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The Riots in England

Riots in England


I believe we are witnessing the collapse of Western civilization.

The evidence is all around us. There is increasing violence and immorality, and all of it is rooted in the increasing apostasy within the Church. The Church has gotten in bed with the world, and the Christian values that have served as the bedrock foundation of Western civilization have been eroded to the point that we are now practicing abortion on demand, celebrating sexual perversion and reveling in blasphemous entertainment. As the late Steve Allen summed it up, “In America today, we have vulgarians entertaining barbarians.”

We have demanded that our society be separated from religion. We have kicked God out of our schools. And then we scratch our heads in wonderment when teenagers kill each other over tennis shoes.

The terrible riots we have been witnessing lately in England are a preview of what is on the horizon here in the States.

The British are running ahead of us in their cultural decline for two reasons. First, The Church of England surrendered to the heresies of the German School of Higher Criticism some 50 years before the apostate attitude of that philosophy destroyed the mainline Protestant denominations here in America. Second, the British instituted full-fledged Socialism immediately after World War II, creating a welfare society that destroyed the values of hard work and individual responsibility.

Facing Consequences

The British are now reaping the harvest of turning their backs on God and surrendering their freedoms for government “security.”

Spiritually, as the Church of England began to teach that the Bible is not the Word of God, but is, instead, Man’s search for God, and is therefore full of myth, legend, and superstition, people lost interest. Today, only 7% of Britons go to church (at the maximum), and most of them are attending churches that died spiritually long ago. Churches across England are being turned into theaters, bars, and Muslim mosques. Moral values essential to civilized society are no longer being passed from one generation to another.

The pay-off of Socialism is that a whole generation has grown up expecting the government to supply all their needs. The problem with Socialism, as Margaret Thatcher once said, is that “sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” The Socialist economy of England is bankrupt, and people are now being told that they must assume responsibility for supplying their own needs, like paying tuition to go to college. The masses are responding with blind rage, and since they are devoid of moral values, they see no problem in burning and looting to acquire what is “rightfully theirs.”

In a recent issue of the Southeast Christian Church (Louisville, Kentucky) newspaper, The Southeast Outlook, there was an interview with a former editor of the newspaper who is now a missionary to England with Young Life. Her name is Ninnie Hammon. When asked, “What do you believe is behind this rebellion?” her response was as follows:

Two words: godlessness and socialism. British society has been influenced by historical Christian thinking… but given the statistics [of church attendance], it’s likely that the overwhelming majority of the population today has never even met a Christian… Like the rest of Western Europe, England has been thoroughly evangelized, thoroughly churched, and has thoroughly rejected Christianity.

The Brits have filled the void of godlessness in their lives with a nanny government and rules, rules, rules. England is the most highly regulated society on the planet: regulations govern every facet of human existence. The Brits seem to believe that if they just pass enough laws they can control the evil around them. The riots are evidence that it hasn’t worked…

One-fifth of all British children are raised in homes in which no adult has a job — where they’ve never seen anybody get up, dress, and go to work. One-tenth of the adult population has not done a day’s work since Tony Blair took office in 1997.

We feel all around us a seething anger just under the surface among the “entitled portion of society.” Government was supposed to fill the God-shaped hole in their lives, but it didn’t. Government was supposed to solve all their problems, but it hasn’t. Far from it… the United Kingdom has the highest drug use in Europe, the highest incidence of sexually transmitted disease, the highest number of single mothers, and the highest abortion rate. Marriage is all but defunct, except for William and Kate, gays, and Muslims. In that kind of spiritual drought, it doesn’t take much of a spark to set off a fire.

We are traveling fast down the same path as the British. Increasingly, Americans are thumbing their noses at God while demanding that government provide them with care from the cradle to the grave. Spiritual apostasy combined with economic socialism is a deadly mixture. It will kill any society, no matter how great it may be or how great it thinks it is.

The barbarians are not at our gates. They are already within the citadel. They are shaking their fists at God while crying out for government to come to their rescue. The result will be the collapse of society upon itself.

“Do not be deceived. God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” – Galatians 6:7

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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • Thinks!

    It appears to suit a certain portion of US society to believe the British National health systems is the ‘nanny state’.

    Not so!!!!

