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The Mighty Angels of Revelation 16 Continued

MP3: The Mighty Angels of Revelation 15-16
Hosts: Nathan Jones & Vic Batista

The Second Bowl Judgment Angel

Vic Batista: With the First Bowl Judgment, the Lord sent loathsome sores onto the people who took the Antichrist’s loyalty mark. As this judgment passes, assuming the sores heal, the remaining Bowl Judgments continue to grow even worse.

Nathan Jones: Yes, it’s amazing that as each judgment comes they will get worse and worse. And now we’re to the Second Bowl Judgment. Revelation 16:3 reads, “Then the second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it became blood as of a dead man; and every living creature in the sea died.”

Vic Batista: Unimaginable! We saw in Revelation 8 objects from space, likely meteorites, came crashing into both the salt and fresh waters, poisoning a third of those waters and killing many of the sea creatures. Here another incredible judgment by God targets the waters.

Nathan Jones: During the Seven Trumpet Judgments, the Second Trumpet Judgment was God’s attack on the seas. When the passage says the sea, it is referring to the ocean, the saltwater. We are talking about the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and the Arctic Oceans, and possibly the seas such as the Mediterranean Sea, anything that is saltwater, being affected. But, only a third of the waters were hurt when the asteroid Wormwood caused the waters to become bitter. Now God destroys the entire oceanic ecosystem!

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“Save the whales” — not going to happen. All the whales will die. All the plankton will die. All the coral reefs will die. Every single living creature in the ocean will die!

Revelation 16:3 describes the sea, “it became blood as of a dead man.” The entire ocean will look like a red tide, like blood. It could be that God actually transforms the waters into blood, not that it just looks like blood, for the comparison words “like” and “as” are not used here.

In this horrible catastrophe, God will not just be destroying the ocean’s entire ecosystem, but destroying a major producer of the planet’s oxygen. God is hamstringing the earth. Should judgments this massive continue, and they will, the earth would die off pretty quickly.

Vic Batista: This judgment points back to Moses’ plague of turning the Nile River to blood. But, here this is much greater in scope, for the judgment is affecting the salt waters of the whole world.

Nathan Jones: Imagine if you were to see the world from outer space. You’d see the blue waters across the planet turning a sickening red. Imagine sitting on the moon and looking down and seeing that the oceans are red with blood. Think of all the death, too. The entire surface of the ocean would be covered in dead sea animals. The stench of it, the rottenness of it, the disease of it all! The oxygen produced by the ocean tides logically would be curtailed, if not entirely halted. The ships would also be trapped out there on the waters, their propellers unable to churn through all the stinking corpses.

The Second Bowl Judgment is the total destruction of the oceans’ ecosystem. This is why the Lord said earlier that if He didn’t cut those day short, in other words end it in seven years, that the entire earth would die.

Vic Batista: We need to pay attention to the details when reading these judgments, because verse three says “every living creature in the sea died.” That’s every one of them. This judgment isn’t an illusion. We’re not reading a sci-fi novel. This judgment is going to happen for real one day!

Nathan Jones: This judgment is just unbelievable in scale. This destruction will be like nothing that has ever happened in human history since the Flood. We are talking about the entire destruction of the oceans. The Second Bowl Judgment is both shocking and mind-blowing!

Vic Batista: It’s sad how some Bible teachers out there attempt to twist the Scriptures around to make these judgments seem like they will not be a big deal, either by spiritualizing them or severely limiting them in scope.

Nathan Jones: Yes, some of them claim that we are living in the Tribulation right now. A red tide is comprised of little microscopic organisms that proliferate across the waters making the oceans appear to turn red like blood. A red tide is nothing compared to this judgment. We are talking about all the oceans — every single one of them — turning to blood and every sea animal dying. The whole world is about to collapse.

This is the judgment of God upon man for our sins. Our sins really do matter to God, don’t they?

Vic Batista: So true. All the suffering in the world is because of our sin. God is calling for men and women to repent and turn away from our sins, but it goes to show how wicked our hearts are because we refuse to reconcile with God. That’s why only Jesus Christ can transform our hard hearts.

Nathan Jones: Exactly, only Jesus by the Holy Spirit working in us. We are like dead men who need the nudging of the Holy Spirit to wake us up and give us the opportunity to make a decision for Christ or not. If we do accept Jesus as Savior, we are forgiven, we are given hope for the future, and we don’t have to live during the Tribulation. All that Christ Jesus has done for us. But, for those who continue to reject Jesus’ sacrifice, God remains angry and His wrath upon them. God rages at the sin of the world, and one day He is finally going to deal with it.

In the thirty-eighth segment of our series “The Mighty Angels of Revelation,” the third of the Seven Bowl Judgment Angels of Revelation 16 will pour out God’s wrath upon the fresh waters.

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  • Where is the thirty-eighth segment of our series “The Mighty Angels of Revelation”, I cannot find the link. I have been enjoying this study and reading Revelation as I go through this. For over 38 years now I have been a student of the Holy Scriptures. I was in a fire in 1985 that nearly took my life, so I have been mostly home bound most of that time, it has only been through the grace of God that I am still here and still in love with my Lord. I love to read what others have to say about scriptures.

  • The water becoming as the blood of a dead man. Food for thought . . . a dead man’s blood increases in viscosity, so this could possibly happen to the water. John made a point of saying “blood of a dead man” and not just as blood.


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