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Israel as Proof of God’s Existence: Regathering


The fifth prophecy I would point to is the one that states that the Jewish people will one day be regathered from their worldwide dispersion back to their homeland.

This is one of the most prolific prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures, repeated over and over again. For example, consider the words of Isaiah which were written 700 years before the time of Jesus:

Isaiah 11:11-12

11) Then it will happen on that day that the Lord
Will again recover the second time with His hand
The remnant of His people, who will remain,
From Assyria, Egypt, Pathros, Cush, Elam, Shinar, Hamath,
And from the islands of the sea.

12) And He will lift up a standard for the nations
And assemble the banished ones of Israel,
And will gather the dispersed of Judah
From the four corners of the earth.

This great regathering began 2,600 years later in the 1890s. It was sparked by a booklet which was written by Theodor Herzl. He advocated that the time had come for the Jewish people to return to their homeland.

The booklet captured the imagination of Jews worldwide, and they began to return to their homeland, which was then called Palestine. At that time there were only 40,000 Jews in the land.

The gradual return became an overwhelming surge after World War II, and today over 6 million Jews have returned to their homeland.

Once again, we have a precise prophecy with a precise fulfillment.

And Jeremiah emphasizes this fulfillment in a startling statement:

Jeremiah 16:14-15

14) “Therefore behold, days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when it will no longer be said, ‘As the LORD lives, who brought up the sons of Israel out of the land of Egypt,’

15) but, ‘As the LORD lives, who brought up the sons of Israel from the land of the north and from all the countries where He had banished them.’ For I will restore them to their own land which I gave to their fathers.”

This is an incredible statement. Jeremiah is saying here that one day the Jewish people will look back on the history of their nation and will conclude that the greatest miracle in their history was their regathering from the four corners of the world — a miracle greater than their deliverance from Egyptian captivity!

In the eighth segment of our study of how Israel proves the existence of God, we’ll look at the fulfilled prophecies that concern the reoccupation of Jerusalem by the Jews.

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Dr. David Reagan

Dr. David Reagan is the Founder and Evangelist Emeritus of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher and he led over 45 pilgrimages to Israel. Dr. Reagan was the host of the radio then television program Christ in Prophecy for nearly 40 years.

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  • From a story on FOX News (2-5-14). Don't you just love "scientists" who bend over backwards to try to prove the Bible isn't true? I just laughed to myself as I read this thinking "Oh boy, this sure rocks my faith to it's foundation" LOL!

    "Archaeologists from Israel’s top university have used radiocarbon dating to pinpoint the arrival of domestic camels in the Middle East — and they say the science directly contradicts the Bible’s version of events.

    Camels are mentioned as pack animals in the biblical stories of Abraham, Joseph and Jacob, Old Testament stories that historians peg to between 2000 and 1500 BC. But Erez Ben-Yosef and Lidar Sapir-Hen of Tel Aviv University's Department of Archaeology and Near Eastern Cultures say camels weren’t domesticated in Israel until centuries later, more like 900 BC.

    “In addition to challenging the Bible's historicity, this anachronism is direct proof that the text was compiled well after the events it describes,” reads a press release announcing the research."

    Back to me: Why are the scientists, the atheists, the agnostics, the secularits, etc. so afraid of, obssessed with and threatend by with a God that, according to them, doesn't exist?

  • Excellent question, Billy! I'm sure you agree the problem is this: "They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts." – Ephesians 4:18

  • Agree and saddened. I pray they come to know the Lord before it is too late, but I think some (maybe most?) know Him but reject Him anyway.


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