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Rabbi Kaduri Names the Messiah: The Secret Revealed

Carl Gallups


Have you heard the amazing story about the world renowned rabbi who left a sealed message to be opened a year after his death? He said the Messiah had appeared to him and that the message would contain the Messiah’s identity. And when the message was opened, it shocked the Orthodox Jewish world, so much so in fact, that they have tried to keep it quiet ever since.

Pastor Carl Gallups reveals what the rabbi’s message said and how it has shocked the Orthodox Jewish world in his latest book The Rabbi who Found Messiah. He’s also written one of the best apologetics book called The Magic Man in the Sky. Here now is our Christ in Prophecy interview of Pastor Gallups on this fascinating topic.

The Secret Message

Nathan Jones: Pastor Gallups, what did Rabbi Kaduri leave behind in his note?

Carl Gallups: Again, the note was reported by Israel Today and it was posted on This note supposedly was confirmed by many people.

The note was of course in Hebrew. The note if you translate it from Hebrew to English, and I’m going to paraphrase it a little bit as I don’t have it right in front of me, but it says something like this. Before I reveal it, remember that the promise of the note was that it would reveal the name of the Messiah.

“Concerning the letter abbreviation of his name, he shall lift his people and prove that the word and the law are true.”

It sounds very Hebrew, very Old Testament, very Jewish in being a little cryptic. So, okay, the Messiah will lift his people and he will prove that the Word and the Law is true.

I don’t know how long Kaduri’s message was on his site. I have no way of proving this, but my theory is that his followers, like whoever had access such as his webmaster, put the note on the site since Kaduri had promised after a year passed to reveal it. Kaduri’s students got the note that had been sealed away and they put it on his website along with a little story about it.

I think that somebody very quickly realized, “Wait a minute, this guy was a Kabbalist and this was a cryptic note.” They now knew how to decipher it. The first part of that sentence says, “Concerning the letter abbreviation of his name.” Now that’s a very Hebrew thing. I tell people all the time that Psalm 119 is written as an acronym where each paragraph starts with the first and then the seceding letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The letter abbreviation if you will starts each verse in that whole psalm. So, the Hebrew mind would immediately see that as a clue — as a key—concerning the letter abbreviation of his name.

Nathan Jones: Carl, you are driving us nuts, Man! Come on and get to the name.

Carl Gallups: I’m going to. Hold on. The last words, “he shall lift his people and prove his law is true.” If you’ll take the first letter of each of those Hebrew words, there are six Hebrew words that make up that sentence, and it spells Yehoshua, also known in Hebrew as Yeshua or some people pronounce it Yeshua. All these are same thing translated to English as — Jesus.

Kaduri's Note

Dr. Reagan: Orthodox Jewish Kabbalists put that on their website?!

Carl Gallups: It was on their website, yes.

Dr. Reagan: They must not have realized when they first put it on there.

Carl Gallups: I don’t think they did, and that’s my best guess.

Dr. Reagan: Then they got the message, pulled it off, and have tried to cover it up ever since?

Carl Gallups: Ever since.

Dr. Reagan: What was the reaction of the Orthodox Jewish world back then?

Carl Gallups: Shock. My book is very heavily resourced, and I’ve got this quote recorded by Israel Today in my book. They said that some of the Jews turned on Kaduri and were saying things like, “Oh, so our Rabbi is…” Now, you have to remember this guy was like the Billy Graham of the Jews, if you will.

Dr. Reagan: Yes, it would be like Billy Graham saying that the Messiah is going to be the Mahdi.

Carl Gallups: That’s right, it would be just like that. In fact, I say something like that in my book. I mean, what Kaduri claimed is that huge. So, the Orthodox Jews were saying, “Oh, so we guess Rabbi Kaduri is a Christian now.” Kaduri’s message had just floored them. Then they said, “Well, I guess the Christians will be dancing in the streets.”

Dr. Reagan: Then the Orthodox claimed that the note was a forgery, didn’t they?

Carl Gallups: Yes, they started drifting over into: “This is not even Kaduri’s handwriting!” “This is a forgery!” “This is a fraud!” “It’s a fake! “It’s a trick!” “Somebody has pulled a trick on us!”

Dr. Reagan: Some claimed due to Kaduri being over 100 that he was demented?

Carl Gallups: Yes, they claimed he had dementia, which everybody knew was not true. No, he did not have dementia. Right up to the last eyewitnesses — his family — the newspaper reporters that attended his death all confirmed he was sharp up to the end while talking to his family. No, dementia wasn’t the deal.

You learn to listen as an investigative reporter and journalist and accept there could be a possibility that the note was a fake. There is that possibility. The preponderates of the evidence though is that it’s not a fake.

Dr. Reagan: I would say that was one in a hundred million. Come on!

Carl Gallups: That is kind of where I’m going with this. Kaduri said he had a note. People heard him say that he had a note. He had given all kinds of prophecies about the Messiah. He said that he had a vision of the Messiah as far back as 2003 when he claimed “I’ve had this vision.”

Dr. Reagan: Surely Kaduri understood what this would do his heritage.

Carl Gallups: Surely he would, and that’s why I think he said, “Wait a year.”

But, the bottom line is the claim that the note is a fake, well, my response to that has been that I’ve not had a satisfactory answer yet. My response has been, “Okay, then where’s the real note? Just show us the real note.” That’s it, because had a note. It was also sealed away. Show us the real note and let’s see what it says. But, no “true” note has never to my knowledge has ever come up.

Dr. Reagan: That reminds me of the arguments about the Resurrection. Skeptics will say the body of Jesus was stolen, or whatever. Okay, then just produce the real body.

Carl Gallups: Yes, produce the real body, that’s right. Produce a body, and 2,000 years later they haven’t found His body.

Dr. Reagan: Likewise, where is the note? Show us the “real” note!

Carl Gallups: “Where’s the note?” Is what I would say.

The next question I would have is, “How in the world can someone have that kind of access to Kaduri’s website?” It would have to be a webmaster or two or three trusted people. I know I have websites, and nobody has access to those. I have just one or two people so there is accountability. If somebody did have access, who in your organization would dare? Again that would be like me working for Billy Graham and putting a note on his website that says, “Billy Graham says the Messiah is Mahdi of the Islamic faith.” No one would do that. Nobody would even think of doing that. No Hebrew nor Orthodox Jew would even think of doing that.

Nathan Jones: It’s so sad to see that the reaction from the Jewish community is the same reaction they had to Jesus in the New Testament — an outright denial of what was right in front of them.

Carl Gallups: It is, it is. And that’s the reason for writing this book. It was to resurrect the story (pun intended), to resurrect the story.

In the fourth segment of our interview with Pastor Carl Gallups on the amazing claim of the Messiah is by Rabbi Kaduri, we’ll try to understand why Kaduri would risk it all with his message.

The Rabbi Who Found Messiah

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