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Jonathan Cahn on America: The Mystery Ground

Jonathan Cahn on Christ in Prophecy


What has been the United States’ “Mystery Ground”?

To answer that question, were were blessed to have on our program Christ in Prophecy Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Rabbi Cahn is the spiritual leader of the Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, New Jersey and best-selling author of the book The Harbinger and a new book titled The Mystery of the Shemitah. Both books have been best sellers and highly controversial in Christian circles.

The Bible teaches that God never pours out His wrath on a nation without first sending remedial judgments and prophetic voices to warn of God’s impending judgment and to call the nation to repentance. Rabbi Cahn believes that when it comes to the United States, God already has been emphatically warning us, and since we haven’t listened, is delivering us from judgment to destruction. And, as always has been the case with anyone who historically speaks out in prophetic manner calling people for repentance, Jonathan has of course been severely attacked.

In this series we are going to discuss his basic message concerning God’s warnings to America and also ask him about some of the accusations that have been hurled against him.

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Message to the Leaders

Dr. Reagan: Jonathan, I’ve been amazed at how God has opened special doors for you to proclaim this message of warning, like for example to the Congress via the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast held in January of 2013. Tell us about the prayer you made there (YouTube).

Jonathan Cahn: Someone was watching me talk about my book The Harbinger and they said, “We have to do something. We have to get something.” The doors opened up to them on Capitol Hill to have just such an event. It happened because of The Harbinger. That event led me to proclaiming the Gospel in the Capital to members of Congress.

Originally the service was held once a year in the Capital Building. Members of Congress would attend. So, Christian leaders and members of Congress asked me to speak along with other various speakers. And, basically in total, it was kind of like the Presidential Inaugural in that I got four to ten minutes. The thing is, this breakfast has been held every year, but then they told me they haven’t held it in over 100 years. They used to actually have services in the Capital. This has now become a weekly service for the members of Congress.

Dr. Reagan: Oh, that’s wonderful!

Jonathan Cahn: So, I was there and they asked me to open the breakfast up. And, the Lord keeps calling me back to Washington. I think the reason is in the Bible. When there’s a prophetic warnings the Lord wants, it to go to the throne. God wants His messages to go the leaders.

The Mystery Ground

Dr. Reagan: Tel us the remarkable story about George Washington from your book The Harbinger.

Nathan Jones: You blew my mind with chapter 19. People need to read chapter 19. The “Mystery Ground” you called it.

Jonathan Cahn: The Harbinger has nine harbingers. Then it leads up to these mysteries.

The “Mystery Ground” is this. When judgment came to Israel in 586 BC, the destruction returned to the same ground where the nation was dedicated to God, which is the Temple Mount. This is where Solomon dedicated the future of his nation. The Temple Mount is where they prayed and put the whole nation into God’s hand. When the Temple was destroyed centuries later, God was saying they’d broken the covenant and to return to where they’d fallen.

Now, here’s the principle, the judgment returns to the ground of consecration. What about America? America began as a nation as we know it not in 1776, that was our independence, but it was formed in 1789. That was the first time we had a president and the Constitution over the government.

In 1789 was George Washington’s inauguration. He places his hands on the Bible and gives a prophetic warning in that first speech, which says basically paraphrased though fully quoted in The Harbinger — “If America ever turns away from God, the blessings will be removed.”

Then Washington and the entire first government go to a place to consecrate America to God. Can we find out where that is, that consecration ground from the first day dedicated to God? Well, it was the nation’s capital. The nation’s capital was not Washington D.C. at the time. The nation’s capital was New York City. It was in lower Manhattan. Where was America’s consecration ground where they dedicated America to God?

America’s consecration ground was Ground Zero, the very same place hit by the 9/11 attacks.

The judgment, the destruction, returns to the same ground. That’s the ancient mystery.

When 9/11 happened, a shock wave comes down from Ground Zero, strikes Federal Hall where Washington gave the warning of what would happen if we ever turned away from God, and puts a crack in there. All around Ground Zero, all the buildings are destroyed except one is spared. That’s the little stone chapel where Washington dedicated America to God. And, the reason why it was spared they say is because there was an object that shielded it from 9/11. The object was the Sixth Harbinger — the sycamore. The harbinger saved the church.

The message of The Harbinger is not to condemn America to judgment, but it is to wake it up. God is saying, “Return, return, return!” The media was focused on our consecration ground and we didn’t even know it. God is saying “Return!” to America and even to His people the Church.

Nathan Jones: And this is historically documented?

Jonathan Cahn: You can go there to Ground Zero. People have gone from all over the world to go there and you’ll see all the places I mentioned.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I stopped believing in coincidence many years ago. I believe now only in God-incidences, and I tell you that was a God-incidence.

Jonathan Cahn: Total, yes, yes. God’s fingerprints are all there.

Dr. Reagan: Talking about God’s fingerprints, when we had the great collapse of the economy in 2008 I picked up the newspaper. This was on the eve of Rosh Hashanah if I remember right. Here was our stock market crash, and the paper said the market fell 777 points. I thought God had signed it.

Jonathan Cahn: We won’t delve into the mystery of the Shemitah, but the point is that the timing had to do with a biblical mystery of 7’s that’s in the Bible. It’s so exact. It’s so precise. God is in charge of everything.

People ask, “What do I do?” I say, “Listen and be at peace.” Being at peace will tell you if you are in God’s will. He has everything firmly in His hands. Just make sure you are in God’s will.

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