very same time, I was on the web googling your email regarding the seduction of the antichrist.

    I think that it just occurred, at 2:00 PM/MST.

    Yesterday, I was in the court room at the terrorist hearing in Denver, and it felt like satan was laughing at us on his throne. It made my skin crawl in a way that I never knew that it could! There, in court, I could feel the evil, but I still had my wits about me. I still had my God about me. I was not the least bit tempted to share in the defendant's presumed guilt.

    Today, right at 2:00 PM/MST, it was an entirely different feeling! I was being tempted by pure evil! I was being seduced to "come to the other side". The feeling was not only palpable, it was very convincing on a level of 'feelings'; something to whom most, today, are all too susceptible. It was not a thinking or a logical thing: This 'feeling.' It was brainwashing at its purest; bypassing the mind and going directly to the heart as if a decision by me had already been made without the possibility of ANY consideration, whatsoever. And, "As wo-man thinketh in their hearts, so will it be unto them." (Forgive my paraphrase.)

    The first and most obvious antichrist would be either a grown and wealthy man (8), having achieved his wealth righteously; or a small, innocent boy (2). Either way, at 2:00 PM/MST, "he" has now been taken! "He" NOW belongs to the other side: The sinister force of the psychic realm. "He'll" most likely be VERY new age and, possibly technically connected, since this – the sinister force/psychic realm – is where current, known science and new agers 'energy', 'light', and 'love' come from and are going: Like a hungry child starving from having feasted for 50 years on nutritionless, valueless, micro-waved spirituality.

    If the antichrist had been in the zone following MST, say Los Angeles, that would then make "it's" full-time number* either a 7 (6+1:00 PM/CST) or a 1 (6+13:00 MT) or, again, a 7 (6+19:00 UST).

    Since two out of these three full-time numbers are 7's, I believe the antichrist will have a feminine appearance, manner, or following. This makes more "sense" to me, on several levels.

    My two guesses would be either Bill Gates (a definite "8"), or Hillary Clinton; The latter having been my 'guess' for over 10 years! I'm presently believing that Bill may be the one to help bring about "On earth, as it is in Heaven," but I don't know right now. (I'm thinking with my heart.) Hillary is still my favorite pick! Again, on several levels.

    Since 9-22-2009=6, this falls into the category of "666". Which "6" today was/is, I don't know. What I do know is that 666=9 (therefore, the antichrist will appear to be "spiritual" and powerful. If today were the first 6, it could not just take two more 6's – what the common antichrist-seeker would be looking for – it will take only the addition of a "3"! This would be a very clever short-cut for the sinister force to take!

    As such, if Bill Gates is an undeclared homosexual (the potential connotation of a "3"), he could qualify. However, 3(innocent female child or homosexual [a stretch])+8(9-22-2009+best time-choice[2])=2, an innocent boy! Use the least desired time-choice, "5", and we've got 3+2(6+5)=5, a young girl seeking knowledge of good and bad, but being inclined towards good. Doing it another way, I get "8", right back to a righteous, wealthy man! Exactly who I think he is!. Even another way and I get "1": God or god-like.

    Every way that I look at it, Bill doesn't fit the bill!

    So, this leaves Hillary. Without doing the math, because I'm incredibly burned out, now, and hungry . . . well, who knows. If she's in the LA time zone, it's got yo be her!

    Where were each at 19:00 UST, September 22nd, 2009?

    *9.22.2009+2:00 PM/MST or 20:00 UST="8"; or 9.22.2009+14:00 PM/MST="2"

  • Rev. 22.18-19 also makes something VERY clear, which is why I left the church and went to a monastery 5 years ago.

    It DOESN'T say, "if anyone TRIES to add," or "TRIES to take away."

    God, if you know Him like I do, doesn't waste words, give needlessly, do or say ANYTHING unnecessarily! He speaks the Truth, not the truth.

    So why do we currently have over 15,000 denominations reading the SAME book? Because the bible's, obviously, been changed from its original Truth to it's present-day truth.

    Rev. 22.18-19 is crystal clear to me, and HAS BEEN since the 1st time I read it.

    It's obvious that God KNEW that the bible would be changed, and this was His warning!

    If you want to know the Truth, go to God, not to man(kind). This I knew at 4 years old!

    God Bless! I love your website!

  • P.S. Besides, if the sinister force can come disguised as an angel of light, how difficult would it be to come disguised as a woman? For Heaven's sake, WE do that EVERY DAY in Trinidad, CO!

  • As for Mark 13.6 and Luke 21.8, "LED ASTRY by a HE." Get it? Just one reason why you (we) may not know the time nor the day, is we MAY not even know the gender!

    You'll have to elaborate on Thes. 2.3 for me. I have an idea why you listed this, but I'd rather hear it from you.

    Thank you, Nathan, for responding.

  • President Barak Obama DOES have a birth certificate. Ed Hindson misspoke when he said "And of course, now everybody wants to say it is Obama. He came out of nowhere and doesn't even have a birth certificate. Nobody knows where he came from. He has a Muslim connection in his background. He is going to take over the world one day, etc."
    President Obama was born in Oahu Honolulu Hawaii August 4, 1961 at 7:24 pm. His father is Barak H. Obama I. His father was born in Kenya, East Africa and was a 25 year old student. His mother is Ann Dunham Stanley she was 18 years old from Wichita Kansas.

  • Keep your eyes on the latest events concerning the US and Iran. The US reached out to Iran to get help with the ISIS problem, in exchange for being able to bring its nuclear program to fruition. Iran has started on several occasions that they want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Israel has said they will never allow Iran to get a nuke.

    I believe Israel will launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear facilities, which in turn will lead to the Gog Magog War of Ezekiel 38,39. Those events, along with the Rapture will give rise for the AC to make his grand entrance as a peacemaker.


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