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Increasing Attacks on Christians


Why have the attacks on Jesus and Christianity been increasing in both frequency and intensity?

In this interview, Dr. David Reagan and I discuss the end time prophetic significance of the increasing persecution of believers in Christ, later televised on our program Christ in Prophecy.

End Times Sign

Dr. Reagan: We are going to take a look at the increasing attacks on Jesus and Christianity that are appearing today in books, films, television programs and websites. There is no doubt that these attacks are increasing in frequency and intensity. Why is this happening? Why do we see so much of this going on against both Christianity and Jesus?

Nathan Jones: I think I’ll let Jesus answer that question, because the Apostles asked him that very same question and in relation to how would we know what the end times are going to be like. We can go to Luke 21 starting with verse 10.

“Then he said to them: ‘Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. But before all this, they will seize you and persecute you. They will hand you over to synagogues and put you in prison, and you will be brought before kings and governors, and all on account of my name. And so you will bear testimony to me… You will be betrayed even by parents, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death. Everyone will hate you because of me. But not a hair of your head will perish. Stand firm, and you will win life.'”

So, Jesus’ response to the Apostles was that the closer we get to the end times and finally to His return at the Second Coming, the more natural disasters and other signs of the end times will appear. One of the most significant signs especially to you and me as believers in Christ is the increasing persecution against Christians, and we are seeing that happening today.

Reasons Behind

Dr. Reagan: We live in a country that has a great Christian heritage. We live in a country where Christianity has been the predominate religion. We live in a country where 80-85% of the people still profess to be Christians, and yet there is this increasing persecution of Christianity and Christians and attacks on Jesus. What’s going on in our country?

Nathan Jones: I believe that the more we sin the more we have to defend ourselves against what we by conscience know is truly right. Once we are convicted of what is truly right then we have to do something about that conviction. We have to repent. We have to turn to God for forgiveness, having to admit that there must be a God. In response it seems like there is a great push among people who hate God — the God haters — to remove anything that would remind them that their sins are wrong. So, they push the Bible out of reach. They push the Ten Commandments out of law. They even push Christians out of any kind of sphere of influence so that they can continue to live the lives they want to live which in reality is total rebellion against God.

Dr. Reagan: There is no doubt that there is an increasing virulence of attacks by those who claim themselves to be humanists, atheists and agnostics. But, I also think one of the problem groups in addition to those are that so many people claim to be Christians, but in truth are really just cultural Christians. They were just born into a Christian family and they were raised going to church, but they have no personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They’ve never read the Bible and never prayed, but claim to be Christians. And so, they’re not really all that upset about the rise of secularism and the increasing secularization of our society today.

Nathan Jones: Oh, yes! And especially, too, when the laws aren’t protected anymore and are not enforced. People then feel like they can get away with a lot more, which we are increasingly seeing. Not long ago it used to be taboo to mock Christianity, but now there are no repercussions for doing so.

Dr. Reagan: Right. It’s like open season.

Nathan Jones: It is open season on Christianity indeed. We are certainly not protected by our legal system anymore, and as a matter of fact we find more increasing attacks on our Constitutional rights by judges themselves and by legislatures, and so it just continues to get worse. It’s rather crazy, too, because the more the God haters pull the moral structure of our country down, the more our country losses its power and ability which will inevitably destroy the country. What this truly is is just evil. It is pure evil.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, evil is multiplying. Jesus Himself said that one of the signs of the end times would be that society would become like it was in the days of Noah. If you go back to Genesis 6 and take a look you’ll see that in the days of Noah the two major characteristics of society were immorality and violence. That is exactly where we are in the United States today and certainly in the world at large with mankind’s increasing immorality and violence.

Supernatural Element

Dr. Reagan: I think there is another supernatural element operating here, and that is Satan knows Bible prophecy. We know that because it says in the book of Revelation that when Satan tries in the middle of the Tribulation to take Heaven one last time he will be thrown down to earth by Michael and his angels and will not be allowed any access to Heaven whatsoever. It says that when that happens he knows his time is short. So, Satan knows Bible prophecy, and as he looks around today he sees clearly the signs of the times. I think he can put two and two together and conclude, “Hey, I don’t have much time left.” Now, the Church seems to be oblivious to the signs of the times, but Satan recognizes them. I think because of that he has launched motivating attacks more vicious than ever before on Christianity, Jesus, and the Bible. Those are the three things that are attacked all the time, because Satan wants to take as many people to Hell with him as he possibly can.

Nathan Jones: Yes, definitely. Isn’t it strange and rather ironic that Satan is probably the best student of Bible prophecy? I mean, he knows Bible prophecy forward and backwards because it tells him that he is going to lose and Jesus is going to win, and those of us who follow Jesus are going to win as well. And so, he doesn’t want the world to know he’s technically already defeated. So, as Satan gets closer to his inevitable defeat, his attacks on Christianity increase in frequency and intensity just like all the other end times “birth pains” signs.

