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Twelve Signs of the End Times: EU and the Gospel


Could the revival of the Roman Empire and the spread of the Gospel be signs of the end times?

On Saturday, April 9, 2011, I was interviewed by host Brian Thomas of the Blessings to Israel Ministries Saturday podcast show. During the hour long interview we took a look at twelve major end times signs in an attempt to raise the awareness of people concerning the numerous things going on in the world currently, how they relate to Bible prophecy, and the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

Blessings to Israel Ministries

#11) Revival of the Roman Empire

Brian Thomas: Is the European Union the revival of the Roman Empire in fulfillment of Daniel 2?

Nathan Jones: The revival of the Roman Empire, yes, I believe it is. The nations of Europe have been at war with each other for hundreds and hundreds of years, and then to have them finally coalesce financially, politically, and now with the attacks in Libya militarily, they are finally organized together since they fell apart from the Roman Empire some 1,500 years ago. We are seeing this revival in our lifetime.

It’s interesting that the United States is taking a back seat in world affairs and as of late is following the lead of the European Union, which shows that the EU is an emerging world power.

The EU is pretty frail right now, though. Portugal and Ireland and Greece have gone bankrupt, and Italy and Spain are just about to go bankrupt. They don’t really get along all that well politically. But, out of that weak composite of “partly of iron and partly of baked clay” that Daniel described, the revival of the Roman Empire has come. And, out of that weak alliance, Daniel 9:26 tells us that the Antichrist will arise and give it strength and forge an empire. He will give his empire the strength that the European Union lacks today. The European Union is merely a small and weak predecessor to the great and powerful empire that the Antichrist will build and conquer the globe with.

#12) Spreading of the Gospel

Brian Thomas: Jesus in Matthew 24:14 spoke about another sign concerning the world-wide spread of the Gospel. I think that the validity of this sign is a no-brainer because we are seeing it being fulfilled from the standpoint of technologies like the Internet. One can literally be heard all around the entire globe in a matter of seconds. We’ll see that come to its complete fulfillment during the Tribulation when the angels go out and proclaim the Gospel to the entire world, as I see it. Do you agree?

Nathan Jones: Yes, I totally agree. The one thing people mistake with this sign is that they read Matthew 24:14 and think the Gospel has to go to every nation, tongue, and tribe before Jesus comes back at the Rapture. That isn’t what Jesus is saying at all. Jesus was saying that the Gospel had to go to every nation, tongue, and tribe before His return at the end of the Tribulation. So, the Rapture can happen first before the entire globe gets the Gospel message.

God has a lot of people set apart who will be saved during the Tribulation and be His missionaries. We’ve got the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 who will witness from Jerusalem during the first three and a half years of the Tribulation. Revelation 7 says God has set apart 144,000 Jews who will come to know Jesus as their Savior. It talks about multitudes from every tribe, nation, and tongue who come to know the Lord, probably because of witnessing the Rapture or because of the judgments. God will even send an angel who will proclaim the Gospel throughout the entire planet.

The result of the evangelism efforts during the Tribulation is that it will make it so the people will know absolutely without a shadow of a doubt that there is a God and He wants them to be saved. They will have no choice but to either side with Jesus by accepting His salvation or with Satan by taking the Antichrist’s mark.

And so, the Gospel will march throughout the planet, but it doesn’t have to march to every person on the planet during the Church Age we are now living in before Jesus returns for us at the Rapture.

Closing Words of Hope

Brian Thomas: The soon coming of Jesus Christ is a message of hope and joy, and the signs of the end times point right to that message. I want to encourage people away from this whole stigma that Bible prophecy is gloom and doom and that there is so much to be afraid of. There is no gloom and doom to Bible prophecy when we look at the big picture. It is a great message of hope and we have just so much to look forward to. I am excited and I want others to get excited about it as well.

Let us get this message of hope out to the world — that Jesus Christ is returning soon. We will finally see and be joined with our great Messiah.

Nathan Jones: If anyone reading this hasn’t accepted Jesus as your Savior, don’t wait until the Rapture to find out that the signs the Bible has given us are right. Accept Jesus now! Pray, “Dear, Jesus, forgive me of my sins, and be my Savior.” You, too, can be part of the Church. You can go up with Jesus in the Rapture and avoid all the disasters and judgments that are coming to this earth very soon. You can know Jesus for your Savior for all eternity.

