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Is “The Shack” Biblical?

The Shack Movie

Few Christian books in the world today have been compared to John Bunyan’s classic Pilgrim’s Progress in its enormous impact in shaping the world’s faith. William P. Young’s 256-page self-published novel The Shack, though, has achieved that epic comparison.

Within a year after its May 2007 publication date, The Shack sold a whopping 1.1 million copies and has dominated The New York Times, Publishers Weekly and USA Today’s bestsellers list. A feature film hit the theaters in March 2017. Now this popular book can be found in most Christian’s bookshelves, Bible studies, and even preached on during Sunday morning services.

But, is the The Shack biblical?

We have asked this question on our television program “Christ in Prophecy” over the past few years of three experts in Christian doctrine. They are:

  1. Dr. Ron Rhodes — President of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries, a prolific author of more than 70 books who holds a doctorate in systematic theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and an adjunct professor at several seminaries teaching in the field of Apologetics. (watch | read)
  2. Eric Barger — The founder and director of Take a Stand! Ministries who is an authority from first-hand experience in the cults, the New Age, and the rock n’ roll music drug culture. (watch | read)
  3. Warren Smith — The author of many books including his testimonial The Light that Was Dark, which tells Warren’s touching story of how in his search for a Savior he got sidetracked into the occultic darkness of the New Age Movement. (watch | read)

Dr. Ron Rhodes

The Trinity

The fact is, The Shack is full of problems. Sure it’s a book that is so incredibly popular and it’s inspirational when you read it, but it is doctrinally wrong. We’ve got bookstores lining up to sell this book. I don’t blame them as I know it’s making them a lot of money, but just look at some of the problems.

The book by the way was endorsed by Eugene Peterson who put together The Message Bible. He said that The Shack has the potential to do for our generation what John Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress did for his. I don’t think so!

The book communicates that the traditional approach to Christianity is all wrong. His concept of the Trinity concerning the Father is a large beaming African-American woman. Jesus is a Middle Easterner dressed like a laborer, complete with a tool belt and gloves. The Holy Spirit is named Sarayu and is a small, distinctively Asian woman. That’s Tritheism, that’s not Trinitarianism. This is putting the Trinity into three people, and that’s heresy.

There is also a false view of Christ’s incarnation. Instead of Jesus coming in the flesh, we’ve got the entire Trinity coming. “When we three spoke ourselves into human existence as the Son of God, we became fully human. We also chose to embrace all the limitations that this entailed even though we have always been present in this universe. We now became flesh and blood.”

William Young, The Shack‘s author, argues that we should forget our preconceived notions about God. Forget your seminary training! God appears to us in whatever form we personally need.

Christianity, he says, has to be revised in order to be understood. How dare any human being say that Christianity which is based upon revelation from God Almighty say that Christianity must be revised! I hesitate to think about William Young at the judgment when God says, “What’s this about a revision?”

Biblical Authority

Personal experience is supreme in The Shack. It communicates that personal experience trumps revelation. If you’ve got problems, you don’t go to the Bible, you go instead to your experience. Experience is used to interpret the Bible instead of the Bible being used to interpret Scripture.

God’s Justice

As for sin, Papa or the Father, says this, “I am not who you think I am. I don’t need to punish people for sin. Sin is its own punishment devouring you from the inside. It is not my purpose to punish it; it is my joy to cure it.” I agree that God’s curing, but God does punish sin. In fact, unbelievers will be punished for all eternity in a politically incorrect place that we call Hell.


The Shack‘s heresy in terms of salvation teaches that Christ is just the best way to relate to the Father, not the only way.


The fact is that Christian bookstores should not be selling The Shack. That they do leads me to believe that there are landmines in Christian bookstores today, and innocent people walk in there thinking they are safe, but they step on a landmine and their whole faith blows up. It’s dangerous! That’s why we need spiritual discernment.

