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God, Judgment and the Weather: Six Categories of Signs

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Could all the terrible natural disasters occurring lately be signs of Jesus’ soon return?

Jesus told us in Luke 21, beginning with verse 11. “There will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines. And there will be terrors and great signs from Heaven.”

Speaking of the signs of the end times, the Bible is full of what we call “signs of the times.” These are signs that we are told to watch for in the end times that will point to the season of the Lord’s return so that we can know the general season.

I studied these signs for many, many years, and I’ve tried to get a handle on them by putting them into categories. These are the categories that I have come up with.

1) Signs of Nature

First are the signs of nature. God has always worked through signs of nature. He continues to do so today. We’ll come back to this in detail later in the series. This is the category of signs that are least respected.

2) Signs of Society

Second are the signs of society. The Bible says that society is going to go full circle. It’s going to become as immoral and evil as it was in the days of Noah, and then the Lord Jesus Christ will return.

3) Spiritual Signs

Thirdly, there are the spiritual signs, both negative and positive. The negative ones are very, very negative. They are things like the persecution of Christians in the end times, the Church being assaulted by heresy and apostasy, things like doctrines of demons, and people wanting to have their ears tickled by cults, false prophets and false Christ’s. The list goes on and on and on.

But, thank God, there are also positive spiritual signs, such as the preaching of the Gospel all over the world — a great pouring out of the Holy Spirit in the end times. The Bible always pictures two outpourings of the Holy Spirit — the early rains and the latter rains, using the rains of Israel as an example. The early rains came at Pentecost and the latter rains will in the end times after the re-establishment of the nation of Israel. We have seen that happen as the Gospel has been proclaimed literally all over the world.

So, we have both the positive and negative spiritual signs.

4) Signs of World Politics

Fourthly, there are the signs of World Politics. Before I went into the ministry in 1980, I taught international law and politics for 20 years at the university level. This was an area of special interest to me. The Bible predicts that in the end times there is going to be a certain configuration of nations that will come together, and those Arab nations will come against Israel, there will be a menacing power to the far north, the Old Roman Empire will come back together, and on and on it goes. We are the first generation ever to live when all of those particular signs have been fulfilled.

5) Signs of Technology

Fifthly, there are also signs of technology. I refer to these because there are many prophecies in the Bible that no one has ever understood until our generation. We are the only generation that’s ever lived that’s understood certain prophecies, and the reason we understand them is because of technological developments.

A good example is in Revelation 11, where it says two great witnesses of God are going to be the conscience of the world during the first three and a half years of the Tribulation. Then it says that the Antichrist will go to Jerusalem and declare himself to be god in the flesh, and the first thing he will do is kill those two witnesses. It says their bodies will lie in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 1/2 days and the whole world will look upon them. Then, as the whole world is watching, they will suddenly come to life and be raptured. We’re the only generation that’s ever understood that prophecy. No other generation has ever been able to understand how the whole world could look upon two bodies lying in the streets of Jerusalem. Today we read it and we don’t even think about it. All you have to do is point a TV camera at two bodies lying in the streets of Jerusalem and zap it up to a satellite and the whole world can watch those two bodies lying in the streets of Jerusalem.

6) Signs of Israel

Sixthly and finally, there are the signs of Israel. The signs of Israel are the most important of all. They are more important than all the rest put together, and there is a reason for that. It’s because Israel is God’s prophetic time clock. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about that or not, but when God talks about the future, He often uses Israel as His time clock. He will say to the affect, “I’m going to do this in the future and I’m going to do that when this happens to Israel. So, watch Israel. When that happens, this will happen. When that happens, this will happen.” Jesus did that in the last week of His life. Sitting on the Mount of Olives, in summary He said, “Watch the city of Jerusalem. It will fall to the Gentiles. The Jews will be scattered all over the world and the day will come when the Jews will be re-gathered to the city of Jerusalem, and when they are back in Jerusalem, you will know that I am about to return.” They returned on June 7, 1967. He said, “Watch Israel, watch Israel.” Israel is God’s prophetic time clock, and so we are to watch Israel.

