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The Sign of the European Union: Reviving an Empire

Alan Franklin


Has the Roman Empire revived in the form of the European Union?

Lamb & Lion Ministries conducts a number of Bible conferences in the Dallas, Texas area each year. Our June 2013 conference theme was Living on Borrowed Time.

One of our speakers was Alan Franklin, editor for The Free Press. He’s a political reporter and newspaper editor in London, England and author of numerous books on a variety of spiritual subjects. Alan’s a recognized expert on the European Union and is a dynamic conference speaker. Alan Franklin’ topic at our conference was “The Sign of the European Union” (watch).

Reviving an Empire

I bring you greetings not just from Great Britain, but from the European super state that is called the European Union. The revived Roman Empire is on fast forward. Rome is rising!

Let’s see what this newly revived Roman Empire is doing, because though the Church out there may be aware, the world out there is certainly unaware. We are living on the verge of the climax of world history with the return to earth of the Second Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ as predicted over and over again in Bible prophecy.

We hear in the news a lot about Israel which is dear to my heart because I have three granddaughters and one on the way living in northern Israel. They are in Nahariya in the western Galilee with our daughter and son-in-law. So, I know and love Israel. Israel’s return as a nation after almost 1,900 years is a major prophetic event that we’ve been blessed to have seen, most people miss its importance.

The other major prophetic event you’ll discover when you study prophecy is the rise of the revived Roman Empire, also prophesied around two and a half thousand years ago. In Europe the Roman Empire has returned. At Christ’s First Advent, Rome was ruling when our Lord was on the earth. And, when Jesus comes back, again Rome will be ruling.

Here’s what José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission said himself, “Sometimes I like to compare the EU, the European Union, to the organization of an empire. We have a dimension of an empire.” Very understated, but that’s what they intend to build.

For years I’ve been talking about and claiming that the Revived Roman Empire was being recreated right before our very eyes. Hardly anybody knows about it or has taken any notice. Then one day it was that “eureka moment” for the world and I thought “Great!” because a big circus tent was put up outside the parliament in Brussels, Belgium, which is one of the twin capitals of the European Union. You might think that’s pretty appropriate for politicians, because it was for clowns, you see. Anyway, inside the exhibition spoke of the revived Roman Empire. And I thought, “Great, it’s not me saying it. They said it.” That really was wonderful for me. That was the title of their exhibition.

The exhibition went on to make some bold, grand claims. They said, “We will be renamed the Union once we grow to 50 states.” There are 28 at the moment and 14 of the states are hovering around in a different federation. Other people are applying to join, so they are not all that far short of coming up to 50.

The Great Project

The UN will move the headquarters of the United Nations to Europe. “Hurray!” you say. “Good, we don’t want it.” But, the move is all about control. It’s all about power. That will be what such a move is all about. The EU wants to take over for America, which is what was said at that official exhibition.

The exhibition also went on to claim that this will be the European Century. The EU will dominate the world by their enormous legal and moral reach. You might say, “Correction, immoral reach.”

So, now you know. The supporters of the European Union clearly stated in advance what they’re going to do. A lot of would-be tyrants have done this. For example, Hitler when he wrote Mein Kampf many years before the outbreak of the Second World War stated exactly what he was going to do, but nobody took any notice. Maybe they thought he was joking? No, he was deadly serious. So too are these people serious people. They are power players.

There is a man who emails me from time to time, a Dr. Anthony Kaflin, who is a Eurosceptic. He doesn’t believe in the “Great Project” as they call it. When a country joins the European Union, he sends a welcoming email. He says, “Welcome to the EU, the prison house of nations. Once you’re in, there’s no escape. They’ve got you.”

The EU plans to fast take over the world. They’re nothing if not ambitious. Here are some of the countries which are lining up to join. These potential candidate countries range from Iceland to Turkey. Remember, the idea is that if we would all come under one jurisdiction, Europe would effectively be one country.

The North American Union

Then, of course, as the Roman Empire expands into North Africa as it did, they’ll be taking in African nations as well. It’s a globalization process. The organization of African Unity created the African Union which was loosely based on the European Union with a central bank, a central court of justice, and so on. The EU also plans on a Arab Common Market.

Later, North and South America also are to come and join in together with the EU. They used to call it the North American Union, but that sounded a little scary, so they changed it to the far innocuous sounding Peace and Prosperity Conference. Hardly anybody believes this exists, by the way. When I started to talk about it, they look at me as if I was mad. At one conference I presented about the North American Union, and my wife Pat helped me go down and give them chapter and verse and pictures and wording and dates and things that were signed so that they could not dispute its existence.

Expanding the Empire

Why the disinterest in the rise of the European Union and it’s desire to unite the world under its banner? People get all immersed in distractions like sports. They just aren’t interested. There is one problem that our two nations have in common. We are sedated with sports and soap operas. These get the energy and the attention of a lot of adults and young people. These unimportant things are what people are talking about in their canteens and offices. This is where their interest lie. Meanwhile, behind their backs, the world is being reshaped in a rather horrible way.

Brussels again plans to expand its empire. This is very interesting to see the list of nations. They want to include all of the countries around the Mediterranean, from Morocco to Syria, and Israel, European Russia, Ukraine, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and countries that a lot of students would be hard sought to find on a map. But, these nations are not too far from the headquarters of the European Union.

What the leaders of the EU are doing is dismantling the nation states so that any one of the current 500 million citizens of the EU can legally come, live, and work in Great Britain. Many of these nations have millions upon millions upon millions of people. If they come into England now and go to any city, you will find it absolutely overrun with foreigners. Once in a while you might see a native Brit, but not too many, especially in London. The reason is that these non-Brits have the legal right to be there, and nobody knows how many of them there are. They have the right to vote in our elections.

You’ll see this very thing happen in America, and it’s happening here in America right now. Very similar things are happening. A lot of this move towards removing national lines in Europe are parallel over here with Mexico and Canada. You can easily see the same patent, the same hidden hand, behind this move.

75% of our British laws now originate in the European Parliament where there is virtually no debate. MEPs, Members of the European Parliament, are hardly aware of what they are voting for. Most of them just go there to press a button, claim their expenses, and go away. They vote electronically. They also have only a maximum of about 90 seconds to speak. You couldn’t actually come to speak at a conference and in 90 seconds you hardly get started. You’ve just about taken your drink of water before your time’s up. There’s no debate really. They don’t want debate because the parliament has very few powers anyway. It can’t propose laws. It can only modify them. It’s a puppet parliament.

Members of the Union for the Mediterranean, which is the next step, these countries are being sucked into the EU. Gradually they’ll have to follow the same rules, the same trade regulations, the same laws, and they’ll have to have a common judicial area. Suddenly it’s all merged into one great amorphous country with a central rule that’s very bureaucratic and very controlling.

In the second segment of Alan Franklin’s message on the sign of the European Union, Alan discusses how the spin works to get people supporting a super state.

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  • And the United States debt and other countries debts are forcing more 'deals'and laws to be made and soon all will be controlled by this one world government. Money and power of money will rule all these nations interest ….


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