Eric Barger

God Communicates

When you have The Shack come in so fraught with doctrinal problems, though, it makes you wonder how could churches have accepted this so easily? The only reason can be that we have turned off our biblical worldview and let our emotions guide us, because The Shack is a very emotional story.

The Shack was written by a fellow named William Paul Young. He likes to be called Paul. He is a Bible school graduate from Warner Pacific College in Portland, Oregon, and later went to another Bible school in Canada. This is his first book and there are several things in it.

First of all, God passes a note to him to tell him to meet Him in the shack, which is a place in the Oregon wilderness where his little girl we assume from the book was murdered. This is a very tragic story. So, God is now reduced to passing notes to people. I thought God spoke through His Word and through His Holy Spirit to us, but now its notes.

The Trinity

When God comes to the shack He comes in the form of an African-American women named Papa. Now, this is tough to talk about because of the genders going on here. Well, Papa is a god, an African style or a black god from Polynesian occultism which is where it came from. Now, Young is not about to announce this when he goes on Christian TV and radio and talk about this. There have been many Christian ministries that I am shocked that they have offered this book and talked about it favorably. But, that Papa figure comes from Polynesian occultism.

The Holy Spirit in this book is an Asian women and the Jesus in the book is never called the Christ. What does that tell you? It is another Jesus, and, of course, Paul warns us that that there will be false Jesus’ and false gospels and false spirits. 2 Corinthians 11:3-4 fits that classification.

I don’t think that it is an accident that Jesus was never called “the Christ” in the book. We also have a Trinity but not THE Trinity in the book.

The author crafts God into the image of a man. It says in Romans 1:21-23 that is forbidden for us to do, to craft God into the image of a man. I know that it is a novel and I realize you can take liberties in a novel that you can’t in some other type of book, but in this case Young is playing with something that the Scriptures speak so clearly about.


The next thing we see is that Jesus is said to be the best way to know Papa, not THE way to know Papa. Very subtle language there. That leaves the door open for Universalism to be the truth that Young is trying to bring out.

The author is a good friend with a professor at Western Seminary in Portland who has written a very scholarly 38 page paper and now has broken ties with his friend, Paul Young. The author of this paper is named James DeYoung. He has written this paper saying that he knows that Paul Young is a Universalist since they’ve had arguments about it. They have talked about it over and over and yet Paul Young is going on Christian TV programs and in Q&A sessions after he speaks in churches and volunteering out of the blue saying, “I am not a Universalist.” Nobody is asking the question, but he is volunteering it anyway. And here is why, because according to James DeYoung, this professor at Western Seminary, the editors of the book spent over a year trying to convince Young to take the universalism out of the book, and he never got it all the way out. It is still there.

This is not just a guess that Young is a Universalist. No, this is a guy who is teaching what is called Reconciling Universalism, which is different than the idea that all paths lead to God, which is Classical Universalism. Reconciling Universalism says that Jesus died for the sins of the whole world and that God wishes no one to perish, and so we’re all saved.

Reconciling Universalism is the same thing that Carlton Pearson fell into up in Tulsa. It is the same heresy. By the way, the doors of that church are totally closed now. He sent the rest of his people to a Unitarian Church in Tulsa. He followed the same idea that we’re already saved and we need to tell the world, “Bring the missionaries in off the field, because if they are in a dangerous place they’re in the wrong place because we don’t have to tell anybody anything since everybody’s saved, whether they ever heard about Jesus or not.” This completely destroys the message of the Bible to think like that, but that is what Reconciliation Universalism is about. And The Shack teaches it.


It is shocking to me how many seasoned Christians have shut off their Biblical thinking because of the emotional grip the story has on them from the very beginning of the book.

Warren Smith

God Communicates

The Bible describes and warns about every deception I was ever involved in before I got saved. The Bible warns about every false doctrine that is coming into the Church which people try to explain away, like they do with The Shack. People will even say it’s a good book to give to unbelievers. No, it’s not! It’s not just because of the New Age teachings that are in there, such as God dwells in and around and through all things.

