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The Challenge of Islam: Jihad and the Amalekites

The Challenge of Islam

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Does the Bible condone jihad, as in when God commanded the destruction of the Amalekites?

Lamb & Lion Ministries conducts a number of Bible conferences in the Dallas, Texas area each year. Our June 2011 conference theme was Christianity Under Attack.

One of our guest speakers was Kerby Anderson. Mr. Anderson is the National Director of Probe Ministries International. He holds masters degrees from Yale University (science) and from Georgetown University (government). He is the author of several books. He serves as the host of a radio program called “Point of View” which is broadcast nationally. Mr. Anderson’s topic at our conference was “The Challenge of Islam” (watch).

Biblical Jihad?

Like the Koran, our Bible has some commands to destroy a particular people group. How do we respond to that?

Let’s just take one example. In 1 Samuel 15 we read that Samuel tells Saul to go and attack Amalek. Now, who was Amalek? You can go back and look at Moses and when the children of Israel were wandering in the wilderness they were actually attacked by who? Amalek and the Amalekites, or Malekites depending on how you pronounce it. It was really the first terrorist organization we run into in history. Eventually there is a battle that takes place. Do you remember the battle where Moses’ hand is raised? What happens? The Israelites begin to actually prevail. But, eventually he gets tired of holding up his hand and as his hand drops and then the Amalekites begin to prevail. So, Moses’ aids try to hold his hand up, but they never really finished the battle. By Saul’s time Israel is now strong enough to finish this and Samuel on behalf of God says, “Saul, finish them off.”

What I think is intriguing is that in the next verse Samuel goes on to say, “But save the Kenites because they have been good to you.” That particular group would be located in the Jordanian area today. They were good to the Israelites, so they will be saved. There’s no collateral damage.

Here we have a direct and specific command to take out the Amalekites, but it’s so direct and specific that they are not to affect any other groups around there. It was given in the Old Testament in Old Testament theocracy, and again it was a specific command for a specific time against this one particular group of terrorist-like people.

So, what about the Koran’s call to destroy all who are non-Muslim, or at least reduce them to fined second class citizens? With the Koran such a command is universally binding for all individuals at all times. Osama Bin Laden before he was deep sixed (literally) actually in his fatwa’s quoted from Surah 9:29. His second Zarqawi quotes from this verse and the many other verses that for Islam justify their jihad.

Can you think of any Christian leader today saying, “Go out and kill the Amalekites?” First of all, there aren’t any. And, second of all, it’s never ever used. What makes God’s command to destroy the Amalekites so very different than the Koran’s call to destroy all non-Muslims is because in the Old Testament it’s a direct and specific command given in a theocracy towards a very specific group of individuals.

When we go and compare the New Testament to the Koran you see something even more intriguing, because what does the New Testament teach? It teaches us to turn the other cheek and to love your neighbors. In other words, the more literal my interpretation of the New Testament the more likely I am to be peace loving. But, the more literal I interpret the Koran the more likely I am to be a jihadist. Do you see the difference?

Surah 47
Take for example Surah 47 which reads, “When you meet unbelievers smite their necks, and then when you have made wide slaughter among them tie fast the bonds then set them free. Either by grace or ransom ’til the war lays down its loads. And those who are slain in the way of God, he will not send their works astray. He will guide them and dispose their minds alright and he will admit them to Paradise that he has made known to them.”

This is an obvious argument for jihad, but those who are slain in this holy jihad, what happens to them? They go to what? Paradise. Elsewhere we’re told they will receive seventy virgins supposedly. Boy, are a lot of people who have engaged as martyrs for Allah in for a great surprise, aren’t they?

More importantly, we see that Surah 47 has become a very compelling argument used for the Martyr’s Brigade and other radical Islamic groups. It also illustrates again the tremendous threat that we in the West face just militarily with an adversary who actually wants to die in battle.

In the next segment on the challenge of Islam, Kerby Anderson looks at the many historical inaccuracies claimed in the Koran that history and archaeology have proven incorrect.


Christianity Under Attack 2011 Conference DVD Album

The Christianity Under Attack 2011 Bible Conference takes an in-depth look at some of the attacks on Christianity. Learn how to counter these attacks in this 6-part conference album!

