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Homosexuality as an End Times Sign: Consequences


Let’s consider for a moment the homosexual political agenda. It’s a radical one that most people are not really aware of. If enacted, it would serve to undermine the Biblical concept of the family.

The first goal, of course, is to repeal all state laws against sodomy. Until 1961 every state in the Union had a law against sodomy. Since that time, state after state has repealed its anti-sodomy law due to pressure and threats from homosexual activists and organizations like the ACLU despite the fact that the Supreme Court has consistently upheld the constitutional right of states to pass such laws.

Another goal high on the political agenda is to get special laws enacted that would prohibit any kind of discrimination against homosexuals. The proposed laws are broad in scope. Some would prohibit a person from refusing to rent a room in his home to a homosexual. Others would go so far as to penalize a church for refusing to hire a homosexual, and organizations like the Boy Scouts would be required to recruit homosexual leaders. The most ominous laws are those that would classify verbal attacks on the homosexual lifestyle as “hate crimes.” The latter laws could be applied to media ministers as well as preachers in the pulpit.

Pressure is mounting from homosexual activists groups and their allies (the ACLU, the NEA, and NOW) for the legalization of homosexual marriages in every state. Certain other demands go hand in hand with this one. One is that homosexual couples be given the same tax breaks as traditional families. Another is that such couples be given equal consideration in the adoption of children. And, of course, there are demands that the homosexual “family” be presented in the public schools as an alternative lifestyle.

The “Gay” Lifestyle

Let’s take a closer look at the perverted lifestyle of homosexuals. I warn you ahead of time that the following information is graphic and disturbing.

Promiscuity is the norm. In a 1978 study, 43% of homosexuals admitted to having sex with more than 500 partners, and 28% to having sex with more than 1,000! They also revealed that most of their sexual partners were anonymous persons with whom they had sex only once. A 1981 study found that only 2% of homosexuals are “near monogamous” meaning that they had 10 or fewer sexual partners in a lifetime.

Corrupt Roots and the Bumper Crop

The sexual practices of homosexuals are even more appalling. The Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality reports:

  1. Two-thirds of homosexuals regularly lick and/or insert their tongue into the anus of their partners.
  2. More than one-third participate in “fisting” that is, the insertion of the hand into the rectum of a lover.
  3. Thirty per cent participate in “golden showers.” This is where one person urinates on the other, sometimes into the mouth of his lover.
  4. Thirty-seven per cent admitted participating in some form of sado-masochism (torture for sexual pleasure).
  5. Ninety per cent admitted to some form of illegal drug use.
  6. Seventeen per cent said they had either eaten or rubbed themselves with the feces of a partner!

Gay? The old derisive term, “Queer,” seems more appropriate.

The Deadly Pay-Off

Satan has attempted to disguise the sinfulness of homosexuality by having it dubbed “the gay lifestyle.” But God will not be mocked. The Bible teaches that we reap what we sow (Galatians 6:7).

The Apostle Paul says that homosexuals suffer the consequence of their sin by “receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error” (Romans 1:27). The truth of that statement has always been evidenced in the psychological suffering of homosexuals.

But the statement has taken on new significance in recent years with the sudden outbreak of specifically homosexual diseases like AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), originally known as “the Gay Plague.”

The result of their filthy sexual practices and their gross promiscuity is that the homosexual community is plagued with disease. Two-thirds of all AIDS cases result from homosexual activity, and homosexuals account for one-half of all syphilis cases even though they constitute only 1% of the population.

It is no wonder that the average age of homosexuals dying with AIDS is 39. The average age of homosexuals dying of all other causes is 41. And only 1% of homosexuals live to the age of 65! That compares to 73% of heterosexual males who live to age 65 or over.

Homosexuality is not an alternative “lifestyle.” It is an alternative “deathstyle”!

In the last part of this series on homosexuality as an end times sign, we’ll explore if there’s any hope for the homosexual and what should be the Christian’s response.

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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • Wow, that was a little more education than I was ready for.
    And I am a 48 year old Grandmother.

    As I understand, this is the kind of stuff that they want to teach to young children. Talk about loss of innocence. Would a child have any after learning this stuff about homosexuality? And if advocates want to teach that this is a normal healthy lifestyle, what would be considered unhealthy?

    Very thankful I home schooled my kids.

  • What you wrote is similar to what people told me as a young black man. They said I was in a group of people with filthy sexual habits, promiscuity, etc. These is only giving me flashbacks.

    I remember a preacher once said we were going to hell just for the color of my skin but now you are saying homosexuals have dirty sexual habits which many do but i think all people have filthy sexual habits whether they are gay, straight, white, black. Everyone blamed the homosexuals for AIDS but I know more straight people that have it and no I do not think they are disgusting. I do not condone that lifestyle.