For one, the author is a stated Universalist, though he calls himself a Christian. Oprah calls herself a Christian, too, and she’s not. She’s a New Ager. Therefore, you’ve got to look at just what kind of “Christianity” they are talking about.

The Scripture that comes to my mind is, “A little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump.” You cannot have these false teachings inserted into these supposedly “Christian” books, surrounding Satan’s lies with a little truth. Some will claim all truth is God’s truth, but then they will take some teaching from out of the New Age book A Course in Miracles and use that as the “truth.”

There are a lot of deceptive voices out there, and a lot of these voices are now coming into our churches through books like The Shack. People just don’t realize that the author of The Shack told a small group that met privately in a house church that he had real conversations with God and that the teachings in his book came right from God, but he just put them in a novel form.


The Shack is a very popular book, not only in the Christian world, but it was actually at the top of the New Age bestseller list as well.

People will claim, “Well, but Jesus is in there.” What a lot of people don’t understand is that from what I think was on page 112, the Jesus of The Shack said, “God who is the ground of all being dwells in and around and through all things.” Then, if you look carefully at the book when the word “Creation” is brought up, a capital “C” is used. Those of us from the New Age know that when you see creation with a capital “C”, it means that God indwells His creation.

That is very different from what the Bible teaches. No, God is not indwelling His creation. Psalm 39:5 tells us, “Verily, every man at his best state is altogether vanity.” Or, in John 2:24-25, Jesus said referring to Jesus, “He did not commit himself to men because he knew what was in men.” Now, why would that be said if God is in man? Why wouldn’t He be emphasizing that? Instead, Jesus was actually saying to the effect, “Watch out! Men amongst themselves can be very dangerous.” That is what Jesus was teaching. So, no, God is not within each person.


I just want to stop and caution people that when somebody gives you a copy of a supposed Christian book and it’s not really Christian, like for example The Shack, just because somebody in the morning asks, “Hey, have you read The Shack?”, or somebody later in the afternoon asks the same thing, don’t think that God is saying, “Hey, you should read The Shack.” It may seem like the coincidence is meant to be from God, but it can also be meant to be from the Devil.

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • Thank you for this article. It saddens me to think that Christian people I know have been ‘taken in’ by The Shack. Just last Sunday, a fellow church member who is in his early 70’s told me he had seen The Shack movie. When I mentioned it was New Age, he countered with “but it had Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit in it”. I just moved on. This guy has been in some type of ministry all his life and was seminary trained. I just don’t understand…..well, maybe I do, but it is still sad….sigh

  • RE: Warren Smith – Jesus said referring to Jesus, “He did not commit himself to men because he knew what was in men.”
    That’s an incorrect quote of John 2:24,25. All English translations read that He did not commit/entrust himself to THEM, because He knew all (men) – (and therefore what was in their hearts). The them being those who “believed” because they witnessed His miracles. Their belief was about what He could do for them, not that He is the way, the truth and the life and that they needed to make Him the Lord of their life.
    And that He did not need anyone to testify to Him about men, because He knew what was in men.

    • John juxtaposes parallel clauses in John 2:24-25, which literally read “because (dia) he knew all” (v. 24), and “for (gar) he knew what was in man (v. 25).” The latter clause amplifies and explains the meaning of the former, the implication being that God was not in “all” generally and “all men” specifically. The observers of Jesus’ miracles (“all . . . all men”) were not born from above (anothen) as Jesus was about to tell “a man” Nicodemus (3:1). Just as God was not in Nicodemus—he needed new birth so that God would reside in him— neither was He in “all men” who observed Jesus’ miracles. Warren Smith’s application of John 2:24-25—that God does not reside in all men—is correct.

  • Matthew 24:11-13

    11 Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. 12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. 13 But he who endures to the end shall be saved.

    Colossians 2:8

    8 Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.

