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Interview by August: Rise of the Evangelism Machine


What if the Apostles had our modern day technology?

On Saturday, November 19, 2011, I was interviewed by host August Rosado of the BlogTalkRadio show Signs of the Times. August is a Bible prophecy teacher and preacher and founder of a ministry called Today in Bible Prophecy. He has and continues to be a personable guest on our television program Christ in Prophecy. He and I shared a little about who we are before tackling the subject of the meteoric growth of technology pointing to the Rapture happening soon.

August Rosado and Nathan Jones

Technology as an End Times Sign

August Rosado: Can you imagine if the Apostles 2,000 years ago had the Internet technology that you and me possess today? Can you imagine the impact? They had a major impact, don’t get me wrong, but can you imagine if they had the technology that we have today? Can you imagine how they would have just turned this world upside down?

Nathan Jones: I believe that this very communications technology is indeed a sign of the end times. As a matter-of-fact, the prophet Daniel talked about how in the end times that technology would increase. People would go to and fro and knowledge would increase. Daniel 12:4 reads, “But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.” Daniel here is told how in the future of the end times information would spread at a rapid pace, and I believe too the Gospel will also spread over all the planet. The Internet is aiding us in doing just that.

On the negative side, I see the Internet as our own modern day Tower of Babel. The Internet is achieving everything the Tower of Babel was meant to do. It’s increasing our knowledge and our connectivity as a people. Used in the right hands it’s a tool of stunningly impacting good, but in the wrong hands it proliferates the easy accessibility to evil. Still, people shouldn’t just throw out the Internet by saying it’s the tool of the Devil. When some people tell me technology is evil, I take it as crazy talk by people scared of technology. The Internet is a merely a tool to reach people for God just like other established technologies such as radio and speaker systems.

August, you speculate about what God through Paul could have accomplished today had he had our technology. Well, our modern-day Paul — Billy Graham — a few years back gave one of his last sermons. He held a crusade of incredible scope which his organization streamed online. They used just about every technology possible to get it out to the masses. Supposedly, that crusade had the potential of reaching more people than all the people who were reached up from Jesus’ time until now. That’s the power of technology!

Of course, there are people groups out there who don’t use technology, but it is decreasing so exponentially. I mean, just a few years back we hadn’t any smart phones for instance. People didn’t really check out the Internet over their phones. Once people really got into the cell phone phenomenon, the Internet almost doubled the opportunity to reach people. Think about it — doubled the amount of people that you could reach. The world went past the two billion Internet usage mark. When you think about how the world just hit seven billion people, we are talking about 2.5 billion or maybe even a third of the world that now can be reached over the Internet.

Language isn’t much of a barrier over the Web because there are all sorts of translation programs. People frequently take our materials and repurpose them into their own languages as well. I think the Internet is the Lord’s way of using us to get the Gospel out as quickly as possible because He is coming back really soon. And, we are leave our online presence as a time capsule for those who will be left behind so that they may understand the Rapture and have the biblical info to make a decision for Christ.

In the next part of this Interview by August, we’ll discuss how understanding Bible prophecy gives Christians purpose.

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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • While it is true that technology can be a valuable resource in the field of evangelism, it has also served the expedential growth of apostasy! The Church, under the leadership of the Apostles as guided by the Holy Spirit, had one particular item that appears nonexistent today, that is accountability!

    Preachers today can extoll a variety of eschatological fairytales and never fear being confronted or rebuked! Modern scholars are the equivalent of the Pope as he directs the Catholic Church! They are not to be questioned, nor their authority challenged, they are Kings in their own right!

    Without accountability the continued decline in ranks of professing Christians will escalate as they cross the divide to apostasy! With the advent of the internet, suddenly theologians are popping up everywhere, yet their credentials are as absent as their accountability!

  • Billy, let me ask you a question, when have you heard of any public debate concerning the "Doctrine of Imminence", "Revived Roman Empire" and the recently touted "Psalm 83"?