  1. “The Challenge of Islam” – Kerby Anderson
  2. “The Challenge of Humanism and Atheism” – Ron Rhodes
  3. “The Challenge of Evolution” – John Morris
  4. “The Challenge of Apostasy” – James Walker
  5. “The Challenge of Government” – Frank Wright
  6. “The Promise of Victory” – David Reagan
Christianity Under Attack
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Dr. Nathan E. Jones

As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • Like Bible prophecy? Like hip hop? Can these two even be merged?!? Yes, they can, as West Coast FIYA is bringing the hope of Jesus' soon return to a new generation!

    Join me tonight at 8:30 CST/6:30 PST for an all access video chat on West Coast FIYA, San Jose's Christian hip hop radio station. Will be sharing the good news of Jesus' soon return to a whole new audience.

  • "Like Bible prophecy? Like hip hop? Can these two even be merged?!? Yes…"

    Why not? You've already merged Muslim mystic poems with it.

    Can't wait to see what is next.

  • I love the idea nathan!! My 17 yr old would actually LISTEN to it!! Hahaha… if i can do anything to contribute music to take his mind away from lil wayne and ONTO Christ, i would be thrilled. And its been my recent experience that with the world in the condition its in politically, prophecy is easy to introduce to our young people.
    GREAT IDEA!!!!

  • Hey yeah…turn to Word into gangsta rap…have a tattoo and body piercing booth while you're at it…that outta appeal to the younger crowd!

  • Anon, the way i see it, they r trying to reach the lost unique fashion. Not changing the gospel into gansta but giving it more range. Just like back in my day when christian music was predominantly what i call choir music… i got saved at 18 and really grew in my relationship with the Lord when i could worship and hear gospel stories in more radical music. 🙂

  • Susie,

    I guess i just get confused sometimes with this ministry when they on one hand they attack rock music with its demonic beats then turn around and embrace hip hop as a way to reach out.

  • Hip hop or country or classical is a style, all of which could be used to praise God or corrupted to blasphemy Him. In Heaven we're sure in for a suprise that the worship services won't be all choral groups with short hair and collared shirts (and white). The Body of Christ is vastly more diverse than we could ever imagine (Rev.7:9).

    Okay, 10 minutes and counting. Please pray!

  • Rev 7:9…After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.

    Quit being misleading. That verse doesnt say there will be hip hop and rap and rock music.

    Your favorite tactic is to throw out straw man arguments. I never said anything about Heaven to begin with.

    I was talking about not falling into the "if you can't win them over, join them" mentality of Christians today in the name of outreach.

    Have you ever seen some of these freaky looking tattoed body pierced people in a lot of these rock and rock groups? Is that image okay with you as long as you slap the Christian label on it?

  • Dr. Reagan was once asked by a guy what he should tatto on his body to show his love for Christ.

    His reply was Leviticus 19:28.

    "Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD."

    In the name of diversity I suppose you would have replied "Cool! Great idea."

  • Anon, i think most people do freaky stupid things BEFORE they get saved for the most part. But people who r lost in any corrupt culture need Jesus just like we do. So i think its not only commendable to relate the gospel on their level…. but CRUCIAL!!!!! For instance, the drunks on skid row need someone to relate the gospel on their level….. where they r…. but it doesnt mean u drink a carafe of md2020 with them while ur there.
    U no?

  • It should be said that Christ never looks upon the outside appearance of an individual, he always examined their hearts! Evangelism comes in many forms! If you were raised in the hood and became a believer in Christ, you would then have the zeal to share the gospel with others reaching out to them in a method they are familiar with!

    I do not know the statistics of how many convert under such an urban styled ministry utilizing Christian Rap and Hip Hop, only God knows for sure! I can tell you that if one were to come to Christ in faith, that my friends is a great victory! The Lord God gives us all talents, it is good that we use them for the advancement of his kingdom! The condemnation should be to those that are so self righteous they never even think about seeking the lost! They claim they know Christ, the question is, does the Lord know them?

  • Anonymous, if we are busy doing the work of an evangelist, we too would see them through the eyes of Christ, in love, not in malice! If we are focusing on the hearts of the lost, we are not concerned with how many tattoos they have or any portion of their appearance! God does not pick perfect people, he uses those that have a familiarity with certain lifestyles or jundra's to provide effective ministry!

