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Koenig on Trump Forming an Arab Coalition

Trump on Middle East

This week President Trump made Israel his priority stop during his first foreign trip as president, a trip notably scheduled quicker than the past five U.S. presidents who visited Israel before him. The original purpose of the trip was to signal tighter US-Israel ties. Trump also wished to erase the acrimony many felt festered between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama.

What is this Arab Coalition President Trump supports?

This question was asked of Bill Koenig on our television program Christ in Prophecy. Bill has been a White House Correspondent for the last fifteen years. He is president of a news website called World Watch Daily, and he publishes a weekly report called “Koenig’s Eye View from the White House.” Bill is also the author of a telling book titled Revealed: Obama’s Legacy.

[Note: Bill’s answer below has been edited slightly for grammar and clarity.]

The Arab Coalition

What President Trump has been developing right now is a coalition of US, Israel, and Sunni Muslim countries. Israel has been working closely with the Sunni countries out of their fear of Iran. Saudi Arabia always has had the attitude that if Israel were to be hit first with a nuke, they would be second. In reality, the Saudi’s probably would be hit first. Israel would defend themselves and are always prepared to defend themselves.

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I believe that a US-Israel-Arab coalition with Sunni countries is well in the works. Iran is a Shiite country. Shiites represent about 20% of Islam. The rest are all Sunnis. Both factions share a burning disdain for each other.

What’s interesting is that the Iranians are very smart. I was talking to an Iraqi, and he made a comparison that the Sunni Iraqis are checker players, while the Iranians are chess players. These are a very smart people, and very strategic. They know how to be patient. The Iranians saw how desperate Obama and Kerry were to make a deal, along with the other members of the P5+1 and other European countries. The Iranians had no problem out-negotiating the Americans.

I have an Iranian friend in DC who knows that Iranian diplomats go to school and get their Masters and PhDs in negotiations. They are masters at frustrating their opponents. And, once the Iranians do agree to an agreement, they never actually fulfill the agreement.

People ask if President Trump is going to kill the Iran Deal, and that is a good question. Rather, I believe Trump’s team is going to hold the Iranians accountable for the deal. General Mattis said this during his testimony to become Secretary of Defense. He promised we were going to watch Iran very closely and hold them accountable, and if they screwed it up, well then that’s that — game over.

What kind of reprisal Trump will make, though, I don’t know. What’s happening right now with Iran shooting its missiles is a serious violation of the Iran Deal. ISIS has been able to hit Europe and the United States with terrorist bombings, and Iran is supposedly fighting ISIS. There are some serious concerns about this odd alliance. Every Sunni country right now is at risk because of Iran’s short range missile capability, which has dramatically increased over the last five years. All of the oil producing countries, which produce 25% of the daily oil that the world consumes, remain at risk by Iran.

What I believe what Israel may do concerning the new U.S. commitment to an Arab coalition is to grant their support for this security coalition in return for the Islamic world to back off of its opposition to the United States moving our embassy to Jerusalem. Israel will attempt to water down the relocation a bit so that it appears to not be such a big deal, even though the Arab League claims an embassy move would be the worst thing possible for peace in the Middle East.

Give me a break! The Arabs can’t even get along with themselves. I heard General Jones a couple of years ago talking about the importance of Israel making a deal with the Palestinian Authority. I addressed him with a question, “General Jones, 74% of the PA is Hamas. Give me an example of a country in the Middle East that knows peace.” He replied, “You call this Middle East peace? There isn’t Middle East peace, this is a joke!”

The Arab League says, “Don’t move the embassy to Jerusalem. And if you do, it could lead to world problems during the worst possible time.” Again, give me a break!

The bottom line in the Middle East, and I really believe this with all my heart, lusts for the annihilation of Israel. They’ve never wanted a Two State Solution. They’ve already got their own state, for Jordan is historically and legally the Palestinian state. The majority of the people there are Palestinians.

Remember when the Palestinians wanted Gaza, and George W. talked Israel into pulling out of Gaza? He thought that if Israel gave up land in exchange for peace, the Palestinians would remain true to their word. So, what happened when Israel pulled out of Gaza? Immediately it became a missile launching pad raining rockets down upon Israel’s borders. The same thing would happen in the West Bank should Israel pulled out of there.

Most don’t remember that Netanyahu said exactly the same thing before the disengagement of Gaza. He warned that if Israel pulled out of Gaza, Israel was going to have missiles raining down onto its cities. And that’s exactly what has happened repeatedly.

Consider the fact that Israel has a million and a half Arabs living within Israel who have full citizenship and rights. The Palestinians vote in the elections. They hold elected positions in Israel’s parliament. They collect welfare. They receive medical care. Life for a Palestinian is far, far better in Israel than if they were back living in their Arab countries. And yet, no Jew is allowed to live in an Arab country. If there ever was two states, still no Jews would be allowed to live in the newly created Palestine.

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The strategic importance of the West Bank mountains in Judea, Samaria, and the Golan Heights remains essential. I remember some of the leftist journalists in Israel were once infuriated with Netanyahu for not making a peace deal with Syria’s Assad by giving up the Golan Heights. Can you imagine? It would be a disaster. Israel would probably not exist today as missiles rained down from the Sea of Galilee.

Few realize that if Israel gave up the West Bank, Israel would only measure nine miles wide at its narrowest point. No way could a nation that land depleted ever defend itself. People who defend the Palestinians often don’t know anything of any significance about the lands they are complaining about.

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