    In regards to the Doctrine of Imminence, I am not calling for a debate between PreTrib, PostTrib, or MidTrib, I am talking about those who hold a PreTrib belief, yet do not acknowledge the (D.O.I).
    The fact is you will always hear, what is there to debate, the scriptures plainly teach it. If that were true, then why is it only accepted in one mainstream?

    I would even be willing to come to Dallas and confront these issues head on! Of course it would have to be sometime in February, my work is rather demanding. Hard to believe construction is still booming here in North Carolina even in December.
    Perhaps even Nathan can find solace in such a meeting, perhaps resulting in me being proven a fool before his mentor Dr. Reagan!

  • Rodney,

    All I'm asking is are you talking about Dr. Reagan? You CAN have those views. That's NOT the point. The point is IF you are talking about him then come out and say so. You know you won't be banned or censored. You may get argument but you can take it.

    Is your statement "They are not to be questioned, nor their authority challenged, they are Kings in their own right!" about Dr. Reagan? If so, say it so at least we know where you stand.

  • There is a radio talk show host named Dennis Prager who says he prefers clarity over agreement.

    That's what is needed here. Clarity.

  • rodney i am a little confused about you comment and far as the doctrine of imminence.that is very biblcal and has been ever since Israel was restored as a nation.when the temple was destroyed in ad 70 that doctrine pretty much got put on the back burner.but when paul was teaching the subject the temple was there and they (the church) fully expected for Christ to return in their for pre,post ect.we are told to live each day growing into what the Holy Spirit is striving for and that is living a life acceptable to GOD>if i die today (my rapture just took place).also there is no accountability today because we as a body of believers have lost our intestinal fortitude.(OUR GUTS)to call them out.we will pay a dear price for that.another problem and this is a very big problem God showed me quite some time ago.we read and look at scripture thru our human eyes and understanding.God told me to pray for the Spirits eyes and completely changed my entire approach to studying Gods word.we lost our collective discernment,(NO commom sense,no logic,)and with Gods answer to my prayers he gave me HIS godly wisdom and the ability to see things outside of the trap were in.its called time.God is outside time.we hurry and make rash decisions about what is next on the prophetic calender and get in trouble,because we fail to see that.the current headlines are not the only way to view prophecy.i watch Israel. i call my belief system now as having GODLY common sense.i have been into prophecy for over 30 years and God has really showed me some mind blowing info.i hear prophecy teachers,whom i respect and sometimes a guest will be on and state things like ,for instance the gog/magog war is the very next war because Israel is living in unwalled villages.i said first this guy is a either a blitherine idiot,ignorant or just plain misinformed.why do i know this.he should have stated ,this is my belief,my opinion,my whatever.but no he makes it a matter of fact statement and i could show him srciptures that prove psalm 83,ezekiel 29 and isaiah 17 and following will and has to take place first.why because i see prophecy thru the Spirits eyes.iam just a layman but i would love to debate these book sellers,dvd and interview givers and would because of the info right from the Holy Spirit would rebuke and hopefully educate them.i dont have all the answers but God does and the bible interpretes itself.but you have to read it,study it and promote it as the Spirit gives us the wisdom to do it.i love these fellow brethern but will not hesitate to call them out when i hear wrong messages.people read the books and come away confused, misled and then do the same to others who are seeking.God is not a clown.he gives us instrutions to follow and adhere to and to the letter,as we grow.we today are more like the world than ths amazing Church Christ started so long ago.anyway,it Gods way or hells hiway,or at least some mighty didapointed loss of rewards in heaven.dr reagan is an amazing man,i actually hear him speak with GODLY common sense.some of his guests i think would do themselves and us if they too could find this very easy info.its called pray and seek WISDOM with thanks and reverence.if you are serious SO is He.iam a nobody,never been to cemetay school but i have the greatest story ever our BIBLE>

  • Rodney said. "Preachers today can extol a variety of eschatological fairytales and never fear being confronted or rebuked!”

    Not so Rodney, E.I. and others,such as Billy,DrNofog,rg… and mustn't forget Sean Osborne,as well as our longsuffering Nathan; have frequently confronted and rebuked your eschatological fairy tales.

