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The Mighty Angels of Revelation 22 and the Final Appeal

MP3: The Mighty Angels of Revelation 22
Hosts: Nathan Jones & Vic Batista

The Weather Angels

Vic Batista: We are recapping some of the highlights in our study of God’s mighty angels found in the Book of Revelation. We’ve gone back and looked at Jesus being the only one worthy of being able to open the Seven Seals. We also marveled at how strange yet majestic the Four Living Creatures are in their proclamation of the Seven Seal Judgments that are yet to come. Let’s now review how God’s wrath is categorized in a series of judgments during the seven-year Tribulation time period.

Nathan Jones: Revelation describes 21 judgments from God divided into sevens:

  1. Seven Seal Judgments
  2. Seven Trumpet Judgments
  3. Seven Bowl Judgments

Vic Batista: Following the Seal Judgments, but before the Trumpet Judgments, the angels pronounce some other proclamations not directly related to the judgments. For example, in Revelation 7 we witness another set of mighty angels.

Nathan Jones: Yes, these are the four angels who stand at the corners of the earth holding the winds back. They’re about to harm the earth, but God sends a fifth angel who ascends from the east and has the seal of the living God. The angel commands the weather angels to protect 144,000 people who have been set aside for the service to the Lord. These 144,000 are not angels, but humans, and they originate out of all the tribes of the children of Israel. They’re especially set aside Jewish evangelists who will share the Gospel during the Tribulation.

I can’t wait to see all the angels of Heaven gathered around the throne of God, as we Revelation 7:11. What a sight that will be! With 72 references to angels in Revelation, and that doesn’t even count the number of demons, I believe we’ll one day stand amazed at the incredible number and variety of angels who exist to serve in the intricate outworking of God’s plan for the ages.

It blows my mind to learn that there are four angels who are actually in control of the weather across the world. If you’re a meteorologist, just think about that when trying to make a forecast! We get crazy weather patterns and conclude nature has been broken my mankind, but in reality the weather is actually a big system that is managed by these four angels who affect how the weather will work around the world. That’s not very scientific, but that’s what the Bible teaches.

Vic Batista: What do we do with the popular theory that the climate is changing? This past July 2015 was the hottest recorded in history, dating back even thousands of years. Statistics show that it wasn’t just the United States that was extraordinarily hot, but it was globally the hottest July ever. To me that statistic is even more amazing when we learn from Revelation 7 of the four angels controlling the weather.

Nathan Jones: Yes, Texas passed through one of the longest droughts in four years. At the same time the West Coast was suffering through a terrible drought and subsequent wild fires, especially up in Washington State. Weird weather is happening all over the planet. Alarmists claim the changing weather is caused by man-made climate change, also dubbed Global Warming. Of course, back in the 1970s, alarmists were crying Global Cooling.

What do we do with climate change? Well, according to the Bible, God is sovereign over the weather. He made weather and He will use it through these four weather angels to control the weather for His purposes. Some scientists can claim all they want that the crazy weather patters are man-made, but the Bible clearly indicates that God is sovereign over the weather and nothing mankind can do will alter His will over the weather.

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The Final Appeal

Vic Batista: Excellent reminder that God is sovereign over our lives as well! God loves His children and He is in control of our lives. But, Jesus is a gentleman. He doesn’t push His way into anyone’s life, but He comes when He is invited.

It’s time for all of mankind to give their lives over their Heavenly Father. Maybe they are still holding onto some private sin that keeps them from accepting Jesus and His salvation. I want to encourage people to let go of the illusion that you are in control of you life. You have free will, but without accepting Christ’s salvation, your destiny is assuredly Hell.

If a person wanted to let go and give control of their lives over to the Lord, how would they do that and so be able to begin a saving relationship with Him?

Nathan Jones: The hardest thing for people when it comes to surrendering to Christ is that they believe they need to control their lives. We don’t have to live very long before we learn that we do not do a very good job of controlling our lives. In fact, left to our own devices, we can really screw them up.

Surrendering to God means surrendering our imperfect will over to His perfect and holy will. We also fear surrendering our future, but that’s rather like the illusion of holding onto control of our lives. Our futures are bleak without Christ because we will not have an eternal future apart from judgment and Hell.

Trying to go it alone in controlling our own lives can be compared to desperately gripping a rusty old penny when the trillions of dollars in riches from God are ours for the taking. But, we want to hold tightly onto that rusty old penny because we think it gives us some sort of power to determine our own destiny. The result will always equal a rusty bit of copper, because we’ll end up wrecking our lives with the ultimate fate of eternal destruction.

But, when we surrender our hearts and lives to our Heavenly Father, we then inherit the spiritual riches of God, as well as the wonderful future He’s promised that lasts forever. We are not really surrendering anything, because we never really own anything. Instead, in surrendering, we receive the inheritance God has promises us.

I’m not preaching Prosperity Gospel here. God isn’t out to make us financially wealthy. The greater wealth is spiritual blessings which Jesus Christ grants us when we finally surrender our life to Him. That surrender happens when we pray in repentance from our hearts asking, “Dear, Jesus, please forgive me of my sins and be my Lord and Savior.”

Jesus promises He will forgive us of our sins. Jesus said in Matthew 11:28, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”The wrath of God that weighed so heavily over us is now placed on Jesus. Once forgiven and cleansed of our sins, we can stand before our Heavenly Father holy and pure. We become inheritors of eternal life, living with God forever on the New Earth.

Vic Batista: How fantastic it is then that Revelation 22:17, and the whole Bible even, ends with the Holy Spirit offering: “And the Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’ And let him who hears say, ‘Come!’ And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely.”

If you placed your trust in the Lord, we’ll be praying for you. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide and enrich your life with His presence. You, too, can have a blessed and eternal life.

Nathan Jones: Let’s end this series in our study of God’s mighty angels with Revelation 22:21, “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”

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  • Blessings on all of you for the teaching on Revelation I am sadden that it has been completed I have enjoyed every bit of,I copied all of it and have placed in a folder.Thank you so much for this.This gives me hope everyday that what my future and hope is.May God continue to bless you for more of your teachings.


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