Brian Thomas: I want to encourage everyone out there with what the Bible records Jesus Christ saying in Luke 21:28, “When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” We are definitely in the last days and our Messiah is coming soon, so continue to look up.

Blessings to all!

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • Hi Nathan

    There are some comments made (directed to you) of article 22 July (friday) 15 comments.

    I am keen to see your response. Just letting you know.

    Also would like to see your reply to my recent comment on an older article

  • I commented in a previous article that I did not think that the CURRENT E.U. is the same one that will be ruled by the antichrist. I felt the current E.U. could evolve into a 10 nation union as the Bible says. 10 nations, not 27 like the current E.U.

    Nathan just said "The European Union is merely a small and weak predecessor to the great and powerful empire that the Antichrist will build and conquer the globe with."

    The E.U. is a predecessor? Ahhhh…maybe I am right on this.

    Of course, none of us will be here to know for sure.

  • A little off topic but have to say this.

    I had previously posted about Christians not being subject to the wrath of God. I still stand by that.

    But are we subject to discipline? Could be.

    I was talking to my Mom this morning and she was saying how much she loved the time when my brothers and I were little kids and spending it was the greatest part of her life. Then she added that sometimes we got ornery though and she had to take a switch to our little legs.

    So I ask again, are we subject to discipline? Let's just say I see how one can love you yet still discipline…but…NOT with wrathful anger. Discipline would be based in love.

  • The final empire will not be a revived Roman Empire as many propose today. It will be a global empire consisting of 10 regional powers or associated kings and their perspective kingdoms. The AntiChrist will rise up in their midst and will subdue 3 of these regional powers through conquest.

    The Prophet Daniel indicates that these 10 kings will rule seperate regional kingdoms, not cleaving one to another or in the form of any union. They will have their own established currency and power structure to govern the citizens of each kingdom.

    The central power structure of the AntiChrist which will bring all these kingdoms into sujection will consist of healing a deadly head wound. This wound will be healed in the restoration of Babylon, the head depicted in Daniel 2. Isaiah 14:4 also identifies with the AntiChrist receiving the title of "King of Babylon". When this golden head is restored and a great image is cast as King Nebuchadnezzar did also (Daniel 3:1), then will all kingdoms be subject to the AntiChrist.

    The AntiChrist will not be interested in reestablishing Rome but will seek to restore the former glory of Babylon. "It is thou, O king, that art grown and become strong: for thy greatness is grown, and reacheth unto heaven, and they dominion to the end of the earth"-Daniel 4:22.

  • Hi Nathan and friends

    I have given much prayer, study and thought into “the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns” in Revelation 17.

    In verse 9 it says “this calls for a mind with wisdom”. James says “if anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask of God”. Therefore, I have asked of God.

    This is what I believe the Lord has given me. Please don’t reject it before you have read the whole article (to get it in its complete picture) and then please consider carefully what I have written, before you reply. So here it is:

    In Revelation 13 it says "I saw a beast coming out of the sea. He had ten horns and seven heads ….", "One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed"

    The Beast contained ALL 7 heads. It was just one head of his heads that received a fatal wound, not all 7. I don't believe it is talking about the antichrist being wounded when we consider the context.

    Revelation 17:10 explains that the 7 kings are 7 empires that have arisen in history. Note the Bible always discusses prophecy foremost in light of its affect on Israel. Five have fallen, one is (at that time Rome was still an empire) and one is to come.

    Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece all fell. Rome was the power presently in existence. Later the Roman Empire fell, but (in a sense) continued on through the Babylonic Roman Catholic church. The head that received a fatal wound and yet lived could be referring to the Roman empire which is now being revived (through the EU) or original Babylon.

    The EU of today could be either revived Roman Empire (which will revive Babylonic religion) or Babylon the Great itself. Therefore the fatal wound has been healed! Ie one of these empires (which had fatally died, has risen again).

    I would say that the Beast is satan or his demonic power used behind the scenes of political and religious Babylon and behind the subsequent seven empires (which glorified Babylonic religion).