    After the last episode of your nonsense, you played the drama queen by seeming to lay the back of your hand to your fevered brow and wanly announced that your time here was over, then flounced off centre stage right, with an aplomb Oberon would have been proud of.

    Well that didn’t last long; did it! It’s just as well I knew not to hold my breath.

    Face up to it Rodney, you have no platform of any regard to spout your fictional eschatology, so you need the tolerant benevolence of Lamb & Lion to pronounce your fanciful ideas. You NEED Lamb & Lion to prevent yourself from vanishing with the Cheshire cat’s smile. Such a Pantomime!!!


  • E.I., your probably right, then again your probably wrong! I am just so confused you know! I can guarantee you one thing, while a majority of scholars are looking for an Isaiah 17, or Psalm 83 conflict to occur, they will be sadly mistaken. All the current markers indicate Gog/Magog is nigh!

    I will even share this little tidbit with you, while some believe the Destruction of Damascus is an independent event, I can confidently declare that this too will occur during the Gog/Magog battle of Ezekiel 38-39!
    These key prophetic events will occur very soon and when they do I hope that I can find you here!

    Whether you like it or not E.I., Israel (Jews), are not removed from the prophetic calendar of God, however the time of Church Age will expire very soon. Israel will receive the Holy Spirit poured out upon them as recorded in Ezekiel 39:29 which identifies clearly that the task of the Church will have come to an end!

    Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua, sweetest name I know!

  • E.I., I will continue to comment on this forum, I will however choose to ignore any comments that you put forward. Perhaps that will keep things a little more civil, and by the way, your idea of accountability consists only of cloning Dr. Reagan quotes and personal interpretations! I personally like using my own mind that God blessed me with, if I wanted a Parrot I would go to the Pet store! I did not come here to worship Dr. Reagan but to offer an alternative interpretation to prophetic events as necessary!

  • Rodney said (among other odd things) “Whether you like it or not E.I., Israel (Jews), are not removed from the prophetic calendar…” and “For some that label themselves Christians and hold antisemetic viewpoints…”

    Rodney I am bemused by your renditions; who has said the above? Is this part of another script forming in your mind because it certainly has no basis in reality. I’m with Billy, what on earth are you droning on about?

    As for you using your own mind … well yes, I can see that, there is absolutely no doubt about it, it’s your own mind alright, I’m just surprised you want to publically own up to it!

  • Rodney said on Monday, December 5, 2011 8:42:00 PM CST “I will then do as instructed and step aside and let those events to come yet speak for themselves and at the appointed time you will recall what was then said here. My time here is come to a close, I have many times enjoyed the fellowship on this forum. If anyone feels so inclined to contact me further, you can reach me …"

    Three questions:
    1. Whoever it was that instructed you to step aside – have they changed their mind, or did you get it wrong again?

    2. I heard nothing 'speaking for itself', has the ‘appointed time’ been, and come, and gone, and we missed it?

    3. Did no one bother to take up your offer to visit at your own forum – is that why you had to come back to L&L – any port in a storm, I suppose? It must be so boring arguing with yourself!

  • I tried to resist commenting on all this… but i just have to as u rodney……REALLY????????? U havent answered one single direct question asked u. If u r so adament in ur view points… why wont u answer simple questions? I agree with jerry also who simply states that reading the bible would surely straighten out so much non sensical views u seem to hold. And one last thing… anit- semitic? O brother…….. ok e.i. stop it! Hahaha

  • Hello Susie
    Don't encourage me, I am being a bad influence. 🙂 bad e.i.

    Sorry Rodney, the temptation presented itself, and I was weak – not that I agree with you mind, just sorry for being a carnal smarty pants. :

    God bless

  • The questions i was referring to rodney not answering were the ones billy asked him. I thought they were fair questions! Thats all! Ur not a bad influence. Im too old for that kinda stuff….

  • Well now Susie, I will answer the question that Billy proposed, I had believed that my comments already had identified with my position!