There are four major prophecies about Israel in the end times:

  1. One is the re-gathering of the Jewish people from the four corners of the Earth in unbelief, which occurred during the 20th Century and continues today.
  2. The second is the re-establishment of the State of Israel which occurred on May 14, 1948.
  3. The third is the re-occupation of Jerusalem, which occurred June 7, 1967.
  4. The fourth is the re-focusing of world politics upon Israel upon on one issue. Zechariah 12 says the whole world will come against Israel over one issue which is the control of Jerusalem, and that is exactly where we are today.

The fulfillment of these four prophecies clearly indicates that we are living on the threshold of the Tribulation, that we are living on borrowed time, and that Jesus is at the very gates of Heaven waiting for His Father’s command to return!

In the next segment of this “God, Judgment and the Weather” series, we’ll look at why the Signs of Nature that point to Christ’s soon return get so little respect.

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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • One area I have always had doubts about are the tendency of Lamb & Lion to link natural disasters to a punishment from God for some decision by politicians.

    Why the doubts? Well, why if a politician makes an anti-Israel decision or pro-gay decision (etc) why would a tornado, flood, hurricaine not destroy the liberals bastions that made the decision. Why would the "payback" be against likely God-fearing conservative people in places that have no connection to the decision?

    Why, if San Francisco is a haven for gays would there not be a massive earthquake in San Francisco instead of a bunch of tornados killing poor people in Oklahoma?

    That's the part I can't get past.

    God is just, right? Why punish a conservative Christian in a trailer park in Oklahoma instead of hitting at the source in San Francisco?

    My answer…yes, the end times weather events ARE here and increasing BUT linking them to political actions is questionable.

  • Billy (me) said "yes, the end times weather events ARE here and increasing BUT linking them to political actions is questionable."

    I DO admit that there probably ARE cases where God could use weather as a punishment for a political action BUT making the link is an act that should be done cautiously.

  • Agreed, Billy, we should link them very carefully. I recommend 2 Samuel 24 as the answer concerning national judgment.

    Once a lady who had her house flooded out in Iowa asked why some cities like San Franscisco get away scott free. She later answered her question by saying Jews For Jesus was headquartered there. She also looked around at her fellow Iowans and realized they weren't as godly as she thought.

    Remember God's potential mercy to Sodom if there were a certain amount of believes there (Gen. 18). [Another good argument for the Rapture!]

  • Nathan said "She also looked around at her fellow Iowans and realized they weren't as godly as she thought."

    I could apply that to myself, too. Yes, though we are Christians we still partake in our mortal fallen sinful nature. That is the answer. Thanks. I deserve the earthquake as much as anuyone.

    (I'll try to remeber that next time I fingerpoint as in my earlier comments)

  • Billy, I too have asked that question. More along the lines of asking God why He hasn't taken out areas of our cities, states, nation, world for their sins which at times are so grievous – much like David asking God to take out his enemies who sought his life. Yet like Nathan said I am reminded that God loves everyone and has no desire that ANY should perish in Hell. SO in the end I came to the point where I realized it is God's Grace and Mercy that He is waiting. (But would you think me un-Christian if I said I still believe the Final Judgement on unbelief will be the point where Justice is truly served? I do not say that in a gloating way as I have family that will unfortunately be in that group who will go to Hell if Christ came today? They are without Christ and have eschewed all our efforts to share the Gospel, for over 20 years….I am horribly saddened but it is a choice they have made and I must come to terms with that – I shall pray and try to continue to share but the final choice is theirs.)

    And as for the natural and political and economic disasters I believe that they COULD very well be a wake up call for the world and A judgement – as they have been since the Fall. Yet I think we all, including Christians, too easily dismiss them in our age of science and technology. We have convinced ourselves that either God doesn't exist or that He is only a God of love. And either way it is hard for us to comprehend if there is a God and if He is love how He could "allow" such things to happen> Yet God is also Holy and Just so He cannot slough off sin as a minor inconvenience or an oopps!!! moment so there MUST be a time of judgement to satisfy HIS Holiness. And again I notice that many Believers have fallen into that mindset and so we too dismiss these signs off-hand and perhaps we miss what God IS trying to say. Not to say all disasters are a punishment for sin, that too is erroneous…but it is something we should be aware of the possiblity for.

