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Rabbi Kaduri Names the Messiah: An Amazing Life

Carl Gallups


Have you heard the amazing story about the world renowned rabbi who left a sealed message to be opened a year after his death? He said the Messiah had appeared to him and that the message would contain the Messiah’s identity. And when the message was opened, it shocked the Orthodox Jewish world, so much so in fact, that they have tried to keep it quiet ever since.

Pastor Carl Gallups reveals what the rabbi’s message said and how it has shocked the Orthodox Jewish world in his latest book The Rabbi who Found Messiah. He’s also written one of the best apologetics book called The Magic Man in the Sky. Here now is our Christ in Prophecy interview of Pastor Gallups on this fascinating topic.

[Note: Lamb & Lion Ministries is simply reporting on the story of Rabbi Kaduri. We are neither endorsing Kabbalah nor substantiating Kaduri’s claim of having met the Messiah.]

The Life of Rabbi Kaduri

Nathan Jones: Carl, can you tell us a little why Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri is important and therefore why people should read your book? Tell us a little bit about him, if you would, please.

Carl Gallups: Kaduri’s life is an amazing story and he is an amazing man. When he died in 2006 he was 108 years old, by best estimation. Some estimates have him at 116, so between 108 and 116 years of age is when Kaduri died. In other words, nobody knows exactly the year of his birth, but it was in the late 1800’s. So, his life spanned a part of the 1800’s, all of the 1900’s, and a good chunk of the early 2000’s. That’s an amazing figure!

Kaduri was born and raised in what is now modern day Iraq, but migrated as a young man with his young family to the area which was then called Palestine. He lived in the land of Israel before it was Israel.

Dr. Reagan: Wasn’t he a child prodigy?

Carl Gallups: He was a child prodigy, as a matter of fact. He was steeped of course in Orthodox Judaism, and also steeped in the practice of Kabbalah which is the mystical aspect or the mystical interpretation of Scriptures. Kabbalists look for hidden mysteries in the Scriptures.

Kaduri sat under the teaching and tutelage of some of the most famous rabbis of his time.

Dr. Reagan: Didn’t one of those rabbis actually pray over Kaduri that he would be meet the Messiah?

Carl Gallups: Yes. When he was between 13 or 16 years of age while in Iraq, Kaduri had a prophecy pronounced over him that he would live to see the Messiah. That prayer became a big part of his life. After he came to Israel he lived through World War I, and World War II and then of course the resurgence or the comeback of the nation of Israel. Kaduri was there at the birth of the nation of Israel. He lived through all of the wars of Israel and saw world figures and world leaders come and go, including all the major Israeli figures and leaders.

Dr. Reagan: Somewhere during that time didn’t he become the leader of the Kabbalah movement?

Carl Gallups: He did. As he aged and as some of the previous leaders died off, his reputation grew.

Nathan Jones: Kaduri rose in the ranks because he was a survivor, right? He outlived, outlasted?

Carl Gallups: Yes, he outlived them all to become the head rabbi.

Dr. Reagan: So, we are talking about a world renowned rabbi here?

Carl Gallups: As a matter of fact, when Kaduri died, there were planeloads of people coming in from France and Spain and all over Europe for his funeral. There were over 300,000 people at his funeral. The government had to close the streets of Jerusalem down for almost two days. This is the impact this man had. Major media around the world covered, not only his death, but a lot of his prophecies prior to his death were carried especially in the Israeli news and Hebrew news, but even in news media around the world.

The Mysterious Note

Dr. Reagan: So, why write a book about this man?

Carl Gallups: Because the amazing thing about this man is even though he was a Hebrew of Hebrews and the most venerated rabbi in modern Israel’s history, this amazing story is still unfolding today because of some of the connections to this story.

In October of 2005, in Kaduri’s Yom Kippur service at his synagogue where he also ran a Yeshiva, which is a Hebrew word that would roughly be a seminary or training school for rabbis, he told his people something amazing. Actually, he reiterated it, because he had told people some years before and the media covered it, that he had had a vision. Kaduri claimed he had seen the Messiah in a vision and he knew who the Messiah was, and even knew his name. Now that was some astounding and exciting news to the Jewish people.

