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Jonathan Cahn on the Harbinger: Response to Detractors

Jonathan Cahn on Christ in Prophecy


How does Jonathan Cahn respond to detractors of his controversial book The Harbinger?

To answer that question, were were blessed to have on our program Christ in Prophecy Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Rabbi Cahn is the spiritual leader of the Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, New Jersey and best-selling author of the book The Harbinger and a new book titled The Mystery of the Shemitah. Both books have been best sellers and highly controversial in Christian circles.

The Bible teaches that God never pours out His wrath on a nation without first sending remedial judgments and prophetic voices to warn of God’s impending judgment and to call the nation to repentance. Rabbi Cahn believes that when it comes to the United States, God already has been emphatically warning us, and since we haven’t listened, is delivering us from judgment to destruction.

As always has been the case with anyone who historically speaks out in prophetic manner calling people for repentance, Jonathan has of course been severely attacked. So, in this series we are going to discuss the first of his two books — The Harbinger and the controversies that surround it.

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Responding to Detractors

Dr. Reagan: One thing that I’ve appreciated is the fact that you have not responded to critics of your book in the kind of manner in which they have attacked you. That you’ve dealt with it with humor and mainly have ignored it and moved on your way.

Jonathan Cahn: You have to.

Dr. Reagan: You have a good friend who has written a book in defense of The Harbinger? You don’t get involved in all of this debate?

Jonathan Cahn: You can’t. When I first went to the publisher and I asked, “What do we do? You know they won’t listen.” They said, “What! Are you kidding? This is good.” Well, I’m not saying it’s good.

The point is that nothing has stopped or slowed the going forth of this warning. God keeps opening the doors of this message. Several presidential candidates are reading The Harbinger and are lifting it up to others. Several of them.

You cannot stop anything of God’s. You just can’t. You know this to be true. Listen believers in Christ, you cannot get lost if you’re serving God. You just move forward and keep your eyes on God and do not get lost in all the junk. Just keep on moving forward and God will keep blessing.

Dr. Reagan: I knew when I began this ministry that teaching Bible prophecy was going to be very controversial. The moment I started writing and speaking I was getting constantly, “I want to debate you. I want to do this. I want to do that.” And I just didn’t have time for that. And further more, I just said, “Lord, you’ve called me to do this, so I’m going to let you defend me. I’m not going to spend time defending myself.”

Jonathan Cahn: Yes. And it’s not that we don’t ever answer criticism, but the point is you cannot get lost in fruitless debates. You’ve got to look ahead. You can’t look back. If you do God’s thing, He will lift you up and God will take care of it. And, He does. He does.

Dr. Reagan: Well, I just hope and pray that this message of judgment and call to repentance that you are putting out there will be one that will continue to spread, because this nation desperately needs to hear it. Desperately! Most people believe that America is just not subject to the discipline of God.

Nathan Jones: That was just what ancient Israel believed. They thought that since they were the Children of God that they could behave any way they wanted and never face God’s discipline.

Jonathan Cahn: Yes, and that’s exactly what they said, and we are moving forward in the same misconception about God’s sense of justice. For example, one thing we are watching closely is the redefinition of marriage just sweep across our nation in the last few years.

One of the points that is in The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah and one of the things I’ve preached is that if America doesn’t turn back to God in repentance, one of the first things we can expect to see is America’s crown as head of nations will be removed.

Just this past year it came out, and this is historic, that China has surpassed America as the strongest economic power on earth. The US has held this since 1870. We’ve been the strongest economic power after we surpassed the British Empire 1871. This loss of position is a momentous thing! And, it’s a part prophecy. People will look at prophecy and don’t see America as the head. The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah is kind of like filling in the gaps in the middle of that transition. It’s what’s happening right now. It’s happening because we are turning away from God.

This loss of power is happening, and it’s coming to fruition.

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  • The Lord bless and protect Jonathan Cahn and every Christian
    who stands by him against this planned and orchestrated attack of the enemy. Just keep on standing for the truth. Amen

  • Recently, when I told a number of friends that my wife, one of our adult sons and I, were going on Jonathan Cahn’s trip to Israel (Nov/2019), I was hit with a number of implied criticisms of him. Obviously, doubt for my decision sprung up in my mind.
    Thank you for your comments and Pastor Cahn’s rebuttal. His books and sermons set out “biblical templates”. As a Canadian, the templates are as relevant to Canada, as they are to the USA. My own blindness is very apparent to me. “I was blind, but now, I am beginning to see”.


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