    Not to preach at you, you probably already know this. But I have wrestled a lot this week over my own family and have been thinking of the fact that they will face God one day, maybe soon, and these people I love dearly will be on the wrong side of a very personal choice to reject God.

    Rob from Alabama

  • Hello Billy

    I understand how you feel, it may be true, but not easy to handle.

    The way we all feel, longing for Jesus to return, the more nasties we see, the more we long for Him to take us home.

    Judging by Romans 8:19-22 The whole of creation feels much the same way as we do.

    19 For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.
    20.For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope;
    21. because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.
    22For we know that the whole creation groans and labours with birth pangs together until now

    That's all of creation saying Maranatha!

    God bless

  • Billy,
    The rain fall on the just and the unjust.The difference is we have a refuge and the wicked do not.
    Isaiah 24

    asking God why He hasn't taken out areas of our cities, states, nation, world for their sins which at times are so grievous

    It has already begun and will increase in intensity and the wicked are reserved for that day.
    The destruction will be sudden.
    'When they say peace and security then sudden destruction'

    Yea, in the way of thy judgments, O LORD, have we waited for thee; the desire of our soul is to thy name, and to the remembrance of thee.

    With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early: for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.

    Let favour be shewed to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness: in the land of uprightness will he deal unjustly, and will not behold the majesty of the LORD.
    Isaiah 26

  • I would like to tell you something. Last year my husband was on Facebook when he heard of the Chilean earthquake and the massive tsunami that was going to hit Hawaii; where his informant's parents lived.
    I believe in the present power of Jesus and Yehovah so I commanded the Earth to send a wave that would cancel out the tsunami wave. That wave left Chile at 400 ft!!
    That week the newspapers said 'Hawaii dodged a bullet'
    God's power and mercy AND prayer stopped lives being lost. As Chuck Missler said God will not do it without us, although He could.

    This proves that it is prayer and God's mercy that saves lives, so therefore the opposite is true-if God's people are not praying then the Earth and those who have learnt it's secrets, are going to end up killing more people then is necessary. One third in Gematria means 'the total amount' not a literal third of mankind will die, in Revelation.
    SO how do you tell if an earthquake is coming? Technology would help but there is another way.
    If you read about prophets in the Bible, it was a job passed from father to son. (Amos was told he couldn't be a prophet as his father wasn't one.) This started me thinking, I had heard about mundane astrology and before you start shouting Satan's envoy, look into it. The moon's gravity does have an effect on our tectonic plates, when it is in South node and North node and more big earthquakes occur at these times.

    Also Oracle in Latin means to'PRAY'
    Solomon's temple had an Oracle which means it was used to prophecy forthcoming events and then they were to pray about them. God has given us an amazing gift-the ability to save lives.
    Lets do it, don't just surrender to passiveness and let us all stop Hades getting anymore then is necessary.
    God bless.

  • Thank you all for your posts.

    Though I'm clear NONE of us are exempt from possible exposure to natural disaster I sill stand by my first point now that I thought it through more.

    God is just. Is is not just to kill a bunch of Christians in Oklahoma with a tornado if the gays in San Francisco are getting married.

    But hitting New Orleans with a hurricaine for their blatant perversion…yes, that sounds like just.

    So linking natural disasters to the end times if fine BUT linking them as JUDGEMENTS is tricky.

  • Anonymous

    The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. Adam the ‘first man’ was given authority over the earth by God. He sinned and the ‘title deed’ of his authority over the earth was claimed by Satan.

    The Revelation tells us that when ‘the last Adam’ Jesus Christ, The Lamb of God returns HE will reclaim the earth when He breaks the first of the seven seals on the scroll (the title deed) only HE can open through His shed Blood. (I know Chuck Missler teaches this.)

    Can we pray and intercede for people, yes! Control Tsunamis? That is out of our jurisdiction. This is the heretical and foolish teaching of last day false Apostles and Prophets.

  • America and the wickedness of the world has eclipsed that of Israel's when God spoke this word below.
    Like Israel, America is a nation that has turned it's back on God.
    We are a now a net exporter of darkness and lies and what little salt remains has lost it savor.

    The house now built on sand will not be standing after the storm has hit.