    Let’s face it; it is the beast (the WHOLE animal) that contains the heads, not the heads containing the beast. This must mean that the WHOLE beast (satanic power through using the heads (political power) has always sought global dominion and has strategies to do so.

    One of these strategies is having demonic spiritual forces (Babylonic religion) controlling the political empires, ie the woman who rides the beast). However, throughout history God has intervened (UNTIL NOW) to brings to naught satan’s attempts to rule the whole world.

    Nimrod the Father of that religion was known as a "bull". When Israel worshipped the golden calf, it was a symbol of alliance to Baal. Nimrod being the god of Baal or sun worship.

  • Continued:

    Nimrod (I believe) was a type of the antichrist to come in the last days. So the Beast has had relative control (throughout history) in Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome (including the global emergence of the RC and other Babylonic linked religions and ideologies): all by the satanic power behind Babylonic religion.

    The 10 horns represent the whole world in which the Beast will have great power over. The little horn or final head, would be the reign of the antichrist. Revelation 17:11 says “The beast who once was, and now is not, is an eighth king. He belongs to the seven and is going to his destruction.”

    This tells me that there will be a time when the WHOLE animal will take over as king of the whole world as the eighth head. He is the eighth head but is also the whole animal (at the same time) and belongs to the seven. How can that be?

    I would say that satan (the beast) who uses the 7 empires, will eventually take over (global conquest) himself through the antichrist using the revised Roman empire to achieve his goals.

    That is the only interpretation that makes sense to me. Btw, Political powers have already divided the World into 10 regions.

    What about the woman who rides the beast?

    If the beast is satanic powers or indeed satan himself, who is the woman? The woman is Semiramis (subsequently had many other more well known goddess names).

    She was the one who invented Babylonic religion and the worship of Baal. She sought to ride on the Political power set up by Nimrod in Babylon. She set up goddess worship and Baal (sun god worship) in honour of Nimrod and her son Tammuz.

    This religion spread like wildfire throughout the Babylonic empire and on into Persian, Greek and Roman empire. Babylonic religion has always ridden on the back of the beast of political power, using demonic powers to seek global dominion.

    Later we see Maryology doing exactly the same thing, riding on the political powers of the Roman Empire and again it spread like wild fire.

    Book of Revelation says that satan’s strategy remains the same. He will use Babylonic style religion to ride Babylon style political power to gain global conquest.

    In Babylon Nimrod set up a political power, using demonic powers to become gods and seek to overthrow God’s rule on Earth (we see at the end of Revelation that satan still thinks he can deceive the nations into believing that they can overthrow God).

    In the same way, the antichrist will emerge on the scene (the whole beast) with the woman riding him. This means that he will rise to power through the influence of Babylonic religion (which will be a united global religion). Once he has ultimate control he will no longer need religion and will start hating the woman (religion) probably because she is now irrelevant or because she is trying to control the antichrist or because she has too much to say (she boasts much).

    Where it says “"I saw a beast coming out of the sea” it is probably referring to the re-emergence of Babylon the Great, of Nimrod’s time, but in much greater power and coming (this time) as it was first intended (before God stepped in and divided the languages at Babel).

    All of the above are the only interpretations (as far as I can tell) which doesn't make nonsense of other passages within the Book of Revelation or other scriptures and seems to be consistent throughout.

    Please, if I have overlooked any scriptures which contradict what I have written, please let me know the verses. Thanks

  • Following on from my last 2 comments. I forgot to mention Israel in God's time clock.

    I mentioned that the Bible's prophecies are mostly always (if not always, always) as in relation to Israel's existence as a Nation and/or as a faithful people. God’s time clock ticks away or pauses dependant on whether Israel are a Nation or not.

    For example the description of the 7 empires (5 have fallen, 1 was existing)was as in relation to Israel.

    The time clock of God paused after AD70 after Israel ceased to be a nation. The 7th empire (to be the FINAL empire before the antichrist) has a massive gap AFTER the 6th empire (Roman Empire).

    There were many empires after the Roman empire, but none of these were in relation to the state of Israel which ceased to exist as a political entity and none of them are referred to in the Bible. Why? because the time clock was on pause until Israel became a Nation again.

