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The Mighty Angels of Daniel 9: Seal Up Visions and Prophecy

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Hosts: Nathan Jones & Vic Batista

Seal Up Visions and Prophecy

Vic Batista: The Angel Gabriel in Daniel 9:24 provides the six-fold purpose for the Seventy Weeks of Daniel prophecy:

  1. to finish transgressions
  2. to make an end to sin
  3. to make reconciliation for iniquity
  4. to bring in everlasting righteousness
  5. to seal up visions and prophecy
  6. to anoint the Most Holy.

Nathan Jones: We have reached the fifth purpose — sealing up vision and prophecy. The scope encompasses all of Bible prophecy, that being the 31% of the Bible that is prophetic. All the prophecies contained in the Bible will finally be fulfilled. It is finished! There will be no more future prophecies, for all will have been completed and past. Christians should be looking forward to that day!

Two main categories of Messianic prophecy exist. First are those prophecies related to the sufferings of Christ during His First Coming. Second are those prophecies concerning the glories to follow in Christ’s return at the Second Coming. The world has witnessed the sufferings of Christ, and some of those First Coming prophecies were even told to Daniel, such as in Daniel 9:26 concerning the Messiah being cut off, meaning killed. But, then from our point in time today, there remains some 500 prophecies that apply to Christ’s Second Coming to set up His earthly Kingdom, which we are still waiting to come to pass.

Vic Batista: When we read through the Gospels, a number of prophecies contained in those four books substantiate the messages Gabriel gave Daniel. Correct, though, many prophecies are still future, and extend well beyond Daniel’s Seventieth Week, even into the Eternal State. So, the Seventieth Week is the beginning of the end of visions and prophecy, but not the final culmination.

To Anoint the Most Holy

Nathan Jones: The sixth and final purpose for the Seventy Weeks of Daniel prophecy the Angel Gabriel reveals is “to anoint the Most Holy place.” The most holy place, ask any Jewish person, resides on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Mount Moriah has and always will be the most holy place in all of the world, for that is where God wants His Temple.

The First Temple was built by King Solomon in the late Tenth Century BC. The Second Temple was rebuilt under Zerubbabel in 516 BC by the Jewish returnees from exile. No Temple has existed since the Romans destroyed the Second Temple in 70 AD. The Jews today wait anxiously for the time when construction can begin on the Third Temple. We know from prophecy that the Third Temple won’t last very long after the Antichrist desecrates it and then later besieges Jerusalem.

The true Temple will not be constructed by human hands, but by Jesus Christ Himself! The King of Kings will build the Fourth Temple — the Millennial Temple — at the onset of the thousand year reign of Christ over the earth.

The true #Temple will not be constructed by human hands, but by #JesusChrist Himself! Click To Tweet

The fifth and final temple will not technically be a temple at all, for during the Eternal State the heart and center of the universe stands the glorious capital city — the New Jerusalem. Revelation 21-22 describes how Heaven will come down as the New Jerusalem and reside on the New Earth. God the Father will dwell with Man. His eternal temple will be our home.

So when will the anointing of the Most Holy — God Himself — happen? Reading Ezekiel 40-48 provides quite a long description of life during the Millennial Kingdom and what the Millennial Temple will be like. We learn that Jesus Christ Himself lives in the Millennial Temple. There will be a physical building, but in truth, Christ is the temple.

Some people try to spiritualize the Millennial Temple as the believer today. Certainly the Holy Spirit dwells in the hearts of Christians, but that doesn’t mean that Jesus is physically here on this earth ruling and reigning from Jerusalem. The Church Age is not the Millennial Kingdom. An Ecclesiastical Kingdom exists today through the Church, but the Davidic Kingdom remains future.

Vic Batista: Yes, and the closest building we have to a Temple day is the Western Wall, also called the Wailing Wall. You can go to Jerusalem and witness many Jews and even Christians praying at the Wall.

Nathan Jones: The Wailing Wall is nothing more than the old retaining wall for the Temple Mount, and is not even part of the original Temple complex. The Wall simply holds the dirt that retains the enlarged Temple Mount, expanded in acreage by King Herod.

In their destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, the only remains the Romans left was the retaining wall. The Romans accomplished exactly what Jesus said 40 years earlier in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 they would do. Jesus was in part referring back to Gabriel’s amazing revelation found in Daniel 9:26, that after the Anointed One would be cut off and “the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.” What a most amazing prophecy! The Romans fulfilled the people who came to destroy the City (Jerusalem) and the Sanctuary (the Temple). Jesus added that when these people tore down the Temple they would not leave one stone upon another.

Daniel and Jesus’ prophecy concerning the Temple’s destruction came true when the Romans destroyed the Temple some 40 years later. Not one stone was left upon another. In their lust for any melted gold that dripped between the cracks, the Roman armies pried apart the Temple Mount and threw the stones into the valley below. Not only was the Temple totally obliterated, but the Temple Mount as well. All that was left was one retaining wall, and that wall has never been considered a part of the Temple complex.

Since the fall of Jerusalem, for nearly 1900 years, the Jewish people have not had a Temple to worship God. They’ve made synagogues, but those cannot replace the Temple. That’s why Jewish people today will go to the Western Wall and pray and lament, scribbling their prayers on little pieces of paper and stuffing them into the cracks of the Wall.

I myself have been to the Western Wall a number of times, and it is a really touching place to be, so full of lamenting and prayer. The Wall area is also a very bright place to be, for those worn stones really reflect light. Bring dark sunglasses if you’re planning on visiting the Wailing Wall!

Visiting Israel can help make the Bible come alive. One day all believers in Christ will end up visiting Jerusalem. The nations will flow annually into Jerusalem during the Millennial Kingdom. Each year the nations will travel up to Jerusalem to see Jesus — the Most Holy. While we wait for the anointing of the Most Holy one as ruler over the earth, for now it is well worth visiting Israel in anticipation. A tour of Israel brings the Bible to life!

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In the twenty-third segment of this series on the mighty angels of Daniel, we’ll examine the prophetic significance of the 70 years allotted to Israel during her first exile.

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  • Respectfully, Dan and Vic, read TEMPLE by Bob Cornuke, and discover for yourselves that the “Wailing Wall” is from the Roman Antonia Fortress, built to house 10,000 soldiers(a legion). The first/second Temples were built in the City of David about 600 ft. from there. Jesus said in Matthew 24:1that the Temple buildings would be destroyed with not one stone left upon another – not even a retaining wall. Also the Temples had to be built close to a water source. The City of David is close to the Gihon Springs. The “Temple Mount” is not. For 2000 years the Jews have ignored the historic record left by one of their own – Josephus. He writes that the Temple was located about 600 feet from the Antonia Fortress and was connected to it by a bridge, making it easier for Roman soldiers to get to the Temple outer court where there were often uprisings.
    The Jews have everything ready for their third Temple. If they could only break away from tradition and believe Josephus, they could build it in the City of David tomorrow without the threat of starting a war!


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