  • I read The Shack when the book was first out. I enjoyed it. BUT, after thought through the years and growing closer into His Word, I see so many blaring theological inaccuracies. I completely agree with each of the commentaries. I do see it as new age/universalism and it saddens me and also scares me that so many Christians/Believers are all “into” The Shack. We are not to open ourselves up to this kind of theology. I am sharing this article on facebook. I hope people will read this article.

  • Thank you for bringing forth the Truth about this book. True Saints need not be shocked to see this blatant heresy. I had my doubts when I kept hearing the rumblings of a “Christian” story breaking book sale records and now a movie that promises to be a blockbuster. This depraved, Reprobate world has nothing to do with the truth, but seeks doctrine of Demons. 2 Timothy, 2 Peter, Romans chap.1, explain clearly. Also, we know Satan is the prince of this world. he, the devil controls the world’s system, money, entertainment, power structure etc. This is why Jesus clearly tells us we are to be IN this world BUT NOT OF this world. Sadly, way too many Christians desire to be of this world, not suckle on its wealth, to be important and loved by the world. Yes, the devil does truly roam this world as a hungry lion seeking those whom he may devour. Dear Heavenly Father, my prayer, thank you for Lion & Lion Ministries,,
    Keep your hand on them and your saints, bless us, may your grace sustain us until we are home with you in glory. Amen. Even so come Lord Jesus. Maranatha! Amen!

  • I know a lot of Christians who were taken in by the Shack. The Bible says that man should not add anything to the word of God, especially what they say they have seen in the heavenly realms. Beware, Satan masquerades as an angel of Light. John 14:6 “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him” Thank God for providing a sure way to bring us to him!

  • the views and comments are accurate, but I must say that this may be the only Christ a non-church person sees, and may get them to seek further into God’s word. this is more about forgiveness. with the content of movies and television today, this is not a bad movie and it is fiction. No it is not the Gospel in no shape, form of fashion.

  • I both read and saw “The Shack”! I was moved by the intimate, relational portrayal of the Godhead. It is so easy for us to sit back and criticize this work. Does it have flaws? Of course it does. Every book, movie, and production that attempts to portray the divine nature of God will have ‘flaws’ — because it is ultimately a work of human beings — no matter how inspired. Pastors, every one of your sermons has something that some other believer would object to. The biggest critics of Christian films are Christians — we never see anything good. We have sold Christians falsehoods too — we preach that Sunday is the Sabbath and it’s not. We say that God changed it/Paul changed it — and neither is the truth! Man changed it! And now we try to justify that change with lies. We neglect the practice of all the holy days established by the Father and deify ones selected by man! The biggest hoax is not that God is pictured as a woman in “The Shack” — it was ok when you etched a white God with a long beard on your stained glass windows. No one had a thing to say about that! That was God, you say! And you flooded every mind with that image until everyone thought God was an old white man! But when the El Shaddai, the nurturer, is depicted as an African-american woman you call it tribalism, some pagan cultural belief. This hypocrisy is too much! In a book God had to be depicted. What would you have chosen? I know — a white male! Read Ezekiel 1 in the Hebrew. You’ll find that with the divine spectacle that Ezekiel witnesses, the male/female pronouns are all intertwined. What am I saying: If you can walk away from this movie with a greater image of the intimacy, love, gentleness, forgiving and loving nature of the Father, then let’s laud that! We will find flaws in every Jesus film, movie, and production! Let’s look for the good! And if we want to find flaws, let’s consider what we have been preaching to people since the Church broke away from its Jewish roots. Paul said, “some preach Christ out of good intentions; some for evil. So what! Every way makes my gain!” Do you know why — Christ is being preached! Father, help us!

      • I agree, and those who do not follow the scriptures as they are written by God, are at a disadvantage to be deceived by Satan. Christ warned us in Matthew 24:24 for false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you ahead of time. This also means through dreams and unnatural occurrences. We will know and see the true heaven when the Lord takes us there.