    It is very interesting that very soon after Israel became a Nation again in 1948, the EEC (now known as EU) emerged as a process to revive the old Roman Empire and is NOW doing it more successfully than any other previous attempts.

    People like Napoleon tried to revive it but without success. This is because God's time clock had not restarted because Israel had not yet returned as a Nation.

    However, now that Israel is a Nation again the old Roman Empire IS being revived because God's time clock has restarted. The 7th Empire is now with us because Israel are a Nation again. The 8th empire of the antichrist will be greater than the 7th because it will be a global empire (for the first time).

  • If the Roman Empire is being revived they aren't doing a very good job of it. They are as bad off as the rest of the world.

    I think the world of today is going to MASSIVELY change from (including but not limited to) a catostrophic ecomonic collapse, the Rapture and Gog/Magog (in any order).

    After these/other events happen the world as we know it today will be unrecognizable.

  • Billy
    The legs are made of a mix of iron and clay that will not 'cleave'together. Part strong and part weak. This is the Treaty of Rome we see as the E.U. today.

    Next comes the ten toes,of the great image which are also see as the ten horns of the fourth beast which is a mix of the previous animals. The amazing image seen by Daniel is the magnificent outward appearing. The four strange beasts represent the same but reveal their beastial 'hearts'.

    Out of the ten horns of the fourth beast there comes an 11th smaller horn with a big mouth who plucks up three kings and subdues them. (Church gone)
    This little horn is the infamous anti/christ. He appears at the opening of the first seal by Jesus. It is fighting these kings that a/c will be killed. then resurrected at the 5th/6th Trumpet at the midst of the week.

    That's it for now Billy, I am falling asleep.
    nighty, night God bless.

  • If I could add something to this discussion:

    Sarkozy suggested several years ago that the EU get away from individual national armies and go to a single stronger EU military using the existing NATO to accomplish this. All future joining member nations must sign off on this when they join, stating that eventually they will give up their military in favor of the EU military. In order to join the EU a nation has to sign a treaty. We know that the EU is trying to fuse the EU with the Union for the Mediterranean. When they make the move to make all UM nations members of the larger EU these nations will have to sign a treaty and eventually will give up their military.

    So, does this not sound exactly like what Daniel states?

  • Hello Gideon

    I wouldn't like to dot my 'i's' or cross my 't's', but it certainly sounds a part of what Daniel said. The difference between ancient Rome and her predecessors who 'fell'; Rome didn't, she merely 'dispersed' her Western leg and continued on her Eastern leg, hence all the kuffuffle of 'is the a/c a Muslim' based on a certain faulty history

    We need Sean on this subject, he really knows his stuff about Legion X, their nationality and all thing Military. I think he agrees that 'things' are coming together with regards to the E.U.,the Med Union and the future Ten kingdoms.

    Personally I seriously doubt the Church will be around at the formation of the ten horns, let alone the 11th?

    Keep looking up Gideon.

  • The E.U. has no powerful military structure, it's economic viability is in question. The European Central Banking structure is tied to the U.S., when we fall so will Europe. Asia and Central Asia however are primed to fill the vacuum. N.A.T.O. comprised mainly of European partners are weak, even our Secretary of Defense Robert Gates identifies with this in saying the future of the alliance is in question.

    The Middle East, Africa, and Asia will play a prominent role in these Last Days, while the Western Powers will be collapsing under mountains of debt. The E.U. and the U.S. will significantly decline by the time of the Gog/Magog battle, only offering a diplomatic protest to the ensuing invasion of Israel. I believe the vast majority of scholars today are incorrect in their interpretation of a revived Roman Empire.

  • Sue,

    I'm not arguing that the kingdom of the antichrist won't be a revived Roman Empire.

    I'm saying if it is a revived Roman Empire, it won't be the current E.U. which is made up of 27 nations.

    I belive the antichrist's power base will be made up of 10 nations from which he will arise. That can NOT be the current E.U. It could be a modified/streamlined E.U.

    We have to take off the blinders of the makeup of the current world. Look at maps from previous centuries and the world is unrecognizable to today. So it will be after the Rapture, Gog/Magog, etc.

    The nations boundries and power bases are bound to be different. That's my speculation.

  • I was agreeing with you Billy!