Dr. Reagan: I think that the focus of those attacks clearly shows that Satan recognizes that Jesus Christ was really who He said he was — that He is God in the flesh. Satan’s not orchestrating attacks against Mohammed. He’s not orchestrating attacks against Islam. He could care less about them. No, he is orchestrating attacks against the truth!

In fact, I have always pointed out for many, many years that I consider the blasphemous use of the name of Jesus as a curse word as evidence that He truly was who He said He was. How many people have you ever seen that use Judas as a curse word, or Mohammed as a curse word, or Abraham as a curse word, or Buddha as a curse word? No! Satan motivates people who are not Christians to use Jesus as a curse word, because he hates Jesus. It truly is a supernaturally motivated attack on Jesus.

Examples of Persecution

Nathan Jones: Exactly, and the attacks are getting worse and worse. I recently went to They are a ministry that follows the persecution of Christians. Well, as bad as we have it in the United States with laws and rulings constantly being made against us, just look at the rest of the world. For example, the website reports that:

  • In 2009, a gun and club attack on a Presbyterian Church in a community of Sang-Wali in Pakistan left 16 people wounded and one dead.
  • In 2005, two Christian men who were working in Bangladesh were hacked to death.
  • In Kathmandu, Nepal at the Assumption Church there was a bomb placed, resulting in two women and 14 others being injured.
  • Even one of the missionaries that Lamb & Lion supports in Pakistan recently had a bomb placed in front of his church resulting in four of his members being killed including the mother of a baby.

And the list of persecutions of Christians goes on and on and on.

Dr. Reagan: Persecution of Christians is indeed going on all over the world, and it is certainly intensifying here in our own country. If you wear a cross to work you may be persecuted in that you may not get promoted. If you are a college faculty member and let it be known that you are a Christian who believes in the Bible, you’d probably better forget about any kind of advancement or getting tenure.

There is an orchestrated attack against Christianity in our society today and it’s growing fiercer every day. In fact, this is one of the reasons why I recently wrote a book called Jesus the Lamb and the Lion. I wrote it out of one primary concern, and that is that everywhere I look today I am seeing attacks on the divinity of Jesus even by professing Christians who are claiming that Jesus wasn’t really God in the flesh. They write Him off as just a great man or a great prophet, or whatever. I’m seeing everytime I turn around there is a movie, there is a book, there is a website attacking Christianity, attacking the Bible, and attacking Jesus by saying that He was not who He said He was — God incarnate.

In the next part of this series discussing the reasons behind the increasing attacks on Christianity, I’ll question Dr. Reagan about just who the Bible says that Jesus is.

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • Hello Nathan

    I don't have to tell you what I think of these last days… so I won't start 🙂

    Just a tad of encouragement for Dr. Reagan; in the U.K. the name most taken in vain is 'What in the name of Gordon Bennett…' or even just a plain old exclamation of 'Gordon Bennett!'

    Not sure who he is/was, but it is very popular among the populace. 🙂

  • This is a series I've been waiting for! The hatred of Christians is getting to the point that even Christians in America are suseptible (sp?) to it, not just via news stories, but now in personal experiences.

    BUT there are still some signs of hope out there. Just three from me…

    1. I've heard more and more people making a point to say "Merry Christmas" for the past few years. So, waddayaknow, Christians CAN fight back sometimes!

    2. I had a friend that used to always say "Christian" in a sneering voice. Thank God he started taking his family to a good Bible based church (quite regularly for a while, now occassionally). But he doesn't sneer the word Christian anymore.

    3. I wear Christian ties at work. Most are on the subtle side. Small crosses or the fish symbols in the design. But it is visible enough that people notice it. I get more compliments from citizens on those ties than any other I've ever worn.

  • My perspective is that Satan is 'insane'. He may know Bible Prophecy but he doesn't believe in the 'truth' of the prophecies. So he continues with the evil attacks on all opposed-ranting like an insane man. It's horrifing to think on this insanity because there is no reasoning with someone who is out-of-there-mind. God is the only answer and way out and those of us who do believe in the truth of Bible Prophecy only have to hold on for a little while longer. Be brave all! God Bless!

  • Totally agree, Lily. I've long suspected from the behavior of the demon possesses as portrayed in the Bible that their evil has driven all the fallen angels insane. There may be more stable ones and wiley ones, but most seem like brute animals. Living in denial of reality, hatred of the One who loves you, and facing down Hell have left them all totally unbalanced. And, Satan's the worst of them all, thinking he still has a chance at victory.

    Like the ties, Billy!

  • Sunday 11th September 2011.


    God bless you America, my heart and prayers are with you all today.