    • Your primary error is the two wrongs make a right fallacy. That others made errors justifies accepting this error. But there is also a lack of proportion. An error is different from a heresy. The Shack makes fundamental mistakes that can lead people completely off course. Also, errors should always be pointed out and corrected, never accepted. I agree with your comment about the common Western portrayal of Jesus being inaccurate. It should be pointed out and corrected.

    • The true church has not broken away from its Jewish roots. That was a pretty blanket statement. Also, I would have chosen God being depicted as a Jew because that is WHO he IS. His race was Jewish. You asked. As for you saying a “white male”, well we know that the Jewish race is many colored from pale to dark brown. I guess we will have to wait and see when we see HIM face to face. This movie is horribly flawed and downright demonic. Beware the GREAT I AM is separating the sheep from the goats. Do NOT take this lightly and be worldly in your discernment of this movie.

    • Your comments are appalling! Your trying to justify every heretical teaching as something that we should embrace because it had a tiny bit of truth. All false doctrines have some truth in them, that does not make them good. We have to be very careful what we read, watch, and take part in at all times. We can very easily be deceived by our eyes, ears, written and spoken by men or women who are deceived. You are no exception as am I. We are to stay away from these things, as we are told by the Lord. We are responsible for what we read and listen to, we need to be guided by the Holy Spirit not some human being who is still in a fallen body and vulnerable in the flesh. I hope you will see that we cannot trust our own decernment, we have to depend only on the Holy Spirit’s decernment to us through the word of God. We cannot trust what we think, or our emotions because the enemy uses those things to work against the knowledge of God. That’s why we must walk very very close to the Lord, and stay in His word everyday or we can begin to drift away from the Lord. The people of Israel in the Old Testament are prime examples of falling away time after time. We are no different if we let even the tiniest bit of untruth into our minds it will grow into unbelief. Do Not Be Deceived!

  • Where in the world did Warren Smith come from because he has never read the book of John 14:23 KJV Jesus answered and said unto him. If man love me he will keep my words and my father will love him and “we” will come unto him and make our abode with him.
    How can any man contradict the word of Jesus. Trinity is as false and anything can be because it was thought up by a man named Arius. He brought the teaching to the Nicene conference in 324/5 (?) and it was refused by the conference. Eusebius and Chrysostom were a couple that took the teaching and it began to spread and the Catholic Church picked it up and it spread among Protestant Churches. God said anyone that added to the scripture would be dealt with. Rev 22:18. Teaching Trinity is the same as teaching Mormanism as both are wrong. The same goes for teaching of Lucifer, What a lie. Anyone that can read Hebrew knows this is wrong. Another teaching is that Paul had an eye disease. Paul is quoting from Moses in Numbers 33:55, Joshua 23:13 and Judges 2:3. Evil is a thorn in any believer flesh now as it was during Paul’s time and God cannot remove it because he created evil to buffet believers to show them evil was not according to the Word of God. See Isaiah 45:7.

    • While the word “Trinity” is not a word found in the Bible (like “Bible”), the concept is very much there. The main verses in the Bible on this subject are Genesis 1:25-26; 11:7; Isaiah 6:8; Zechariah 12:10; Luke 1:35; 3:21-22; John 14:16-17, 26; 15:26; 2 Cor. 13:14; Col. 2:9; and Phil. 2:10. Trying to explain the Trinity is rather like a 2-dimensional creature trying to explain a 3-dimensional creature. But, the Bible is explicitly clear that God does exist as 3-in-one – Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.

      The whole Unitarian argument dies at the Creation “in our image” (Gen. 1:26), Jesus’ baptism (Matt. 3:13-17), Transfiguration (Lk. 9:28-36), and Crucifixion (Mk. 15:33-34), among other references. The Bible is full of evidence that God is one entity in three separate and distinct parts.

