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Understanding the Times Radio on Dominion Theology


On September 25th I was interviewed by Jan Markell, Founder and President of Olive Tree Ministries. Jan has written eight major books with prominent Christian publishing houses. She has produced a dozen DVDs, some featured on Sky Angel. At one time she traveled full time across America as a speaker. Since 2000, Jan has been broadcasting her nationally syndicated “Understanding the Times” radio program over the airwaves and Internet. It is a great source of news and commentary-driven information.

Jan Markell

Jan and I spent much of the one hour show talking about the error of Dominion Theology, also called Kingdom Now or Post-Millennialism (read more), holding that the Church Age will gradually evolve into a “golden age” when the Church will rule over all the world. This the view believes will be accomplished through the Christianization of the nations.

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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • tho i disagree strongly with ammillenealism i can somewhat understand, but i cant at all understand why anyone would believe in postmillinealism. do they have ANY reason whatsoever? i dont like to call people with opposing viewpoints idiots but how could anyone believe that position?

  • Dominion theology goes hand-in-hand with Replacement Theology. There are several denominations in which these blatant false theologies are taught. It appears today that these perversions have infiltrated the mainstream and are present in many of the mega-churches and a main component of the Emergent Church.

    The Word of Faith movement was the catalyst for this ignorance, with their health and wealth preachers. These doctrinal perversions stem from the many masses of the scriptural illiterate. These adopt the title of Christian, yet their lust for wealth and worldy recognition reveal that they are tares among the wheat.

  • whether dominion and replacement go hand-in-hand i`m not sure tho they do work closely together. i`m in total agreement with the rest of the above statement. why cant one just take the word for what it says?

  • hartdawg, to put it simple, the truth clashes with their carnal desires. These are not born again, these are spiritually dead, members of the Church of The Rotting Corpse.

  • We are members of a Living Church, the Body of Christ, united in faith and followers of the truth. We are not persuaded to follow after fables presented by false shepherds leading men and women to destruction. The Holy Spirit is our guide in truth and righteousness. The Lord Yeshua is faithful and will keep us, for if we will abide in Him, he will abide with us, never to leave us or forsake us. Blessed be the Lord our God.

    Those that desire this world and the things of this world will surely inherit it, for they and this earth, will be consumed by fire, for all the elements will melt with fervent heat. We look for a New Heaven and New Earth and our inheritane is assured through faith in Yeshua our Lord.

  • Hello Nathan

    Please allow me a rant!

    The head of a company, a school, a hospital … is the person with whom ‘the buck stops’. Success, failure or inadequacy is the responsibility of the ‘man at the top’.
    The sufficiency of the head is called into doubt when members of a company begin to complain about what they see as various failings.

    1a.Jesus is The Head of His Church. Col.1:18.
    b.Yet members of His ‘company’ assume the position of control.

    2a.He said ‘I will build My Church’. Matt.18:16.
    b.They decide to build the Church themselves.

    3a.He set certain conditions like ‘the Kingdom of God is within you’. Luke17:21.
    b.They make friends with the world to get them into the ‘company’.

    4a.He stated that ‘flesh and blood’ cannot enter the Kingdom of God.1Cor.15:20.
    b.They attempt to get ‘flesh and blood’ into the Kingdom by another way.

    5a.He insisted that the Kingdom of God is not ‘of this world’.John18:36.
    b.They insist they are building the Kingdom of God in this world.

    6a.He emphasised unless one is born again we cannot SEE the kingdom of God. John 3:3.
    b.They persuade the blind that the Kingdom of God isn’t dissimilar to the world.

    7a.He explained that His ways and thoughts are not our ways and thought. Isaiah 55:8
    b.They act as if their ways are more effective than His ways by getting larger numbers.

    8a.He gave instruction to go into the world and preach THE Gospel. Mark 16:15.
    b.They deny the blind The Gospel in case they are offended by the cross.

    This example shows that Rick Warren and co. of the Post-Modern ‘church’, have decided that Jesus The Head, has been doing an insufficient job of building the Church and consider they can do a better job of it themselves by doing it their way! :-[

  • Sadly too true, EI! It always bothers me when even conservative youth ministers are always telling me that we have to do church totally different or we'll lose the next generation. These statements are usually built on their own personal likes.

    We can change up the format all we want, but never ever the message. When that changes, we're no longer church. Wish guys like Rob Bell would get a clue on that.

    Now thanks for letting me rant, Sue!

  • Nathan, do you feel liberated by your rant?

    I didn’t by mine, so I began to wonder how 'their' prayers may seem to the ‘Former Head’of the Company of Saints.

    Eyes together, hands closed!

    “Thank you Lord for all that you have done for this grand company. We appreciate all the years of unstinting, faithful service you have given to the company – however, it behoves us to bring to your attention that you are now failing in your task of essential recruitment.

    With regret, we thereby present to you a hearty handshake of appreciation for your past travail on our behalf. We strongly recommend that you take more of a ‘back seat’ position as counsellor in future (when called upon to do so) to hopefully benefit the new board with your valuable experience. This will be the more practical option to the rather ‘hands on’ activity you have always enjoyed to date.

    Please be assured of our highest regard to your former position, and we wish you all the very best in your well deserved, coming retirement.

    We will now apply ourselves to finalise the building work that you so ably started. In the meantime, we are delighted to present you with this hand painted, gold edged, finely embossed invitation, to pay us a personal visit on site when our task is finalised sometime after the millennium.

    Until then, we again give you thanks and due praise for all you have achieved for the company”.

    Yours in Your service.
    R. Warren (Head Honcho of the Modern Recruitment Department.)

  • DrNofog –

    A full blown modern symphony in a cacophony of clashing majors and minors rising to a crescendo of full orchestra, brass, bagpipes and all varieties of percussion ending with a single kazoo sounding a lone ‘rasberry’ – Fine.
    > <

  • Thanks so much rg
    My fingers are better at talking than my tongue – I have a size 5 mouth to fit my foot. :-[]


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