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Noah Hutchings on Terminal Apostasies


What are Terminal Apostasies and what do they mean to a nation?

We asked this question on our television show Christ in Prophecy of Dr. Noah Hutchings, considered “The Dean” of American Bible prophecy experts. He is the director of a Bible prophecy ministry in Oklahoma City called Southwest Radio Ministries, the author of over 100 books, and at 90 years old continues to serve the Lord in his decades long call to proclaim the Gospel.

Noah Hutchings

Terminal Apostasies

Dr. Reagan: Your third section has to do with terminal apostasies. What in the world are those all about?

Dr. Hutchings: You can read in Scriptures in certain places where a nation or a people has gone so far into immorality that it says God gives them up to a reprobate mind, or turned His face from them like He did with Israel. A nation or people can only go so far before God turns His face from a people and brings judgment upon them nationally.

In that third section I deal with apostasies that we are performing here in the United States. For example, we are teaching children in school that the earth has evolved, and for that matter everything’s evolved, even if that disputes the Scriptures that God is the Creator.

Dr. Reagan: We’re not even allowed to give an alternative viewpoint in the classrooms.

Dr. Hutchings: Yes, and Jesus said if we were to do this to one of these little children, if we were to harm one of these little children, well that’s the worst thing that you can do. And yet, we are doing the very same thing by teaching them lies.

Then we have abortion. I was reading in the paper a special report where one organization has counted an amazing 333,000 abortions this past year.

Nathan Jones: Yes, that’s Planned Parenthood, and they were very proud of those numbers as well. They were bragging about the fact they performed more abortions than ever before.

Dr. Hutchings: I think it should be called “Planned Non-Parenthood.” And, there are so many other evil things we are doing here in this country that I think God will not tolerate.

Dr. Reagan: For example, there’s our toleration and even promotion of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. That is one of the signs that Paul gives in the book of Romans for a nation that is about to collapse. Collapse begins when they tolerate that level of evil.

Dr. Hutchings: Over and over in the Scriptures, Sodom was given as an example that people were not supposed to do this kind of evil, or what happened to Sodom would happen to your nation. In Romans 1 Paul says that a nation that gives up natural sexual relations for unnatural relations is worthy of death.

Dr. Reagan: To summarize you book, we’ve got the secular signs of the end times. We’ve got the end times signs of Israel. Then we’ve got the four signs that you call “terminal apostasies” that really beg for the judgment of God to come upon a nation.

Dr. Hutchings: And, regretfully, we are involved in all four here in the United States.

Dr. Reagan: That reminds me of a sign that you mentioned in your book, and that’s the sign of Noah — that in the end times society would become as immoral and as violent as it was in the days of Noah.

Dr. Hutchings: Yes, and it’s easy enough to read in our newspapers, TV, radio and Internet. The earth is full of someone every day being killed. All that violence is happening.

Dr. Reagan: Violence and immorality can also be found in movies and TV. I flipped on the TV and saw advertisements for programs to come. I couldn’t believe my eyes! One of them was called Scandal, in which every character is sleeping with whomever. Another one was called Revenge, in which the whole program is about somebody each week getting revenge. The third program, so help me, was called Californication, which is a play on the word California. Californication is the name of the program.

We are just wallowing in a moral cesspool in this country right now, and then we export that all over the world.

Dr. Hutchings: That’s absolutely true through our radio programs and our TV programs. A lot of other countries have always looked to this nation as an example. But, what kind of example are we now setting?

Dr. Reagan: Not a very good one. I’ve often said the United States of America claims to be a Christian nation, but we are the moral polluter of planet earth.

Dr. Hutchings: Right, and we should be wonder how long will God will allow this.

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