    It has been the policies of the last labour government with the aid of the Liberals that has bred this ‘nanny state’, much to the disgust of the vast majority of Brits. It is faulty and lax administration that has been giving away OUR money to any Tom, Dick or Harry Foreigner with a hard luck story. The NHS is a blessing across the whole of society that doesn’t ‘means test’. We all put in, we all get the advantage.
    The missionary only had it half right when she said it was ‘godlessness’, and that’s right, the kids of the wealthy were among the biggest offenders. NOTHING to do with the welfare system, most, if not all; was either in work or college. Their clothing labels are evidence along with their Blackberries, BMX bikes etc, etc.

    Becoming members of the E.U. is what is robbing the native British of their paid-for rights. No, it isn’t FREE! We pay for our National Health Insurance via a weekly/monthly NHS stamp. Plus through our PAYE. It is government policies, not the system, that is at fault.

    It appears to me that there is fear-mongering being used to manipulate the U.S. citizen who, for some strange reason, do not want their citizens to have ‘on tap’ health-care when required such as an ambulance in an emergency knowing we have paid up front for it. Or help to get by in a sticky situation through loss of work. That can happen to anyone. The abuse of the system is down to lefties.

    F.Y.I; I am ‘conservative’ and vote for UKIP, and definitely am not a communist.

    GO! Nigel Farage!

  • The same disparity experienced in Britain is present in the United States. The growing gap between the rich and poor and the elimination of the middle class has created an atmosphere of civil strife. Hard working Americans are tired of Government intrusion in every facet of their life. The more power provided, the more abuse is present.

    Healthcare is an issue that many Americans are not comfortable with Government intervention. The agenda of such a plan is to increase pharmacuetical profit margins which at present is the largest lobbyist group to Congress. It also remains the hidden reason we are presently in Afghanistan, to harvest the Poppi which provides the main ingredient for a wide variety of prescription drugs which is opium.

    To allow Government managed healthcare would ensure not only more war for corporate profits, it would also escalate the need to continue to put our troops in harms way to secure these resources. It was not until our troops entered Afghanistan when national healthcare became a campaign issue. Though it would also ensure more job losses because of corporate costs associated with it, still, corporate stocks and revenue would increase in one particular area, that being the Big Pharma.

    It was also Britain that instigated the Libyan operation specifically in the desire to secure needed petroleum resources. The largest export volume of Libyan oil was to Europe, evidently our European partners in N.A.T.O. did not feel it was efficient and dragged the U.S. in under the guise of a supposed humanitarian crisis. Some how I do not see how providing arms to Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood elements serves humanitarian interests!

    I personally do not want Government managed healthcare at any discount, under such guidelines, informed parents who now refuse to immunize their children, will be forced into compliance. Being a veteran myself I have seen what Government managed healthcare looks like, it is a tool for corporate profits by providing inadequate healthcare. If it is good for Europe, then let Europe have it, we claimed or independence long ago!

  • Thank you for telling us the truth. Most of the churches are lukewarm and giving only feel good messages and there are very few people telling us the truth about what is really going on in the world but i do see we are in the end times and the bible is coming to life.

  • Hello Rodney

    None of our children are forced to be immunised; it is recommended, not forced. We old uns have our yearly flu jab, also voluntary. Its down to personal choice. 🙂

    God bless

  • Childhood immunizations are necessary. The reason we have an increase diseases that previously were disappearing in the United States is because parents are NOT immunizing out of an irrational fear.

  • Billy, the truth is that those that are being immunized are compromising their natural immune system with large amounts of mercury. Mercury can not be absorbed in the body, it has been linked to many nuerological disorders such as Autism, ADHD, chronic depression in children and adults.

    In addition, I believe the rapid spread of cancer can be attributed to the increase in required immunizations. Consider the flu shot that is used to introduce antibodies to fight off the virus, yet every year it requires it be done again. The flu shot also provides a large volume of thermosil (mercury preservative), this serves to compromise the already existing immune system, causing the virus to mutate and become more deadly each season.

    My advice is to research this for yourselves and remember well that the pharmaceutical industry nor the healthcare system profits off healthy patients. A visit to your doctor today now resembles a child going trick-or-treat, exiting with a bag full of a variety of opium laced drugs courtesy of the Afghan poppi.

  • I happen to be an informed parent not willing to jeopardize the health of my children especially their neurological development. Interesting enough in contacting our family pediatrician, he informed us that nonthermosil (mercury preservative) immunizations are available, yet our insurance would not cover it. We would have to pay out of pocket.