    Therefore do not pray for this people, nor lift up a cry or prayer for them, nor make intercession to Me; for I will not hear you.
    Jeremiah 7:16

    “So do not pray for this people, or lift up a cry or prayer for them; for I will not hear them in the time that they cry out to Me because of their trouble.
    Jeremiah 11:14

    Then the LORD said to me, “Do not pray for this people, for their good.
    Jeremiah 14:11
    Why hide your identity in the dark Anon ?

  • I don't believe that the second coming will be all that much of a suprise. Revelation is pretty clear in Chapter 3, verse 10 that we will be removed from the scene before the tribulation begins. Christ's return is the act that ends the tribulation period. When the few Billion of us are removed via the rapture, it on't be long before someone stumbles upon what actually happened, either through reading a Bible, book, seeing a movie, or remembering a long-forgotten sermon or teaching. That's when dispair will check in, and the 144,000 prreachers will find an audience. Thank God, I'll be in the mezzanine, watching, hopefully seated at the marriage supper of the Lamb (reservations required).

  • Jesus was cursing the fig tree representing Israel for not showing its leaves, symbolizing Israel has no life then Jesus said, "Now learn a lesson from the fig tree. When its branches bud and its leaves begin to sprout, you know that summer is near" (Matt. 24.32). The summer points to the millennial kingdom when Jesus reigns on earth. Israel's branches started to bud when Israel became a nation again May 14, 1948. And its leaves are sprouting again as they continue to get more land to the Euphrates River (Gen. 15.18) and in June 7, 1967 took over Jerusalem. Then Matt. 24.33 says, "In the same way, when you see all these things, you can know his return is very near, right at the door." There is nothing that suggests you can't know the day as you approach that day though of course you can't know the hour. "Very near" would be within a lifetime so within 70 to 80 years according to Ps. 90.10 so no later than 2023 or earlier. Some people suggest you can't know the day, but this only applies to believers in their day these words were spoken to or to the end of the world (Matt. 24.35-36) or prior to the time when Israel would become a nation again (1948) according to Matt. 24.32-33 as the "you can know" is dependent on when Israel is a nation again. Ezekiel prophesied on his side when Israel would become a nation again to the month of May, 1948. Daniel prophesied to when Jesus would be cut off. How very specific is God's word! Therefore, Satan must be behind the "You can't know when Jesus returns" movement. We are to be watchful if we don't know the day as still most won't know the day, but even if you do know the day, still be prepared to be received up before the Tribulation otherwise you will lose this blessing.

    Gen. 1.14 says "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs…." And we are told before the great and terrible day of the Lord which is the Tribulation period, specifically there will be a great earthquake, a lunar eclipse and a red blood moon in that order (Joel 2.31, Acts 2.20, Rev. 6.12). Earthquakes happen all the time, and total eclipses are not that rare so these must be of a rare kind preceding the Tribulation. Are there any clues to exactly what kind of eclipses?

    In 1949/50 there was a Lunar Tetrad in which the total eclipse occurred on passover, tabernacles, and again on passover and tabernacles over 2 years. It happened again 1967/68. The 8th time since Christ it will occur is 2014/15. The 20th century was the first time in history when two Tetrads on feasts occurred within 18 years apart. Surely this should not go unnoticed and has been placed for us in plain site to realize when Jesus returns. This Tetrad won't happen again till 2582/83 so the time is upon us. There is no rare solar eclipse around the 2582/83 Tetrad. The Temple will be built during the 8th Tetrad following when Israel became a nation after 2500 years and reclaimed Jerusalem.

    However, none of this holds much water if there is not a substantial solar eclipse just prior to the four red blood moons in 2014/15. To our surprise there is. There is a Long Hybrid, H3 Solar Eclipse, November 3, 2013. This will be the 4th time since Christ it has occurred, and it is the rarest kind of solar eclipse. It finishes off by being a total eclipse which produces that black sackcloth effect noted in Rev. 6.12. But this isn't solidified unless there is a substantial earthquake preceding the solar eclipse. And in fact, there is the earthquakes of Haiti 2010 and Japan 2011. Never in history have two great earthquakes occurred back to back of such magnitude and killed so many people and destroyed so much property. Even in their own right by themselves they are significant breaking new records.


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