    Dr. Reagan and many other recognized scholars share the same criteria we all do, they are merely students of Bible Prophecy! Their interpretations of prophetic events are their own personal viewpoints, they are not written in stone, nor are they God!
    To form an alternative viewpoint or interpretation regarding these prophetic events is a freedom we all have!

    We are all to study the scriptures and formulate our own opinion based on the biblical text and corresponding with the evidence presented within its pages! There exists no limitations to this simply because we are not recognized as a scholar! Those that seem to recognize individuals as scholars or one more learned than another fail to identify that their interpretation is open to debate since it is only a matter of their personal viewpoint!

    My problem with those that are self proclaimed scholars or identified as such and may have a large following, elevate themselves above others, not willing to debate the content of their perspective views. They will also surround themselves with others who idolize them or share the same opinion.

    Consider the scholars during the time of Christ, these were classified as learned men, many followed their opions regarding scriptural interpretation, yet Christ identified them as blind guides leading the blind! They too, were not accoountable, yet the Lord did hold them accountable before the people and those that responded were given their sight, that they might see!

    Those that continued to follow after these scholars (Pharisee's) mocked and ridiculed those who chose to follow Christ who identified their scholarship as ignorant and a method to maintain control over the people. I proclaim that I am not a follower of men, but of Christ, one member of the Body which has equal right to proclaim the Word of God as the Holy Spirit reveals.

  • Just try to remember this one thing, a doctorate in theology and the title that comes with it, does not take away from the fact that any opinion offered regarding the interpretation of prophetic events, is nothing more than that individuals personal viewpoint. When we elevate others above us and follow after them, we then limit our own diligent search of the scriptures believing that surely they are wiser than I! Knowledge of the scriptures is provided by the Holy Spirit not theological professors or seminaries!

  • Hello Susie

    Please remember that the Disciples were simple men (largely) and yet they went to the best Theological Teacher there has ever been – God Himself. They became learned in the Wisdom of God and made His ways clear in their writings inspired by God Himself.

    2Peter 1:19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:

    20. Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

    21: For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake [as they were] moved by the Holy Ghost.

    Rodney puts his own personal interpration to certain prophetic Scripture. Just beware of any personal opinions. Jerry Sweet had it right in his post!

    Rodney will confuse you if you get too tied up with his ideas. I think Lamb & Lion is just about the only site that will tolerate him; most have chucked him off.

    Be circumspect at all times 🙂
    God bless

  • thank u rodney for elaborating. The reason i asked is because i am now prepared to defend myself in a way. If i were less of a person i would be insulted by ur comments about those who follow lamb n lion. I am no bible scolar but i spend pretty much 24 hours a day studying the bible and praying. Let me tell ya, the Holy Spirit shows me things that bring me to my knees and empty me of tears. His love is endless and i love it. But anyway, i follow this ministry because God leads me to. They minister to people world wide and thats exactly what we r supposed to do. Im unable to so i went to tbe Lord and asked him to lead me to the right place. Its not a hap hazard decision taken lightly. Their minkstry grows because they r blessed and under Gods favour. Thats just my opinion. Im not tryin to upset anyone. I think u r a little jealous. But i do appreciate ur answering my last comment.

  • Susie your welcome, it is for me rather unsettling however to have two new entries to this forum, join with others in degrading me and portraying me as a fool! For the most part, I have provided scriptures that reasonably identify my personal interpretation of prophetic events.
    Although they too are dismissed as conjecture on my part.

  • Another thing that bothers me most is the fact that I appear to be the only one not hiding behind a false identity here on this forum! I guess perhaps I rest securely in God and fear no man or woman, for no weapon formed against me will prosper! It is sad that my accusers hide themselves in the shadows!

  • I would like to bring some darkness to the light however by everyone here responding to a few questions I propose! Will Israel be redeemed? Will a Third Temple be constructed and will it be a Temple of God with sacrifices to honor a great deliverance of Israel from their enemies, not a profane structure as some suggest?Was Jesus and all the Apostles Jews? Who is responsible for the crucifixion of Christ? I believe the answers may be very revealing for some here!