    This man responsible for providing care for children commented on our being informed parents yet obviously his work does not include the best interests of children. Trust the system if you will, however you are gambling with the health of your children as well as your own.

  • I'm with you Billy

    There is no need for children to suffer needlessly because of the scaremongering of pseudo science.

  • E.I., I do not count it pseudo science if practicing Pediatricians call those Parents that refuse to inject their children with toxic volumes of mercury as being well informed. It is the well informed that survive, consider the times in which plague killed so many in our past, yet simple medical advice provided to the children of Israel by God as recorded in the Bible ensured their survival. While those that trusted in their political leadership, physicians and the supposed medical professionals of their time perished. The wisdom of man is foolishness before God!

    The snakeoil salemen are alive and well, yet when they come with their wagons peddling their miracle elixir's laden with mercury and opium I and my household refuse to line up and purchase them. "And the light of a candle shall shine nor more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by their scorceries were all nations deceived"-Revelation 18:23. The word scorceries here in the Greek is "Pharmakia" from which the word Pharmacy is derived.

    Consider the fact that where once were candy stores and the common mom-n-pop grocery now is replaced by a trio of drug stores. You will see Walgreens, Eckards, CVS, or a similar variety on many urban corners within the United States, probably Britain too. If modern medical science was such a marvel, then why the heavy volume of drug stores so numerous? Obviously something is amiss. Everybody has an ailment, and everybody has an addiction. The scorcerer's of Babylon are alive and well. Wisdom and faith go hand in hand.

  • Hello Rodney

    I do not doubt that you are very serious about this, and that you want what you deem is best for your children, which I respect.

    U.K. Pharmacies are under license and are spaced well apart in any given area. Our Surgery has a very tiny and independent Pharmacy next to it for our convenience to have prescriptions filled. There is a delivery service for those unable to get out. Personally I have been very grateful for the drugs that assist my ailments that come with my slowly dying body.

    While accepting your concerns may well be valid where you are, it’s different here. 'Boots' is our main chemist, a privately owned, national store which is in every town and village which offers a great service from prescription only and 'over the counter' drugs like 'Asprin' to make-up, toiletries, baby needs, even 'healthy' snacks. That is the only Pharmacy in town, although we do have a couple of cheap jack chemists with no drugs available, just inexpensive toiletries like shampoo.

    What you describe – on every corner – is not like that here. Regarding NHS drugs, they never buy the most expensive if a cheaper brand will do e.g. they stopped my Gaviscon for the cheaper Peptac.
    I will not buy the 'alternative' medications because they do not undergo the strict testing the Pharmaceuticals give to their drugs. In the past, I had a serious reaction to a 'natural' product whereas the drugs are carefully monitored and made as safe as possible by the removal of dangerous toxins.

    As for Poppies – well they grown wild in my garden, so if needs be we could grow our own if the foreign supply dried up. And my attitude is ‘thank God for the hard stuff'; when I am in pain, I am extremely grateful for their God given qualities and the God given brains of those that produce it to aid suffering. If 'they' are making a good living out of it, good for them I don't begrudge them one penny of it.

    Why are there so many outlets in the U.S? It may be down to the population explosion, which means there is more opportunity for employment to meet the burgeoning requirements.
    These expressed concerns, from where I am, is hysteria.

    Your 'Babylonian Sorcery' is my God blessed medicine; and I receive it with praise and thanksgiving; for it, and the God given skill of those who produce and dispense it.

    Praise The Lord and bring back DDT!


  • I'm agreeing with Rodney a lot lately. Something must be wrong in the world (juuuuust kidding, Man! ;).

    As a parent of a severely autistic son, I watched my son's brain just shut off the very same month he got his MMR shots. The timing could be coincidental, but then the story repeats itself with other autistic kids again and again and again.

    I don't think it's the vaccinations per se, but how we overload their fragile immune systems with so many all at once. Why won't the pharmacutical companies and doctors space them farther apart? They won't mysteriously, much to my dismay.

    It's interesting to me how "survival of the fittest" becomes a belief even among Christians when vaccinations are discussed. So many come out and just about say, "Oh well, some kids may be adversely affected, but the rest of us are safe." That sounds fine unless it's your kid who's been adversely affected.