  • A few years ago I became interested in helping people of the 3rd world through sanitation and water well drilling. Why? Well, during my studies I found out that about 2 million people per year, mostly children in Africa are dying merely because of the after effects of parasites they get from ingesting into their body, dirty water (or dirt or food contaminated with said water) which they drink or eat or touch in unsanitary ways, causing parasites in the feces to enter their bodies.

    Do you know how they die? From parasites which breed in feces, which are then ingested by the person even in microscopic amounts which then get into the intestinal tract, lay eggs, multiply and are almost impossible to then eradicate, which is why about 2 million people die per year of starvation. You see the parasites from the feces cause diarrhea, which causes the person to not be able to absorb any nutrition, then over time the person looses weight until he also looses other natural abilities of his body, and dies. The ROOT cause is found in FECES.


    Homos have no concept of the NATURAL WORLD, HEALTH, HYGENE, DISEASE, or MORALITY. There is absolutely NOTHING redeemable in anal sexual relations of ANY kind. The very literal understanding of what it is in the natural world is an act which multiplies the causes of death itself.


    I don't even have to get into the immoral aspect to proove homosex/bisex/transsex/beastsex is a terrorist act upon the human race counterfeiting as love inside a Trojan horse carrying the parasites to spread into the whole kingdom, to then destroy it from within.

  • Charles said “…ALL people have dirty sexual habits…” !


    You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but not ALL of the people all of the time!

    The truth is that SOME people have filthy PERVERTED habits! How you can have ‘flash-backs’ by associating crimes against normal, God given black skin with the abnormal sin of Sodomy is beyond me. The mental attitude sins of ignorance, arrogance and sheer wickedness is the one link, not the deeds. Imo.


    While I take your point entirely about faeces and the spread of contagious diseases I cannot accept that Sodomy is a SEXUAL perversion.

    This act has nothing to do with the definition of God created sexual union between a man and a woman whose bodies are designed to compliment one another. The biology of the female vagina is strong and elasticised for entry to, and exit from the WOMB to result in the conception and birth of a child within the intimacy of two becoming one flesh.

    The rectum is for exit only for impure waste debris being defecated from the BOWEL. Just one nick in its fragile tissue will result in faeces contaminating the body resulting in septicaemia, shock and death unless medical help is at hand. In no way is this a ‘sexual’ act. Imho.

  • I agree with Charles. You need to let go of your pride Expected. You are full of it! Take a bit of some humble pie.

    And he didn't mean all he was just trying to say many do but you seem to like to pick apart everything.

  • Hello All!

    Sorry Charles that happened to you and I understand the pain you had to endure. Thank you for standing up and loving people. Any kind of bigotry is wrong.

    And I know people will come at me saying we are only showing them their sin. But God will show them and open their eyes only God does it.

  • Anons,
    Confusion seems to be reigning here!

    The Anon who posted about "…helping people of the 3rd world…" I can fully agree with, but I have to assume the Anon who said "…Absolute lies spread by bigots…" is someone with a hateful, intolerant agenda!

    It would help if you pick a "name or alias" so we know which Anon we should be responding to … and that way it sorta makes it seem a little more 'human' if we put a pretend mug-shot on you…

    And you'll still remain anonymous…

    Go "here" for a helpful hint on "how to".

    This will also save you a little time too for any of your future posts.

    Charles said "…What you wrote is similar to what people told me as a young black man…"

    Since EI's post follows this, not prior to it, I can only assume the nearest antecedent would be Dr.Reagan's article. Beyond that, I can't make out what the connection is unless he is advocating homosexuality?!?

    Lindsey said "…And he didn't mean all…"

    Charles said "…i think all people have filthy sexual habits…", and he hasn't reposted any clarification, so are you in communication with him, and has he authorized you to speak on his behalf??

    That's what I mean about confusion reigning…

    Lindsey said "…you seem to like to pick apart everything…"

    Commenting on what was actually posted is hardly "…like[ing] to pick apart everything…"

    "…You need to let go of your pride Expected. You are full of it! Take a bit of some humble pie…"

    If you care to point out where you "perceive" any pride, otherwise I would suggest you take your own advice!

  • Hello Lyndsey

    ALL have sinned and ALL have fallen short of the glory of God and it was pride that started the fall. So as you say I have pride showing, I shall certainly be dealing with it prayerfully then using 1John1:9. Just as I hope you will do for your prideful and haughty response.

    As pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall – both you and I had better get to work sorting it before The Lord does it for us.

    By the way, you would soon appreciate the difference between ALL and SOME if you were only paid SOME of your wages instead of ALL of your wages.

  • "The average age of homosexuals dying of all other causes [other than AIDS] is 41." Says who? Im pretty sure that number is inaccurate. How does the average reader know that you didnt simply pick that age out of the air?


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