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Criticisms of the Rabbi Kaduri Story: The Unbeliever and Present Messiah Criticisms


Have you heard the amazing story about the world renowned Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri who left a sealed message to be opened a year after his death? He said the Messiah had appeared to him and that the message would contain the Messiah’s identity. And, when the message was opened in 2007, it shocked the entire Orthodox Jewish world, so much so in fact that they have tried to keep it quiet ever since.

Pastor Carl Gallups of Carl Gallups Ministries, author of one of the best apologetics books called The Magic Man in the Sky , reveals just what the rabbi’s message said and how it has shocked the Orthodox Jewish world in his latest book The Rabbi who Found Messiah. The Kaduri story has also ignited a firestorm of controversy in the Christian community, so much so in fact that we have invited Carl back a second time on Christ in Prophecy to discuss the impact this story has made.

[Note: Lamb & Lion Ministries is simply reporting on the story of Rabbi Kaduri. We are neither endorsing Kabbalah nor substantiating Kaduri’s claim of having met the Messiah.]

Carl Gallups

The Unbeliever Criticism

Nathan Jones: Another objection many people had was about Kaduri himself. Detractors said that he’s a Rabbi and a Kabbalist, therefore Jesus should have nothing to do with him. But, they are wrong to make such a claim, because no one can speak for Jesus. Should Jesus not bring the Gospel to someone who doesn’t believe in Him already?

Carl Gallups: It’s amazing to me that people would proffer that argument. It’s laughable in fact. They claim, “Jesus would never reveal Himself to a Kabbalist.” And I say, “Excuse me, but Jesus revealed Himself to a murderer on the Damascus road who was on his way to kill Christians.”

Dr. Reagan: Yes, Saul of Tarsus, later the Apostle Paul, was an Orthodox Jewish murderer.

Carl Gallups: Yes, Saul was a rabbi, an Orthodox Jewish murderer, a Hebrew of Hebrews, and a Pharisee who was on his way to put Christians in jail. He was hunting them down and dragging them out of their homes and churches and in the synagogues to destroy them. And yet, Jesus revealed Himself to Saul.

I also think of Moses who was a murderer, whom God revealed Himself to in a mighty way and used him to save the nation of Israel out of bondage and captivity. So, why couldn’t God use someone like Paul or Kaduri, especially now in these last days. Of course, I’m not a date setter, but I believe we are living in the end times.

Why would God not reach down one more time, to the most venerated rabbi in modern Israeli history, and speak through his mouth and his voice? By the way, there were three-hundred thousand Jews at Rabbi Kaduri’s funeral and even the President of Israel gave the eulogy, so why wouldn’t God use that guy to take this message to the people? He told them that Jesus is the Messiah.

The Present Messiah Criticism

Dr. Reagan: Another question people ask is, “How could you promote a book where the guy said that the Messiah is already in Israel?”

Carl Gallups: That question really disturbs me, because when people ask me that question, I realize they haven’t read my book. I deal with a lot of non-readers as well. I deal with the good, the bad, the ugly, the ups and the downs, and the ins and outs.

Let me tell you something, I was a cop for ten years, so I learned how to investigate. I searched for everything I could find about Kaduri and what he said, and I put it all in my book.

I even dedicated a whole chapter to dealing with the fact that Kaduri said the Messiah is already in Israel and is getting ready to reveal himself to the world, and that the spirit of Messiah is going to come upon some man, though he doesn’t even really know that he’s Messiah yet. That claim sounds very strange and unbiblical to the Western Christian mind-set, or a biblical Christian, regardless of where they live. My book explains this and helps you understand the Jewish mindset, which is an expectation of two Messiahs. You have to realize that Kaduri was giving Messianic utterances long before he came to the realization or the revelation that Jesus is Messiah.

Dr. Reagan: He wasn’t speaking about Jesus when he said that there was a Messiah in the land, right?

Carl Gallups: That’s right. I don’t think he was, because his claim fits perfectly with the Jewish expectation of what they call Messiah Ben Joseph, the person who would already be in the land and who would be a military and political leader. After Messiah Ben Joseph dies, then the real Messiah Ben David would come. Kaduri said he was going to leave the name of the real Messiah in a note.

If people would just read the whole book, they would get the answers they are looking for.

Dr. Reagan: I’ve had Christians write in and say, “Kaduri’s Messiah just couldn’t be Jesus of Nazareth. He must have been revealing some false Jesus.” But I say, “Tell the Jews that. They were horrified. They knew Kaduri was talking about Jesus Christ.”

Carl Gallups: Yes, the Orthodox Jews knew exactly who Kaduri was talking about, which is why they took the note down and destroyed it. Even the Jewish media tried to cover it up. The rabbis at Israel Today are still desperately trying to cover up this story and my book, because they know that Kaduri was teaching about Jesus Christ, evidenced through his students and others becoming saved.

In the third segment of our interview with Pastor Carl Gallups on the criticisms of the Rabbi Kaduri story, he’ll address the Jewish response to Kaduri’s note.

The Rabbi Who Found Messiah
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As the Internet Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, Nathan reaches out to the over 4.5 billion people accessible over the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also co-hosts the ministry's television program Christ in Prophecy and podcast The Truth Will Set You Free.

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  • I rechecked comments from back in February of this year regarding this same subject.

    The objections of Christians to this were varied, but a lot came from the following:

    "“It is hard for many good people in the society to understand the person of the Messiah. The leadership and order of a Messiah of flesh and blood is hard to accept for many in the nation. As leader, the Messiah will not hold any office, but will be among the people and use the media to communicate. His reign will be pure and without personal or political desire. During his dominion, only righteousness and truth will reign.

    “Will all believe in the Messiah right away? No, in the beginning some of us will believe in him and some not. It will be easier for non-religious people to follow the Messiah than for Orthodox people.

    “The revelation of the Messiah will be fulfilled in two stages: First, he will actively confirm his position as Messiah without knowing himself that he is the Messiah. Then he will reveal himself to some Jews, not necessarily to wise Torah scholars. It can be even simple people. Only then he will reveal himself to the whole nation. The people will wonder and say: ‘What, that’s the Messiah?’ Many have known his name but have not believed that he is the Messiah.”

    So far I don't see where Pastor Gallups addressed this in this current series of articles. I'll wait and see but I do have, like many, many Christians, legitimate concerns and questions on this subject. Naming Jesus is one thing, KNOWING Him is another. Chrisitans with concerns/questions/doubts should not be dismissed.

  • There is a danger in using someone who may not really, truly know Jesus as an example or reference or waying of trying to introduce people to Jesus.

    If someone learning of Jesus uses a false narrative of the Messiah (see my previous post of the Rabbi's description of Jesus) then they may be led to false christs. It is best to use only The Word of God to proclaim Christ and no misunderstandings for new believers.

  • Billy, we'll said. Another thought I had is if you know the Messiah and his name Jesus… Then you proclaim him as Lord to all… His name is not kept secret for an amount of time. Just my two cents worth. Thanks and God Bless!


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