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The Mighty Angels of Daniel 10: The Prince of Greece

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Hosts: Nathan Jones & Vic Batista

The Prince of Greece

Vic Batista: Daniel 10:20 continues the narrative concerning the Prince of Persia, whom we’ve identified previously as one of Satan’s ruling demons. But now, God’s messenger angel makes mention of the Prince of Greece. Verse 20 describes what the angels says, “And now I must return to fight with the prince of Persia; and when I have gone forth, indeed the prince of Greece will come.” The spiritual battle the messenger angel just left requires him to return to the fight, but another player joins the fray — the Prince of Greece.

Nathan Jones: The Greek and the Persian Empires warred a whole lot. The Greek Empire burned for revenge over a number of Persian attacks caused by the expansion of their empire. Eventually the Greek Empire overthrew the Persian Empire to become the rulers over the Mediterranean Sea areas. One of the most effective generals in all of human history — Alexander the Great — blitzed like a whirlwind through the Middle East and conquered all the lands. The Greeks maintained power for a few centuries before the Romans usurped them.

Doesn’t it appear like Satan can’t keep his house together very well? Two of the Devil’s demonic princes cease battling Michael and his angelic forces and turn on each other in order to seize dominion over the same lands. Surely God supercharged Alexander the Great and allowed him to conquer so much territory and so quickly. God causes empires to rise and fall. But, since we know from Daniel 10 that demonic princes such as the ones over Persia and Greece rule under Satan over his domain, Daniel 10 reveals how clearly rivalry and internal problems plague Satan’s house as different princes vie for power.

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Vic Batista: Often people don’t recognize that every one of the world’s governing bodies, even the United States of America, war under a siege of spiritual battles. During elections are when people tend to wake up to this reality. Therefore, as Christians we need to pray that God revels Himself powerfully to our nations and win the spiritual battles which rage behind our earthly politics. We should pray strongly that our leaders will be receptive to God’s leading, keeping them in mind daily, so that Satan will not force them under his control. We need God to break through the controlling demonic forces plaguing our nation, just as those demonic princes ruled over Greece and Persia in ancient days. Times have not changed, and the battle between God and Satan’s forces wages on!

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Nathan Jones: Surely malevolent demonic entities wield power over the United States. I am not saying that the United States remains directly under Satan’s hold, but I am saying that Satan has assigned many demons who never cease in attempting to overthrow the righteous in the United States and around the world. And are succeeding mightily right now? Sure thing! Demonic activity has been the most palpable and in your face than ever before.

Vic Batista: Daniel 10 may reveal details about angelic warfare, but we can glean hope in that God intervenes. God intercedes in the affairs of man, often with His mighty angels.

Absolutely the most important protection a person could ever equip themselves with is the saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Daniel 10 should have convinced the reader that a spiritual battle wages all around us right now for our very souls. But, today, God gives each of us the opportunity to come and know Him personally.

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Nathan Jones: Yes, our only hope stands on surrendering our lives to Jesus Christ. His salvation forgives our sins and protects us during the spiritual warfare. Pray sincerely from your heart, “Dear, Jesus, please forgive me of my sins and be my Savior.” Jesus promises that He will forgive you of your sins. Your punishment was paid when Jesus died on the Cross. When a person puts their faith and trust in Jesus Christ, He promises they will be saved and protected.

In the forty-fifth segment of this series on the mighty angels of Daniel, we’ll dive into the meat of the Messenger Angel’s prophecy by starting chapter 11.

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  • Who is the Prince of Greece? Greek Empire dominated not just the Mediterranean Sea. Greeks used to live next to China and even inside India. The populating of Buddhism had a very strong influence upon the Greek civilizations and culture. Many of the archeological findings were been made by Greeks. It was with the going westward that reduced their strength until the time of Alexander the Great to whom China was a formidable enemy so close yet so far away that he had to settle with the Indians along side with the Persian Medians for a beautiful matrimonial celebration parties in order to cure His tiresome army despite his starving desire to have an elegant Chinese banqueting table set before him, per se.

    • This is amazing information Mr.Chen, Thank you so much for your insight and understanding of these cultures and the history associated with them put together so eloquently.S

  • Luke 11:14-20 talks about how the devil’s kingdom/house is not divided. They are very united which is why they are able to trick so many people. Humans are the only ones that are divided; all spiritual beings have already picked their king and will not change or divide up the house/kingdom plans.


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