    As for nationalizing healthcare here in the US, we're against it because we don't trust government or the control it would have over one's life if they had the power to decide if and when you get your medicine. Our Founding Fathers understood that mankind is inherently corrupt and when given power will misuse it. Government controlled healthcare is just too much power in the hands of the corrupt.

  • As a person who had an aunt who suffered from the tragic consequences of polio I can attest to the benefits of vaccines.

    Nathan said "So many come out and just about say, "Oh well, some kids may be adversely affected, but the rest of us are safe." That sounds fine unless it's your kid who's been adversely affected."

    It works both ways…parents that don't immunize their kids are putting other peoples children at risk…so I miss your point. That argument works both ways.

  • Nobody is at risk of polio or whatnot if they're already vaccinated, just those who aren't vaccinated. Since autism is now 1 in 100 kids verses polio which is 1 in what, a million, we'd rather take our chances with polio than have our kids become permanent one year olds the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, I learned that too late.

    Do I hear the chest thumping of "survival of the fittest"?

  • I rephrase that…I find that comment hurtful…for it implies I want to survive at the expense of others…not true. Please consider removing it. Thank you.

  • Billy, it's not directed at you as I can understand your point. It's directed at a society which thinks that 1-in-100 children is an acceptable loss as long as they remain healthy. It's towards the general indifference that society shows towards autism. It's a sign of the times that our love for our fellow man has grown cold.

    One has to hear their eight year old babble like an infant, to see 2-year olds more progressed, to watch him miss out on every joy and triumph that life has to offer, and to know you're sentenced with caring for an invalid during the years he should be bringing you your grandchildren. One has to go through that and share in a lifetime of your autistic little one's suffering to realize we need to think through vaccinations a whole lot better. Until autism is 1-in-4 children sadly, the world will never take it seriously enough.

  • Nathan,

    Since your post started as "Nobody is at risk of polio or whatnot…" and I was the one that brought up polio, I assumed that the last line was a reply to me.

    You say that isn't correct. I accept that. Sorry. Thank you for clearing that up. But since I am pro-vaccination your comment still applies though perhaps indirectly.

    You obviously have an emotional personal experience with a autism. I have that with polio. My aunt was a fully grown woman yet her body was physically affected and with the mind of a very young child. She died at a young age (early 30s) when I was 10. It was a terrible loss. Just talk to Dr. Reagan and he can tell how devastating polio so you don't diminish the disease with a statement of yours such as "we'd rather take our chances with polio". Oh yeah!!! Tell that to my grandparents whose daughter had polio!

    To use your own words to apply to my situation…

    One has to go through that and share in a lifetime of your polio afflicted loved one's suffering to realize we need to think through the benefit of vaccinations a whole lot better.

    Had a polio vaccination been available to her she could have lived a suffering free life with a normal body and mind.

    There ARE indeed two sides to the vaccination argument. For and against.

    That being said…I retract MY statement that parents put other kids at risk over the decision not to vaccinate. I can see how that was just as insensitive to you (and Rodney – I apologize) as your comment was to me (according to me). You are right that excessive or unnecessary vaccinations or how they are administered is a valid concern and should be taken seriously.

    In any case, my earlier emotional reactions are something I regret, ask forgiveness for. Please be aware it was my experiences with my poor aunt Betty, now in Heaven with Our Lord, Praise God!, that prompted my responses. Doesn't make it right but offers an explaination.

  • My responses have been directed toward what has been claimed against the U.K.NHS.

    As it has been described here – it isn't!

    We (the U.K.) have been informed by our medics that there is absolutely no connection with Autism; I am unable to explain that properly so I won't try.

    All seven of my grandchildren were vaccinated after their parents made their own investigations making informed decisions.

    When the measles vaccine came out in the 60's, it was brand new, so because they could offer no guarantees I decided against it for my twins. As a direct result of catching measles, my one twin son is near blind in one eye and they were both very seriously ill -I came close to losing them both.

    At middle age,in a diving accident, when he got 'the bends', it was discovered measles had also afected his heart and needed an operation immediately. All because I decided against them being vaccinated against measles.

    God bless you little lad Nathan, my heart goes out to you and your wife. Your boy will bring you blessings, I am sure of it.

  • Don't get me wrong, Gang. I'm all for fighting diseases with modern medicine. But, just watch a new drug commercial and 75% of it involves running down the list of side effects. Autism has become a side effect, whether through vaccinations or our modern style of living or whatever. Nobody really knows yet.