  • Susie said "Anon, i think most people do freaky stupid things BEFORE they get saved for the most part."

    thank you. that is my point. what someone does before they are saved is one thing. what they do after is another.

    if a "christian" hip hop or rock group performs they should do so with a bunch of body piercings and tattoos and outlandishly freaky appearence. they should clean up their act now. if not, their appearence in a church would be the equivalent of the videos i've seen of the nazis celebrating christmas with swatikas on the tree.

  • Anon, o my gosh… ur last thought kinda sounds like u r comparing the outword appearance of a believer in Christ to that of a nazi. I sincerely hope our Lord doesnt feel the same way. Personally i dont think he is concerned about that. He just wants us to commit ourselves to him.

    Rodney, ur comments are encouraging…. and were u able to get a password last nite?
    God bless u! 🙂
    Come for us quickly Lord Jesus

    Reaching out to our youth is especially important to me cuz of my teenager.

    Nathan!!! Tell us how it went last nite!

  • written by dr. reagan:

    excerpts from the article "living with an eternal perspective"

    "The apostle Paul gave a very strong warning about getting comfortable with the world. In Romans 12:2 he wrote: "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." How do you measure up to this exhortation?

    Are you conformed to the world? Have you adopted the world's way of dress?"


    "Are you a friend of the world? Are you comfortable with what the world has to offer in music, movies, television programs and best selling books? Friendship with the world is hostility toward God!"

    so, like dr. reagan, i am not confortable with the dress of the world (aka personal appearence including tatttos and body piercings). and i am not comfortable with the music of the world. i'll take the beautiful hymns and more modern but just as beautiful songs like "shout to the lord", etc. you can keep your hip hop, rock and punk and your tattoos and body piecings!

  • susie,

    so, what would you say to your son if he said "i want to get a tattoo that says john 3:16 like my favorite christian hip hop singer" and "i want to get a little crosses pierced all over my body just like my favorite christian punk rock singer" and "mom, can i wear this dirty torn shirt and ripped up jeans to church today"?

  • Anon!! Good one!!! Naturally, i would not allow any such thing as he is still a minor. However, if he makes a decision like that after he is 18, then i will pray and trust the Lord to guide him and then thank the Lord he is saved!
    I see what u r saying anon, and i dont disagree with u totally … i no whats right and what isnt…. but i have learned over the years to be patient and trust the One who knows the end from the beginning.:) and i am not dr reagan and dont always agree with him altho i have tremendous respect for him and love this ministry.

  • at this point, whatever.

    i don't care anymore. you get your kid a tattoo for his 18th birthday and some metal balls shoved up under his skull for his 19th since you don't think appearence matters.

    i choose to not be a conformist with the world that has lost its sense of respect for others in how we behave, dress, talk, etc. in public and in influence upon younger people.

  • susie,

    after reading your last post i take back my prior post because now you kinda see where i was coming from

    i just hate the way the world is these days and i guess that is what i am really mothing off about

    thank you

  • Susie, thanks for asking, I did actually get that password and it was a very informative session and Nathan did great, I was too busy having technical difficulties to really participate much!

  • Anonymous, there are more things to consider! Not all in the Body of Christ are at the same level of spiritual maturity, some still cling to the things of this world yet I have hope that as their relationship with Christ blossoms, their desires will reflect it! I served in the military and while many of my fellow service members were getting tattoo's I chose not too considering it to be defilement!

    It was much later that I realized that defilement has very little with what we do outwardly, the worst form of this is what exists inwardly and is expressed through our tongue! Though I still do not have a tattoo or even desire one I have grown to understand that these things are usually dependent on the maturity of an individual whether secular or a believer! It is also true that some of my fellow soldiers did seek to glorify war, yet for me there is no glory in war only pain and haunting memories!

    I can also tell you that I would much rather have my kid get a tattoo in his rebellion then be compelled to wear a suicide bomb belt as is the popular fad for most Islamic youth today! They have embraced their belief in martyrdom as a form of heroism so much so, they even have trading cards reflecting the images of those who have carried out with their murderous act! As you can see clearly there are far more serious problems out there that need our attention in the form of evangelism!

    Many times when we create boundaries to which we will not engage people, such as those bearing tattoo's, purple mohawk's, nose, tongue, and eyebrow piercings we subsequently abandon our calling! The Apostles engaged pagans of Greece and Rome of which many of these practices were common, tattoo's and body piercings, yet far worse than these were those who were sacrificing their children to honor an idol of stone! When we start examining the outside appearance of individuals and believe that our appearances reflect our righteousness we do not represent the truth!