  • After some hesitation and at the urging of people I knew, I read this book when first published. I was uncomfortable in my spirit, but finished it and then tried to forget about which was easy since I am quite old. My question is for Warren Smith concerning his last remarks in this article – I need some clarification on John 17:23-26 where Jesus in His prayer before going to the cross speaks of being “in” his disciples and all believers. I have always believed that we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit who is a part of the trinity.

    • Louise, Warren Smith explained in another one of our interviews that from a New Age perspective, being indwelt meant to become one with Brahma, similar to the Force. It is to be consumed into a larger entity, rather than remain as our own individual self.

      • The New Age Religion is deception, its the World of the Antichrist. People can’t channel their energies, do what feels good, and save themselves. Only Christ the redeemer, the Lamb that was slain for our sins, can save us.

  • I agree completely with these blogs. I also read The Shack when it first came out, and enjoyed parts of it also. But in retrospect, I also was left with a strange feeling of “something is just not right”.

    • Exactly. I read the book and also knew something was not right. No matter how folks try and justify it. We get the truth from God’s word, not a human book or experience

  • First thank you for your opinion, I think that it is true that God speaks through His word, but I also believe that God is Sovereign and He can do whatever He wants to how he wants to, and I believe that Christians have God in this little Doctrinal box all neatly put away. God is big and can not be reduced to one book. I believe that we all need God in different ways and He knows what we need. I expect God to show up for me anyway He sees fit. Our thought are not His thoughts nor are our ways His ways.

    • I am concerned about two things in your post. First, that God can do whatever He wants. He will never do anything that contradicts who He is or what He has already told us in His word. You are right that God is not limited to one book, but He will never do or be anything that is out of alignment with that one book. second, God can show up in any way He wants, as long as it is consistent with who He is.

  • I appreciate this article making us aware of all the issues with this book based on true Biblical theology. But I read this book a few years ago and took it as fiction and didn’t read much into it. What this book did for me that helped change my life was to see God the Father in a more personal way. I grew up Baptist, I was Jesus as loving. But I couldn’t see God that way. I saw him as the big booming God that was watching me and ready to send lightning bolts from heaven for my sins. I missed so much in life by not seeing the Father as my Abba, my Daddy God. This book helped me see him in this light. It was the beginning of me finding a true loving relationship with the Father. I spent no time thinking about the theology of this book as it was fiction. But realized how much God cared about me and my pain.

    But I do think the way things are analyzed today and turned into what you want to believe. That this article was much needed. And to put front and center what the author truly believes.

    I am continually blessed by your ministry.

  • I Believe 2Timothy 3:5, sums up a lot of the deception in this age. Many come with an emotional social gospel, declaring the love of God, but leave out the repentance and full trust in what Christ did not what we do.

    This book and movie does paint a loving picture of the Godhead but fails to declare the real truth, that John 14:6 states. Jesus is the only Way, the onlyTruth that leads to eternal Life. That is the power that is misrepresented in this book and movie.

    Many will be deceived in these last days by emotional ideas of humanistic terms of what love and tolerance and acceptance of all beliefs present.

    Universalism is a lie of Satan, a counterfeit salvation, that damns souls to hell, thinking they are saved. We need to pray for God’s light of discernment to be manifest to even true Christians fooled by this kind of leaven that is a small drop of poison but poison never the less.

    • Amen, and thank you. Books like this to the new Christian provides a “warm and fuzzy feeling”. Studying the Bible is necessary as that is our only Guide for truth. Our decisions concerning our beliefs must be Bible read and based. One cannot just read the “feel good” books and take what one likes from them and make “paste and cut” choices
      concerning our Souls. Comfort for those beginning please read 1 Thessalonians 9-18.