    It's the callus view many Christians even have (present company excluded) which feels that kids born with autism are an acceptable loss that gets me. It's a frightening mob mentality ideology to encounter so often. And, to be truthful, it stems from darwinian survival of the fittest. Christians adopt that readily though.

  • In the 70's and 80's, 7 to 8 childhood immunizations were required or recommended, from the 90's onward at last count we are now at over 30. This evidence suggests that the overusage of introducing antibodies has compromised existing immune systems of individuals with toxic preservatives in these vaccines. Once the immune system is compromised a variety of diseases crop up even some that were thought to have been eradicated.

    Judging by the presence in growth of healthcare expenditures, facilities, available drugs and treatment centers one can get the idea that Americans are the sickest people on the planet. Not only is this nation the largest consumer of illicit drugs we are also the largest consumer of the prescription counterpart. Children on psychological repressants, Adults on anti-depressants, not only are we the sickest citizens on the planet but a wide portion also appear to be mentally unstable.

    Trillions of dollars are made annually in the healthcare business, drug stores, hospitals, urgent care facilities, outpatient clinics, the list goes on and on! Perhaps it is the developing nations that are of better health standards than we are. They probably were until the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) is now seen vaccinating Africans and Asians with same toxic cocktail that our populace was provided. Seems to suggest a population control agenda here!

  • Hello Rodney

    All the afflictions you mention, and so many more, are a direct result of the fall.

    As time passes, the genetic pool is deteriorating generation by generation. There is a race against the inevitable to keep us as well as possible.

    Mental illness is an example. We know from the dawn of history, long, long before vaccines (which began in my home County with Dr. Jenner of Berkley vs. smallpox in 1796) there has been instability (mental illness) in different degrees. The difference between pre vaccines and today is that people affected now have help to deal with their illness where there was none before. Life spans were severely curtailed due to the effects and many poor souls were locked up in Asylums for all of their miserable lives. Trying to help them, doctors did experiments such as electrical charges given straight to the brain – again, before the populace had vaccines, most of which are recent developments such as the MMR. (I had all these diseases, plus some).

    I do not dispute your facts; but I do dispute your conclusions. The facts are that life expectancy has increased considerably because of modern medicines. Sometimes, that is not a good thing. All told, we are able to be kept living our lives for much longer as a direct result of medical science. The fact remains that we are all going to die sooner or later of something. I am very glad that, when my time comes, there is a very good chance that I shall be as ‘high as a kite’ drugged to the eyeballs. In the meantime, as a result of vaccines, Poppies, Foxgloves…, I am being kept ‘as comfortable as possible’.

    As a child, my doctor was a Herbalist and was against the use of modern medicines. When I had Whooping Cough, around 4yrs, they burned tar in my room until they could take me on top of the hill to open up my clothing to help me breathe. (I remember it) I was plagued by tonsillitis, and quite often had delirium, as his ‘cure’ was dry toast to scrape my throat and a disgusting herbal tea. It was aged 19yrs when I had modern medicine available to me. Lo and behold, an antibiotic put a stop to my persistent throat infections. Also, not being vaccinated made no difference to the fact that I have had Clinical Depression since a small child.

    Must say this. Being pregnant for the first time, I was terrified. The MEN in my family assured me that women in Africa go to work in the fields, then squat down and give birth, strap the babe to their backs and carry on working – so what was I worried about —! They neglect to mention that infant mortality was huge, and women/girls were regularly dying from childbirth mostly from the tender ages of 13-14 yrs. Better off! I should coco!

  • Nathan, I hope your son is doing well in a loving and caring learning environment. I have enjoyed teaching many children with diagnosis of autism. The rewards for myself and parents seem to encourage the child even more. I also agree that vaccination may have had a hand in this. I also know that the U.S. medical pushed to have the vaccinations done early in our babies lives vs later. It really isnot necessary to have it done by two. My oldest daughter had a severe reaction to the purtussis(sp) at two. One of the doctors told me she should not have the booster at five before entering school. I had to speak up when the time came, and as a result she didnot get the shot. Of course I was interviewed by all the doctors in the group before I got my way. You all are right to stand up for your child in what ever way is best for them. My other two children never had a bad reaction to vaccinations. My hope is for a safe NO risk vaccination for ALL of our precious children. God Bless!