  • The video chat with the hip hop station went very well and was really exciting. I just loved it when the moderator explained how West Coast FIYA uses music to gather the audience so they can share the Gospel with them. Now that's evangelism!

    My only regret was that Rodney's video feed didn't work, but at least the chat portion did. Thanks for your input into the discussions, Rodney!

  • Lets do it ur way anon and say screw u to anyone who doesnt look or act a certain way! Shame on u! We r to spread the gospel not stand around and say o no ur not good enuf to be a Christian cuz u dont look like what anon thinks u should!!!! Bah!

  • I hope your son comes home with a full body of tattoos and body piercings and metal balls under his scalp and safety pins through his nose then you can look at him and be so pleased.

  • and when he does it i hope it is because it was that hip hop group that he loves so much that inspired him to do it.

    not really. just making a point.

  • No Name,

    What a bunch of childish posts…

    Tattoos and piercings are not for me, but some Christians have them. This does not mean they are not Christians. God knows their heart. Read 1 Peter 3, it states don't let your beauty be merely outward. It does not say you are not allowed to adorn yourself.

    Do you own clothes that were purchased at a store? I'm guessing that answer is, yes. The clothes in your closet were most likely made or designed by pagans, atheists, and non-believers. These clothes leave you dressed like many other people in this world, do they not? Most likely there are atheists and pagans that dress similar to you.

  • This is what the three founders of the Christian hip hop station shared with me with great passion that they believe in and teach others: 1) to love Jesus Christ with all their heart, 2) to share the Gospel by reaching people with the media they're listening to, 3) win lost people for Christ for eternity, 4) get people excited about the soon return of Jesus Christ.

    These guys are actually going out into the world where the people are the most needy and sharing the live-changing message of Jesus with them. They're following the Lord's example of "eating with sinners." They're the real deal – tattoos, clothes and all. And, the Lord loves them for their heart and obedience to Him.

  • so, it is true these guys are a bunch of tattooed (at least), likely body pierced freaks.

    and to think dr. reagan speaks against people that come to church in jeans!

    so, according to your views, i can put on a nazi uniform or a klan sheet and preach the gospel!

    i can have steel metal balls shoved under my scalp, split my tounge with a blade, push a safety pin through my nose and should be able to teach your sunday school class!

    are you people nuts?!

    following the example of jesus???!!!

    so, i guess jesus must have sinned then to fit in with the sinners. that is what i hear you saying.

    yes, you people are nuts!

  • i would absolutely love to see dr. reagan chime in on this.

    does he think people should be getting tattoos and body piercings and dressing in rags as examples to set to young impressible christian children?

  • and to be perfectly clear so none of you turn my words around

    i am specifically saying after a person comes to christ they should not engage in such behavior

    i am not saying a person who does such things cant be saved

    i am saying christians should set an example to the world

    remove your tattoos or hide them, get rid of your body piercings, dress respectfully in church. those are my words so they can not be twisted.

    jesus wants us to change our ways as believers in him and be a light to the world. it is hard to be a light to the world if you look like a devil worshiper.

  • would any of you say to someone i am a christian then in front of that person…

    …flip someone off?

    …swear at someone?

    …call a black person the n word?

    …hit your wife?

    …spit on the sidewalk?

    …belch in their face?

    …smoke a joint?

    …tell a dirty joke?

    now do you understand what i'm trying to say? as a christian you want to set an example because what you do, what you say, how you dress, etc. will influence that person's opinion of all christians?

    live in the light! stay away from the dark!

  • i am a realist. if a person stands alone on an issue, the odds are they are either wrong or they presented themselves poorly.

    i conclude that presented my arguments very poorly.

  • very poorly at best, very unchristianlike at worst (based on the interpretation be everyone), too bad i didnt communicate well in these posts

  • I agree with anonymous's view. We should not conform to the ways if this world. After we get saved we become new creations in Christ and that means letting go with the ways of the world.

  • Anon,

    Thank you…you said in one paragraph what I was trying to say all along (but did a horrible job in doing so).

    That was my point, people!

  • nathan said "They're the real deal – tattoos, clothes and all."

    Dr. Reagan…are you listening to this?


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