  • I am glad you pointed out how the book is not biblical and agree with the summation in each point. However I think this book is listed in the fictional section of book stores not as training materials and not promoted as a new book of the bible. It is just someones idea of how to explain God’s grace to others who can’t even fathom forgiveness in that type of situation. I think that so often Christianity gets in the way of being Christian and it is what gives the devil the foot hold to have nay-Sayers point and say look at those hypocrites. I am a christian but that does not mean I am not a sinner just like all those who are not saved. Jesus walked among the lost and did so to relate to them the good news. Maybe this book will open the door to someone who would never consider picking up the bible and trying to find the truth. So I say “good on ya” to the author for attempting to reach those that the perfect christian who want all communication biblical can’t. After all that is exactly what Jesus said we should go and do.

  • The author claims to have the goal of helping people draw closer to God through this book. Many say not to worry about the bad theology because it is fiction. But fiction only works if it is connected to reality. He creates fictional people, but they are like real people. He didn’t reinvent what humans are like. So far, so good. But he does reinvent God. How can we draw near to the real God by reading about a god who isn’t like the real God?

    Fiction does not give license to abandon all reality and expect us to draw a lesson about something that is real.

  • At first I thought, good movie maybe. Then as I watched their promo, I got a very uncomfortable feeling. This is the Holy Spirit, warning me that the direction of this book, movie or whatever else is not in line with God. So I shall not involve myself with the devils lies.

  • Thanks Nathan for your comments on this book, I have never read it or do I intend to, however I will give you a link to what I believe is something more sinister, although the bible society over here has removed the original link, there is still enough information regarding the bible’s society engagement with a local brewery.

    The original promotion was for Coopers Beer with bible verses displayed on the cartons.

    Beer and Bibles, where to next?

    If that link fails this one might work.

  • Thank you Nathan for another great job. I love you and Dave and how you get the truth out. It is so saddens me to see how many of my friends that profess to be Christian are saying how much they enjoyed the movie, made them cry, and it wasn’t that bad. I learned a long time ago that if it has anything to do with the dark side, as the Shack, clearly does that I will not allow it in my house, on my Television or pay money to watch blasphemy.

  • Read the book…identified with it cause of my sexual abuse at the age of 5. Never looked at it as a book on salvation. Why can’t we be happy for this guy who obviously gained closure due to what God showed Him. He wasn’t a “Christian” as I believe many here are adhering to, but I think if God wouldn’t have brought this to him, he may not be alive and all right now. God knows what each of us need. This man needed something desperate. God gave it to him. He got healed, blessed, and set free. When are we going to ‘weep with those that weep and rejoice with those who’ve gained victory’? Oh, did I say that biblically correct? Or are we all being human and having those jealous or envious demons plaguing us with resentment and bitterness due to those saying “this may be the next Pilgrim’s Progress’! Which, in my book, is a little iffy too, lol. Chill out body of Christ. Chill out.

    • Karen, I so agree with you! What is wrong with us? So God, Jesus, and the Spirit were not depicted in “the Shack” as we imagined . . . each one of our imaginations would be so different anyway! I came away from this movie seeing God as so relational and beautiful and warm and funny!!! We have stuffed him in stained-glass windows and overlooked his humanity! Thank you, Abba, for creativity — that now even through this movie that some Christians are boycotting, You are being discussed!! That’s wonderful!

  • Mankind continues to grow bolder in his arrogance and fist raising disrespect at God, which will all crescendo in the abysmal blasphemy of Satan, for example Rev. 13.

  • I read the book several years ago. I hated it and I thought it was making a
    mockery of Christanity. I told my friends how much I hated the book and
    suggested they not read the book or go to see the movie.

  • I am by no means an expert in Christian doctrine but I know my Bible. The greatest way, I believe, to know whether or not the Truth is being spoken/written is to intimately know what the Bible says. If there is even the smallest check in my heart, it is imperative I head to my Bible. If one does not know his/her Bible inside out, it would be like giving me a scalpel with the order to perform open heart surgery.

    An enthusiastic Christian friend lent me a copy of “The Shack” several years ago. It was an interestingly irritating story but in no way represented Truth. To me, it is a colossal waste and a lie. Satan is the father of lies. Jesus is Truth. Thank you.


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