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Why “Progressives” Are Not Progressive

Churchill Quote on Socialism

Everywhere you look these days, you find people defining themselves as “Progressives” — college professors, students, members of Congress, the Hollywood elite and the Democratic candidates for President.

The term sounds so positive that people feel like it must represent something good. But it does not. It is a Satanic ruse for the rejection of God’s Word. It represents a commitment to rebel against all that is refined and decent. Its advocates are the leaders of the Sexual Perversion Movement, the Abortion Holocaust, and the Socialist Hysteria.

What has happened to America? We were a nation founded on Christianity, Capitalism and Virtue. It was only 70 years ago in the 1950s that our Congress added “under God” to our pledge of allegiance. In the same decade, Congress adopted “In God We Trust” as our national motto. Today, it would be unthinkable for Congress to approve either.

Why The Movement Has Emerged

Why do we now find ourselves in the midst of a political movement called “Progressivism” that seeks to jettison all that made our nation great? Why the intense hatred of Christianity, Capitalism and Morality? Have we, as a nation, gone mad?

The sad answer is to that question is, “Yes!” And the Word of God explains why.

In Romans chapter 1, the Apostle Paul explained how God deals with a nation that turns against Him and His Word — especially a nation that He has so richly blessed. He steps back, lowers the hedge of protection around the nation and allows a sexual revolution to break out (Romans 1:24-25). That occurred in this nation in the 1960s because after World War II, we gave the heart of this nation over to materialism and made the Almighty Dollar our god.

When a nation refuses to repent, as we have stubbornly refused to do so, then God steps back a second time, lowers the hedge of protection further, and a plague of homosexuality occurs (Romans 1:26-27). Needless to say, we began to experience this remedial judgment in the 1980s and 90s.

And when a nation continues to shake its fist at God in stubborn rebellion, Paul tells us God will step back a third time and lower the hedge of protection even further. At this point, He will deliver the nation over to a “depraved mind” (Romans 1:28-32).

At this point, the nation will self-destruct.

That is exactly where America is today. We have dug in and set our jaw against God and His Word.

Some Christian leaders argue that we have just “grown cold in the Lord” and that we can once again experience spiritual renewal, as we have in times past. But we are not just “cold in the Lord.” For the first time in our history, we as a nation have become God haters. It is interesting that in Romans 1:29-30 where Paul lists the manifestations of a “depraved mind,” he specifically mentions the hatred of God (Romans 1:30).

What The Movement Stands For

And that is precisely the reason that every time you turn on the news or pick up a newspaper, you hear some insane proposal like:

  • “open borders”
  • legalization of infanticide, euthanasia, pedophilia and prostitution
  • slavery reparations
  • a guaranteed minimum income — even to those who refuse to work
  • confiscation of all guns
  • “hate speech” legislation to prohibit speaking out against abortion, homosexuality and same-sex marriage.
  • welfare benefits for illegal aliens
  • the right to vote for prisoners, even convicted terrorists
  • abandonment of Capitalism for Socialism
  • taxation of churches
  • abandonment of Israel

It is an oxymoron to call these proposals “progressive.” They are digressive. They will accelerate our degeneration as a nation.

The Paradox of Progressivism

The irony is that they are a fulfillment of Bible prophecy, for the Bible says that in the end times, right before the return of Jesus, society will become as secular and pagan as it was in the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37-39).

This is the reason that the Christian pastor, Adrian Rogers (1931-2005), once said, “The world is growing gloriously dark.” Jan Markell, founder of Olive Tree Ministries, has put it this way: “The world is not falling to pieces; rather, all the pieces are falling into place.”

This does not mean that those of us who are Christians are simply to shrug our shoulders and do nothing. Never! We must stand for righteousness as the darkness deepens. We are called to be the light of the world, speaking out in behalf of righteousness and sharing the Gospel.

Signs of the Times

Let’s look at two areas where Progressivism has virtually destroyed the fabric of our society. We’ll first observe how an institution that once existed to teach boys morality — the Boy Scouts of America — has compromised and is now in decline. We’ll then look at how all of this gender confusion is using the legal system in order to force accepted.

The Decline of the Boy Scouts

At the beginning of this century, the Boy Scouts of America had four million members. But that membership began to drop exponentially in 2014 when the Board of the organization decided to jettison its traditional Christian values and start accommodating the demand of an increasingly pagan society.