    I thank God for blessing you with His Word and for all your personal support,kindness and bountiful provision of Biblical teaching to the world.


  • As the Spirit of AntiChrist continues to rise so too the hatred and persecution of Christians. It is certainly proven that those believers that hold deep love for Israel in the desire to see their complete redemption and restoration are increasingly persecuted.

  • I agree with that sentiment Rodney!

    Not only is the persecution coming from the world, but worse than that, from fellow Christians who spiritualise the literal, plain sense meaning of God’s written Word.

    Jesus said that those who are not WITH Him, are AGAINST Him. Matt 12:30. Those who are encouraging Israel’s enemies are certainly no friend of God let alone Israel; and by their actions, they pour scorn on His clearly defined plan and purpose for Israel. Their friendship with the world is enmity with God. James 4:4

    What can we expect from brethren who deny Christ by undermining God’s DOCTRINE (teaching) and instead prefer to follow the doctrine of men like Stephen Sizer, Michael Moore, Rick Warren et al. As well as authors such as Craig Groeschel
    who correctly, although inadvertently, describes the false spirit behind Seeker Sensitive, Purpose Driven/Emergent as “IT”.

    The Lord is merciful, and longsuffering, as he seeks to turn wanton hearts away from the wide 'fun' path and back to the narrow way of His Truth. He will not strive indefinitely with those who do not recognise that ICHABOD is writ large by Him across their apostate churches.



  • Sue, we all can see clearly that if we are not exclusive members of the "Replacement Theology" or it's Dominionist counterpart we will continue to be persecuted. The truly sad part is that we are nearing the end of Church Age rapidly and so many will be left behind because of their hearts being filled with hate. This hatred is directed at the Jew and Christian Zionists.

    The purpose for which Christ came, was to unite Jew and Gentile in one body as Priests and Kings unto God, heirs of salvation by faith in his perfect atonement. I retain the hope shared with the Apostle Paul that many Jewish men and women will come to know Yeshua as Moshiach, even as the Lord desired to gather all Israel unto himself as a hen gathers her chicks as he stood weeping over Jerusalem.

    The time we have left, though short, must be spent in earnest prayer and evangelism to see the natural branches again restored bearing fruit in abundance. The Lord God has a plan for us all, yet we can never realize it without faith and obedience to our Creator. May the Lord God bless us as we continue our race though confronted with adversity at every stride.

  • Rodney said "…must be spent in earnest prayer and evangelism…"

    Amen! Just adding to 'MAKE' disciples, by teaching them BIBLE Doctrine and to apply it in life, and there we have the Great Commission set by Jesus.

    BUT ‘Emergent’ in all forms, interprets this to “make friends with the lost, jolly them along as all men are 'good at heart' and just need encouragement to find Jesus on their own”.
    Thereby defying God’s Word in Romans 3:10-18. “As it is written, There is NONE righteous, no, NOT ONE: There is NONE that UNDERSTAND, there is NONE that SEEK AFTER GOD. They are ALL GONE OUT OF THE WAY, they are together become UNPROFITABLE; there is NONE that doeth good, no, NOT ONE…”

    They are ignorant of God’s declaration that mans ‘righteous deeds’ are as ‘filthy rags’ to A holy God. Isaiah 64:6
    2Cor.6:2 “…NOW is the acceptable time, NOW is the day of salvation”. (before death can claim them) to accept cleansing from Adams sin by believing in Christ as Substitute, to exchange His righteousness for our unrighteousness. Christ’s Righteousness is all that The Father will accept.

    Their paltry attempt to build god’s kingdom FOR Him means that ‘unless The Lord build The House, they labour in vain who build it”. Psalm 127:1.
    Their ‘Dominion’ manifesto comes from the ‘religious’ wing of the Communist agenda based on the philosophy of Immanuel Kemp and cronies.
    ‘Good works’ does not a Christian make; it is obeying EVERY Word that has come out of the mouth of God that makes and grows a Christian.

    Sorry to get on my pulpit Rodney; it’s an area that is touching me personally and it is always a relief to express my frustration over this horrible subject. However, it is also great that you and I can agree on so much, and I can assure you that ‘Replacement Theology’ galls me just as much as ‘Dominionism/Latter Rain/Shepherding… does.

    ‘To the Jew FIRST!’

    God bless you.

  • Correction!
    Actually I think the name is 'Kant', not 'Kemp'? so many different names to recall who write man's 'vain philosophy' with which they deceive and prevent the salvation of lost souls. Never mind, sinners have SO much fun, they can at least enter hell with a smiley face…

    Colossians2:8 Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.

  • Sue, it is good to see such righteous anger, being concerned with faith and doctrine should be all our concerns. You are right in stating that "making disciples of men" should have been included with prayer and evangelism. That is a pivotal part of our duty as Christians and what is seriously lacking today. Shalom my friend.


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