  • Thank you, Anonymous, I appreciate those encouraging words. My older two didn't react with autism, though they had severe speech delays that they've just now with much speech therapy have finally conquered. So, it's baffling how hit or miss autism is if it's related to vaccines.

  • Nathan, It is interesting to me that your other two children had speech delays. I never considered that as a possile result of vaccination,and I'm not saying you are inferring that. But my two other children did also have speech issues as well as one with a learning disability that resulted in short term memory problems. Also in my family one of my siblings has three children with some form of learning disabilities. I just thought, oh this just runs in our family. Now it 'could' be another reaction to said vaccines. Interesting, yes? And just to say, autism is a language communication issue and speech is language also. I wonder if it is related? Someone much more knowledgeable than me should look in to this. As a teacher I always felt that the generation I taught had more difficulties in learning but thought it was the curriculum etc. I, as a child never had vaccines and did have all the childhood diseases and yes in the 60's I was one of the kid guinea pigs to take the polio sugar cube. (small pox vaccine was also given then)and it is seriously dangerous. Well enough said just thought the speech thing was interesting. And on a positive note my children are now very successful adults. So worry not your children will be fine. Most of all because of your love and acceptance of them. God Bless!
    (anon from tuesdays'post)

  • Y'all might want to check this out:
    CDC Chief Admits That Vaccines Cause Autism

    Pay close attention to the point that if it is the same % of the population but "we are just becoming more aware of it", why can't we recall anyone with those symptoms back in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s…???

    Please also keep in mind that Satan is a murderer, not just of the soul, but ANY WAY he can! –>poisoning our water, air, farm lands, GM & chemically depleted foods, and especially "deceiving the whole world with her pharmakai"!!

    Back in the early 70s a holistic dr gave us a book entitled "The Poisoned Needle" that showed study after study implicating the W.H.O. in starting different epidemics in 3rd world countries while allegedly vaccinating for polio as a means population control [eugenics –> Planned Parent started by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who is on record saying she regarded blacks and Mexicans as human weeds]…

    Please also keep in mind that many of these people in the high, key positions of every country are disciples of the "Brotherhood of Darkness, Order of Death, Illuminati", etc., ie. key players in Mystery Babylon!
    See: The Connections between Islam and Catholicism
    [Just ignore the couple SDA references to Sabbath keeping, the rest of it is 100% right on!]

  • Good article DrNofog, it should be obvious that there exist an agenda to eliminate certain segments of the global population. It seem however that children in particular are a target.

  • Rodney,

    My research says it's way more than "certain segments". It's more like "an agenda to eliminate the entire global population", after all, we're an out-of-control "virus" on the planet, a curse!

    "Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me."

    For those who have not yet taken the time to see The Connections between Islam and Catholicism, I know it's long, but worth gaining the understanding.

    At its core, it is more than just Islam and Catholicism together, it is Mystery Babylon, the worship of Satan, the soon-coming "Deliverer", and Death as the means of "freeing" all of humanity from this sinful body and world.

    That is their core religious belief!

    That is why "they" are working towards, not away from, WW3, the Tribulation holocaust of a nuclear and biological [resistant, unstoppable plagues] Armageddon.

  • Ooops, missed the link for [resistant, unstoppable plagues]

    Man-made super-flu could kill half humanity

    "A virus with the potential to kill up to half the world’s population has been made in a lab. Now academics and bioterrorism experts are arguing over whether to publish the recipe, and whether the research should have been done in the first place…"

    Well, Duh!!…

  • Kids A, B and C got blah blah. But wait, kids D-Z and 1-10 didn't. Should we put kids D-Z and 1-10 at risk now for effects from disease because of kids A-C, even though we aren't sure it was the vaccines fault?

    Yes! Kids D-Z and 1-10 can get sick and suffer side effects from the DISEASE! Who cares about them!

    Do I hear the chest thumping of "survival of the fittest"?

  • From UNICEF:

    Measles killed 500,000 children in 2003.

    Tetanus killed 200,000 children in 2001.

    Diptheria kills 300,000 children a year.

    Hib kills 450,000 children a year.

    Rotavirus kills 600,0000 children under five each year.

    Are THOSE acceptable numbers???!!!

    Vaccinations should be seen as a blessing. Just ask those parents of the 2,050,000 children that die (die as in DEAD) each year if they wish they had vaccinated their kids.


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