Then Kaduri said two other things. First of all, he’d written the Messiah’s name in a note and had it sealed. He didn’t want the note opened until one year after he was dead. Kaduri was 108 when he said that. I guess he figured that death could happen any day, bless his heart, even though he was in good health.

Secondly, he claimed that before Messiah comes, Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon must die. Sharon was the Prime Minister at the time that he made that pronouncement. Ironically, just a few weeks later, seven to eight weeks later, on January the sixth Ariel Sharon had a stroke and went into a coma. He stayed in that coma for seven years until his death recently on January 11, 2014.

Also interesting, Sharon lapses into a coma, but just a few weeks later in the same month of January, I think it is the 26th or 28th of that same year, that same month Rabbi Kaduri died. So, we’ve got in October he makes the pronouncement, “I know the Messiah. I’ve seen the Messiah. I know His name. It is in a note. And before Messiah comes Sharon must die.” Then a few weeks later, less than two months after Sharon falls into a coma, Kaduri dies just a few weeks later. And, the world has waited.

Now what was interesting is just a few weeks prior to Kaduri’s pronouncement, there had been a kabbalistic ritual pronounced over Sharon. This had been done before by some practicing Kabbalists. It’s called the Pulsa DiNura. It is a death curse. The kabbalists gave Sharon this because he had just been involved in the land for peace deal and surrendered Gaza.

Nathan Jones: There is a lot of Animism in Kabbalah then, with the giving of curses and calling down spirits?

Carl Gallups: Yes. Now, I didn’t uncover any facts that Kaduri had himself participated in the Pulsa DiNura. It is just that had happened and then Kaduri says he has to die. Then Kaduri says that after Sharon dies, then the Messiah can come. Kaduri claimed he knew who the Messiah is and so he left it in a note.

When Kaduri died, the Orthodox Jewish world waited with bated breath for the year to pass. They waited that one year to learn who the Messiah is.

In the second segment of our interview with Pastor Carl Gallups on the amazing claim of the Messiah is by Rabbi Kaduri, we’ll get some back story into Carl’s calling to write this story.

The Rabbi Who Found Messiah

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  • I just ordered this video so I can't read the article…


    I guess I'll have to wait.

    (weird…my word verification was "and unread")

  • So is it to be inferred that the Jewish belief of Messiah( his first coming for them) is the Christian's Christ (2nd) coming?

  • Exactly, Hope! Even the prophets of old didn't realize the First and Second Coming were different events. The Jews today are still waiting for the Messiah to come the first time, though they have different ideas of who that Messiah will be.

  • Serious followers of Judaism in Israel today expect the Messiah to be a Jewish Kabbalist. The practice of Kabbalah must be avoided but the interesting theory of Kabbalah is summarized concisely in the free novel Satan's Hoax. Satan is very busy today for he knows that his time is short. Maranatha!

  • Reading this article brought up a couple of questions about this Rabbi's prediction that I hope someone might explain….
    1)I dont unerstand what Sharon's death has to do with when the Messiah could come?
    2)This could not referring Christ (the true Messiah)because he is not physically living on earth before the second coming. And, according to Biblical teaching, the Jews mistake the antichrist as the Messiah. So, wouldn't the Rabbi be revealing the name of the antichrist?
    3)Last, how much stock should a Christian put into a prophecy made by someone that practices mystism?
    Just thoughts…

  • Only God knows who and when Jesus will return. As Paul says there will be more and more false profits in the days to come. They will do anything to sell a book.

  • When I first saw the YouTube video about the claim of the Messiah by Kaduri it was pretty exciting & intriguing. However since that time I discovered the details about this man & his beliefs don't line up with the Biblical Yeshua. In fact they shocking describe the Biblical description of the Anti-Christ. You know the one God has warned us about? Why you would support this book is beyond me. We are in the midst of a great falling away from Biblical Truth & now you're pointing people in the wrong direction of this Kaduri fellow who was demonically deceived. I really pray you come to your senses and take a stand with those who test ALL things against God's Word.


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