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ISIS and Israel in the End Times: Purposes of ISIS

Purposes of ISIS

Let’s consider for a moment the purposes of ISIS. We don’t have to guess at them. We don’t have to guess at their purposes at all because they have made theme very, very clear.

You’d be surprised at what their number one goal is. Their number one goal always has been to overthrow the secular rulers of the Islamic states. That’s why Egypt is number one on their hit list. ISIS wants to take out the secular leaders of Egypt and put someone in there who is an Ayatollah, meaning one who is a cleric. They want to take out all of the secular leaders of all the Islamic countries, and that they believe will then produce their Islamic caliphate.

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ISIS’s number two goal is to take back the land of Palestine for Allah while exterminating Israel in the process. One of the reasons whey they are so determined to do that is because the Quran teaches that if you ever conquer a land for Allah it becomes his. Allah only owns the land Muslims conquer. Should they lose that land, Muslims have an absolute obligation to go back and conquer it again. That is interesting, for the Bible says the whole world belongs to our God, but according to the Quran, the only thing that belongs to Allah is what has been conquered by the sword.

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The Ayatollah Khomeini argued that the reason that the Arabic Muslim countries have fallen into such disrepair in the 18th and 19th Centuries simply was because they sat on the sidelines and allowed Israel to be established, therefore Islam has an obligation to destroy Israel.

ISIS’s number three goal is to conquer the rest of the world for Allah, and that includes of course the United States of America. Those are the three purposes of ISIS.

What ISIS Respects

Now it is important to note something here. It’s very important to note that the eradication of Israel is not ISIS’s top priority, nor is Israel viewed as a major obstacle to world conquest. I want to emphasize this because many Americans now are saying that we need to abandon Israel. We are to dump Israel. I see these bumper stickers all over the place. It’s amazing! You turn on the radio and you hear people calling for this: “Abandon Israel! Dump Israel!” Many Americans are saying, “If we will just abandon Israel we’ll have peace. Then the Muslims will leave us alone. They won’t attack us anymore.” That is so misguided. It’s utter nonsense!

Israel is not the cause of Islamic terrorism towards the West. If Israel were to disappear tomorrow, Fundamentalist Islam would still be determined to destroy America and take the world for Allah. If the U.S. was to abandon Israel, and we are on the verge of doing so, the Muslim world would interpret that withdrawal as cowardice. They would interpret it as proving that our word is meaningless, and they would say that we have proved what they say about us — that we are a depraved society devoid of values.

The Arab world respects only strength. Only strength!

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Let me give you an example of that. When the Arabs conquered the Old City of Jerusalem in the War of Independence in 1948-49, do you know what they did? The Arabs went into the Jewish Quarter and they blew up every synagogue and they burnt every Jewish house to the ground. The entire Jewish Quarter was obliterated. Then they went up to the Mount of Olives and desecrated all of the Jewish cemeteries. They took the stones from the Jewish cemeteries and removed them and used them as stepping stones to the latrines of their army camps.

In 1967, after the Jews reconquered the city of Jerusalem, there was panic throughout the Muslim world because they expected the Jews to do to them as they had done to the Jews. The Arabs expected the Jews to go in and burn the Arab Quarter to the ground, or blow it up. They expected the Jews to blow up the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. But, the Jews never even touched the Arab Quarter. They never touched the Temple Mount. And, in fac, the second day after they had won, the Jews called a press conference and said to the Arabs, “We believe in freedom of religion, and although this now belongs to us, we are going to let you administer the Temple Mount.” And to this day, even though the Temple Mount is under the sovereignty of Israel, when you go up there you are under control of the Muslims. You can’t touch your wife’s hand. You can’t read the Bible. You can’t pray. You have to obey all Islamic rules.

The Jews thought this generosity would prove to the Arabs that they wanted to live in peace with them. To the Arab mind, all that the Jews did was reveal their sign of weakness. They Arabs believed that the Jews didn’t have the will to destroy their Quarter. They didn’t have the will to destroy the Dome of the Rock. “These are weak people and one day we will conquer them,” they thought. The only thing Muslims respect is power.

This same thing of trading land for peace just whets the appetite of the aggressor and only makes them want more. The world cries out, “Oh, there will be peace if you would just give the Palestinians the Gaza Strip.” Well, they gave them the Gaza Strip, and what did the Palestinians do? They move all the terrorists in and started shooting rockets into Israel!

You don’t get peace through appeasement. As Winston Churchill once said, “Appeasement never works because when you go down that road sooner or later you are going to be eaten by the crocodile.” That’s exactly what happens with appeasement.

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Do you remember Britian’s Prime Minister Chamberlain who tried to appease Hitler during WWII? Do you know what Chamberlain said on his death bed? He said, “It would have all been alright if Hitler hadn’t lied to me.” Well what do you expect Hitler to do?

Right now the U.S. is negotiating with Iran. What do we expect Iran to do? They are going to lie to us. They don’t care anything about truth. They don’t care anything about honor or valor. They are going to do whatever they can to get ahead and produce a nuclear bomb so that they can drop it on Israel.

I love this quote from Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu. He said, “The Nazis wanted to establish the master race. ISIS wants to establish the master faith.” He is right on target. Netanyahu is a man who always is able to see through all the lies.

In the third part of this series on ISIS and Israel in the end times, we’ll learn about the fate of ISIS.

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