    I was coming down the ancient iron legs of ancient Rome down to the feet, which is a mix of iron and clay – the present EU. (We don’t ‘cleave together’ for sure).

    Yes! The A/c power base begins with the ten toes of the image, that correspond with the ten horns of the fourth beast which are the ten kingdoms out from among the ten horns, pushes up the 11th little horn, with a bragging mouth, is when a/c arises.

    The current EU is already in transition, preparing to morph into those ten toes/kingdom. There are some major changes being made in our armed forces.

    Folk need to be alert to the Damascus attack close to happening at the very least, and the 'sinking' of Lebanon etc, etc,I suspect, even the Gog Magog war will affect the changes. I also agree it will be after the Rapture, as you do.

    Yes again, these ten kings are different from old Europe as the ten kings only reign for one hour, European countries are all ancient, so yes I think you are right, their boundaries are bound to be different and I agree with your speculation,

    So sorry if I muddled you. I hope I am clearer this time, though I am still yawning my silly head off, fit to bust!
    God bless Billy

  • Sue,

    Cor love a duck! What was this Yank thinking? Of course, you're IN the E.U.!!!

    You said "The current EU is already in transition, preparing to morph into those ten toes/kingdom."

    Blimey, I did not know this. I just felt the Bible says 10 toes so it means 10, not 4, not 27, 10.


  • Please be careful not to get caught up in newspaper exegesis. We DO NOT determine bible prophecies by what the newspapers are telling us (ie trying to fit into the bible current events) but by what God tells us in the bible.

    The fact is that God states (in the bible) that THERE WILL be a revived Roman Empire. The iron (of Daniel) tells us it represents the Roman Empire. The final empire will "contain iron" = Roman Empire BUT as EI stated, it will be weak and not long lasting and will usher in the reign of the antichrist.

    It is FACT that the regions that made up the old Roman empire ARE coming together. The bible does not state that they will have the same strength as in the past but will be weak. It is out of this weak empire that the ten toes and reign of the antichrist comes.

    The 10 toes are not necessarily ten countries as they exist today. It doesn't even mention the name "countries". It says ten "kings" or maybe 10 provinces or 10 regions which each have government leaders.

    The 10 could be "the whole world" divided into 10 regions (which has already been decided by the powers that be) or it could be a division of this revived (weak and broken up) Roman empire. Without getting caught up in newspaper exegesis, it does seem that the EU REALLY DOES fit the bill.

  • Billy said "Cor love a duck! What was this Yank thinking? Of course, you're IN the E.U.!!!"

    Picking mesen up of the floor 😀
    Yep! I may be IN it; but I ain't OFF it; I am dead agin it and do what I can to oppose.

    Did you know the Chinese are funding the E.U. debt? There are huge changes with the Forces across Europe. It's all a ploy to make a European Force. It is already operational as a border force – that MAY mean they get stationed on the Israeli border; and the international headquarters is in my home town of Gloucester.
    This is a BIG issue. If we should need an aircraft carrier – we gotta borra one from France! 🙁

    We are being divided up to rejoin us into one big power and block. If a/c aint active on the ground,I shall eat my hat!

  • A long, long time ago, in another Galax.. no.. site…, EI said…

    "…If we were living in ‘normal’ times, you could be right – but…

    Tuesday 5th July 2011

    Eurozone relief as China pledges debt bailout
    The Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, has thrown the Eurozone a vital lifeline and pledged to buy billions of euros of European debt to keep the single currency project alive.

    The move, which will be a relief to struggling Eurozone countries including Greece, Portugal and Ireland, was announced as Mr Wen continues his four-day trip to Europe, arriving in Britain last night from Hungary and going on to Germany on Monday night.

    China's plan to continue to invest in the continent's volatile sovereign debt market comes as efforts continue to prevent Greece's financial crisis making it the first nation to be forced out of the euro.
    "China is a long-term investor in Europe's sovereign debt market," Mr Wen said at a press conference with the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orban.

    "In recent years we have increased by quite a big margin our holdings of government bonds. WE WILL CONSISTENTLY CONTINUE TO SUPPORT EUROPE AND THE EURO."