  • In January 2014 the ban on homosexual boys was lifted.
  • In July 2015 the ban on homosexual adult leaders was lifted.
  • In January 2017 transgender boys were welcomed.
  • In January 2018 girls were welcomed.
  • In February 2019 the name was changed to Scouts BSA.

The lifting of the ban on homosexual boys in 2014 resulted in the largest one year drop in membership in the history of the organization. The decision to accept transgender boys (girls claiming to be boys), prompted the Mormon Church to pull all its troops from the organization.

Today, the Scouts BSA claims to have a membership of 2.3 million (down 1.7 million), but many believe that even that number is highly inflated.

One observer concluded that “the Scout’s collapse reflects the culture’s decline.” Amen to that!

The good news is that a group of Evangelicals formed an alternative scouting organization in 2015 called Trail Life USA. Its slogan is “Christ-Centered and Boy-Focused.”

Today it has more than 800 troops in all 50 states with a total membership of 26,000 boys. You can find their website at

The Gender Insanity
  • In December 2018, a 47 year old French teacher was fired from his teaching job at a High School in West Point, Virginia because he objected to being required to refer to students by their preferred gender rather than their actual gender. He cited his Christian faith in his defense, but the school district’s board voted unanimously to dismiss him because they claimed he had created “a hostile learning environment.”
  • In April of this year (2019), a Canadian tribunal convicted a man of a hate crime and fined him $55,000. What was his crime? It was expressing a Christian view about transgenderism. Specifically, in a brochure he wrote, he revealed that a male who was running for public office was actually a female. He was convicted of “misgendering” a person. In other words, he was severely punished for telling the truth.
  • In 2015, the New York City Council passed an ordinance calling for fines up to $250,000 for “misgendering” someone in the workplace.
  • In 2016, a transgender school teacher in Oregon won a $60,000 settlement from a school district after some of his coworkers refused to use the proper pronouns in addressing him. He claimed to be neither male nor female and therefore asked that he be referred to as “they.”
  • In 2018, a teacher in the Brownsburg School District in Indiana was forced to resign when he refused to abide by their decree that girls who thought they were boys should be called boys’ names, and vice versa.
  • In November of 2018, a member of the Student Senate at the University of California at Berkeley abstained from a vote supporting transgender rights. That was bad enough for that liberal campus, but the vote became even more controversial because the student, Isabella Chow, 20, took time to explain why she could not support transgenders. And to make it even worse, she couched her reasoning in Christian terms: “As a Christian, I personally do believe that certain acts and lifestyles conflict with what is good, right and true.” Then she added, “I believe God created male and female at the beginning of time and designed sex for marriage between one man and one woman.” The student newspaper denounced her and said, “UC Berkeley students cannot allow and accept leaders like Chow to make decisions on their behalf.” The leader of the campus homosexual organization observed: “She could have merely abstained, but she took it upon herself to go into this long dialogue, talking about marriage between a man and a woman, and shrouding hate in ‘love.'”
  • For four days in April of 2018, the high school in Emmaus, Pennsylvania forced students to watch videos selected by the “student-led” Gay-Straight Alliance, an organization whose purpose is to promote the Sexual Perversion Movement. The videos included one that celebrated “marriage equality.” There was also one designed to educate students about “gender fluidity.” When parents asked to see the videos, the school district refused.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.” Isaiah 5:20

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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • The “progressive” article was absolutely wonderful! Wish I had a copy to share with my kids and friends. My daughter was a lesbien for years. I preached at her what would happen. I got a call from her last week telling me she no longer was living that lifestyle. She feared God and his judgement more. She told her ‘partner’ it was over and she got on her knees and prayed for forgiveness . Told her ex she should get on her knees and pray and ask for forgiveness too but she was told every bodies an ediot and she refused. Pray my daughter fully understands and sticks with it.

  • Very informative and truthful article. Thank you for writing this one. God bless you Dr Reagan. Your words have truly blessed me throughout the years. I pray I would have the words to convey these points to people and family around me.

  • Pay close attention to the “45 Rules of the Communist Party” read into the Federal Register in 1963 to understand just how all of this has been able to come about! Google it yourself, and you see the connections, hidden in plain sight, if one would but look!


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