  • Rodney…. i am not going to go quote scripture because i dont know it by heart but i will say this… yes the temple will be rebuilt with sacrifices temporarily for i think 3 1/2 yrs when the anti christ gets mad and wont let it contiunue cuz satan has possessed him and then he goes into the temple and declares himself to be god. I also feel that yes they must have all been jews altho im not sure why that is even an issue. The jews rejected their messiah… the romans killed him…. And i dont use a fake identity. My mane is susie williams. I am a 47 yr old widow of a vietnam veteran who died of cancer 4 yrs ago dec 22. I dont put anything else out there cuz i have had my identity stolen and have lost everything ive ever had. So a picture shouldnt matter. Im me.

  • Ah ‘Rodney’

    We only have your word for it that this is a picture of yourself, and we don't know if ‘Rodney’ is your real name.

    I remember now how you got kicked of Joel Richardsons site because you terrorised the poor bloke by threatening to reveal his real identity. He was so afraid your spiteful, malevolence would cause harm to his wife and children. Now you can add a vulnerable widow to the notch on your tongue. My aren't you brave, and such a gentleman to boot!

    What a self-important bully you are, how would you feel if your little family was under threat because of your insulting attitude? You shouldn't be so keen to make enemies; that proves just how irresponsible and foolish you really are.

  • I believe I requested that all those here answer the series of questions I supplied! It is of great importance, it will help identify certain elements of those who regularly gather on this forum!

    Thanks Susie for your responses!

  • Susie, for your benifit, Joel Richardson and his accomplice Walid Shoebat are both wolves in sheeps clothing! They are Muslims who mask themsevles as Christians, their task is to seek to equate Quranic text and supposed Islamic eschatology as having equal status with biblical prophetic passages!
    The modern belief in the Mahdi is translated as being the coming AntiChrist, his kingdom as a global Islamic Caliphate! Their attempt is to show the Quran as also being divinely inspired, yet discerning Christians can quickly identify their deception and lies! Too bad, not all are discerning enough to see his clearly.

  • Eh up! Nathan has left the building and put Rodney in charge!

    Wow Susie, I'm impressed, you bin n gorra 'thank you' out of his boredship!

    Now come along ALL, do as yer told, and answer Rodneys series of questions of utmost importance. Don't leave it to EI, me and meself again cuz I ain't inclined to obey!

    That must identify EI as a regular subversive element! 😀

  • Oops! Rodney couldn't wait for an answer so he has lowered the boom on a baddie who has the brass neck to feel fear for his wife and children.
    Answering out of the corner of yer mouth, couldn't resist, could ya! 😀

  • Rodney,

    I was gone for the weekend so my reply is late. Thank you for clarifying that you are not a fan of Dr. Reagan. That is now clear.

    Please realize that most of us here admire Dr. Reagan a lot. We are not experts or scholars. We do rely a lot on what Dr. Reagan says. However, he himself says you should put EVERYONE'S words to the test of The Word. Including his.

    We don't see Dr. Reagan as infalible like some catholic pope or something. I'm sure a lot of us don't always agree with Lamb & Lion on everything. We aren't blind followers worshiping his every word as some nugget of gold.

    The only Word we have NO argument with is the Word of God. That's how I feel and I's sure a lot of us do, too. So please don't get angry with us. We aren't Reagan Robots. We are each individuals, just like you, and have our own minds and thoughts.

    I admit a lot of times I don't understand most of your posts. Remember that, too. I can only respond with my own personal knowledge which is limited. By the way, YOURS is too. Keep that in mind.

    Finally, I know I'm rambling, sorry, someday soon we will all be with our Lord and then we will all know for sure the absolute truth about everything. Until then we can disagree but let's do so with civility. (Words that I need to keep in mind myself, Rodney. I'm not picking on you.)

  • Hello Billy

    Well said! That was a fine speech, near Shakespearian. 🙂

    Rodney reminds me of Hotspur in Henry iV, and I had just been re-reading his monologue “…and his chin new reaped showed like a stubble land at harvest home…’, then switching to read your comment, it melded beautifully in my mind with the bard’s prose!