    He added: "China is ready to work with Europe to share opportunities, cope with challenges and achieve common development and to make unremitting efforts for stable development of the world economy and an in-depth development of China-Europe ties."…"

  • Now WHY?!? –would China, an avowed West'n/Civ hating Communist dictatorship have ANY possible interest in boosting up the Euro & Euro-Union??? [Unless they are, in fact, Illuminati, party to the Satanic NWO???]

    Every one of these 'princes' of a nation [some soon destined to be some of the 10 kings] would dearly love to be the top dog [reserved for the AC] and back-stab each other to get there but they still have to [appear to] be working for the common goal of the NWO, have to build alliances, and be careful not to make rash moves or get 'edged out' by an up-&-comer, much the same way the Cardinals [Vatican Mafia] have to cut deals with each other to get their guy to the Top-Pop position.

    The select few top Chi-coms that worship the Beast know the Euro-union has to survive to be the backbone of the NWO.

  • DrNofog

    God bless your heart! Ex-cel-lenT! That's the 2nd time you have resurrected that comment! Good-oh! cos I couldn't remember where it was. 😐

    Interesting that Rodney had the same reaction as 'our' Stephen. Under 'normal' conditions both of their comments would be reasonable, but 'normal' and 'reasonable' don't apply any more.


  • Rodney

    I fished out the following, teeny, weeny, tiny crumb for you to see.

    When the one-world religion’s “Earth Charter” was launched at an event called “For Love of Earth” at Burlington, Vermont, a keynote speaker was Steven Rockefeller, a member of the Earth Charter Commission, who explained how and why it was written. The charter is contained in something called the ark, modelled on the Ark of the Covenant – and it contains the Earth Charter, designed to replace the Ten Commandments. Politics, religion, combined UN and EU armies and ultimate world control, are all parts of the New World Order plan.

    A report in the Financial Times of September 22, 2000, said that Belgian’s Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt, had just called for the creation of a fully fledged European army ‘in the relatively short term’. He has an ambitious plan for deepening EU integration. How the Euro army, set to be in place by 2004, will fit in with Nato is unclear, but many, from Lady Margaret Thatcher on down, think NATO can only be weakened by it. Unnoticed by many, it went on its first mission in April 2003, using the Balkan state of Macedonia as a trial run for future missions in Bosnia, the Caucuses and Africa, where the African Union, modelled on the EU, is now under way.

    The declassified US documents I mentioned earlier confirm fears voiced at that time that, behind the scenes, America was trying to push Britain into a United States of Europe. One memorandum of July 26th 1950, gives instruction for a campaign to promote a fully integrated European parliament, much as now exists in Brussels and Strasbourg, twin homes of the European Super state. This document is signed by General William Donovan, head of America’s wartime Office of Strategic Services, forerunner of today’s CIA. Belgian’s premier says that a charter of fundamental ‘rights’ currently being drawn up in Brussels can be a stepping stone to the EU constitution. Did those Americans realise how successful they would be, and the true nature of the monster they would help unleash on the world?”

    EU: The Final World Empire. By Alan Franklin. Chapter1 ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ Page 12-13

  • Not getting caught up in newspaper exegesis. God is sovereign and prophecies will be fulfilled how he sees fit and when he deems the time has come. Just making an observation about the similarities.

    I agree the 10 might be 10 nations or 10 regions. Ten world regions make the most sense to me, but again it will happen exactly how God has determined.


    Hitler didn't have the funds to build an army based on the currency he was left with from the Wiemar Republic, so he issued a new currency. Never say never.

  • DrNofog
    Well! I never did! I live and learn! I nearly speak Spanish.

    I do know what the Spanish chicken farmer said to his hens – "O lay!"

    Me mams hens told E.I. that un after she used their eggs to make a Spanish Omelette for eggcentric code smuggling. That was after the Spanish gardener slipped on the lawn and said 'Gracias'.
    It's no yolk getting grass stains outta yer drawers. ;D

  • rg

    Lovely! that brings back memories. One of my lads did Spanish at school and that became an oft repeated echo at every opportunity. 'Tea's ready'; 'Que?'. 'Done your homework'; 'Que?'….

    I see I left your 'Que' suspended since Friday; I went orf fer the weekend that morning – you were conspicuous by your abscence the last week… 😉

    God bless ya


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