    Interesting experience! 🙂

  • Rodney said."I would like to bring some darkness to the light however by everyone here responding to a few questions I propose!"

    Q.Will Israel be redeemed.
    A.Yes. When they shall say Blessed… Matt.23:39 Which is their national repentance when they look upon Him whom they pierced at the 2nd Coming at the end of the 70th Week. Zech12:10; John:19:37.Romans 11:26.

    Q.Will a Third Temple be constructed
    A.Yes. Built either just before the Trib, or at its start, as its working at the middle of the Trib.Dan9:27;Matt:24:15;IIThes2:3,4; Rev.11:1,2.
    It is a house that God has NOT sanctioned. Isaiah 66:1-6.

    Q.will it be a Temple of God with sacrifices to honor a great deliverance of Israel from their enemies,
    A. No.It is evidence of their failure to keep God’s Word. It is the Mill 4th Temple that will be anointed.

    Q.not a profane structure as some suggest?
    A. It is a profane structure and defiled with the AoD and will be cleansed during the 75day interim after the 70th Week Dan.12:11.
    It is destroyed thirty days after the end of the 70th Week thus ending the AoD.

    Q.Was Jesus and all the Apostles Jews?

    Q.Who is responsible for the crucifixion of Christ?
    A.Everyone. Gentiles.A Roman form of execution requested by the Pharisees, the religious rulers of Israel. Their form of execution was by stoning.
    We are each one responsible for Christ’s crucifixion.Jesus died for the sins of the whole world.

    Rodney said."I believe the answers may be very revealing for some here!"

    A. Ok????

  • Thank you Susie, its a shame my brains don't match! 😀

    As Billy bothered to reply, I thought I had better put me foot in it as well. 😀

  • Ei …… ur funny:) i love humor. That was very informitive. I should have known better than to say the jews and romans.. shame on me.. quite right it was each and every one of us. 🙁

  • Alright, Rodney, cool on down. Not everyone is apostate or blind followers or both. We've been over this a hundred times that just because people don't agree with you doesn't mean they don't think on their own. Life is not all one extreme or another, my friend.

  • Projection.

    Rodney tends to project the reality of himself onto others. He falsely accuses Dr. Reagan of acting like a god that can not be questioned just because Reagan doesn't agree with Rodney on 100% of the issues. He falsely accuses the rest of us of being blind followers because we dont' agree with Rodney 100% of the time.

    Oh, the amusing irony of it all.


  • Billy i love ur comments…… i was momentarily agitated by his insulting words. Thank u for reminding me of the true comical meaning of his accusations. Empty words ….. incorrect assumptions. 🙂

  • Note that I'm not against him giving his opinion. I just think he should drop the personal attacks.

    I don't think Rodney is a bad guy. He just needs an attitude adjustment. (I should know. I'm speaking as a person that has needed those myself at times.) Maybe if he replaced his profile picture with a smiling Rodney… 🙂

  • Not to worry bout lil ol me, i dont have any misper eptions about my friends on the site. Ur humility is always at the forefront billy. U r kind and seemingly humble person……. Being more Christ like is a life long goal hopefully we all press forward to attain!

    Rodney had offered condolences on the loss of my beloved husband 4 yrs ago coming up on the 22nd and said hopefully he was saved so i can be with him again. (Para phrase of course). I just wanted to share with everyone that when my husband died, i saw the look in his eyes and knew without any question that he was taken to heaven right then. He loved the Lord and was an awesome defender of our faith. He was a godly man in his heart wbo suffered much in this life. I miss him but i am also admitedly a little jealous that he has seen the Lord and i am left behind. Another reason of many that the imminency of the rapture gives true hope and solace even in the most challenging times in life.. hold ur loved ones close everyone. Merry Christmas! 🙂 🙂

  • Thanks for making me laugh, Billy! Sorry, Rodney, but I just can't picture you smiling. Hopefully in Heaven when your burden for mankind is lifted along with ours will we see a big 'ole grin on your face.

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