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The Mighty Angels of Daniel 12: Communicate to Evangelize

MP3: The Mighty Angels of Daniel 12 Continued
Hosts: Nathan Jones & Vic Batista

Communicate to Evangelize

Nathan Jones: Not only is it just exhausting how much knowledge and travel has increased, but communication has increased as well. We take our modern day communications technologies for granted. Just think that a mere 20 years ago the Internet was just taking off. Before that, people were mailing paper letters to each other. Who today writes paper letters? A few, but now we email and text each other. Sure saves a lot in stamps.

I believe the Lord is using our modern day communications technologies to evangelize like never before. And, that’s been prophesied, for God’s mighty messenger angel in Daniel 12:10 revealed that in the last days, “Many shall be purified, made white, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.”

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A massive tidal wave of evangelism has swept the nations as new communication technologies have reached people for Christ on a massive scale. We are at a point now when we are seeing the Gospel spread all over the world. Evangelists preach all over the world via online evangelism. Many people indeed are being made “purified, made white, and refined.”

But, today we are also seeing wickedness increasing all over the world, especially in the last few years. The wicked continue to do wickedly. Look at the twin threats of ISIS and Atheism rising. All these new and different forces have been shaking their fists against God and with impunity and vehemence. For these people, as verse 10 describes, none of the wicked shall understand. In other words, you have to have the Holy Spirit living in you and be saved in order to understand what biblical prophecies are teaching. The world looks at Bible prophecy and they laugh and they think the Bible is ridiculous and Christians stupid. Pagans mock and make fun of what they clearly do not understand. But, the Bible makes it very clear that one must be a Spirit-filled Christian in order to understand God’s prophetic word.

Vic Batista: How vital then that we approach the Scriptures seeking a deepening relationship with the Lord, imploring the Holy Spirit to open our hearts and minds so that we will be able to make sense of the prophecies contained in the Bible. The work of biblical interpretation rests on the revealing work of the Holy Spirit.

I remember before I became saved. I was a person who didn’t have a relationship with God, and when I first tried to read the Bible, it read as gibberish. It was all Greek to me. But then, when the Holy Spirit came to live inside of me, He opened up my eyes. Suddenly the Scriptures started to leap out of the Bible and I was finally able to understand them.

Nathan Jones: How funny that you said the Bible first read like Greek to you, because the New Testament was originally written in Greek, so it was indeed Greek to many people (pun intended). Praise the Lord the Daniel 12:4,9 prophecy concerning the increase in the knowledge in the last days also produced all kinds of the different language translations. Today the Bible can be read in just about every known language.

Just think about this. For centuries only a rare few clergy could read the Bible in Latin. The Latin Vulgate was the only western Bible for nearly 1,100 years, that is, until Martin Luther translated the Bible from Latin into common German during the 1500s. Many translations the common man could read followed, and after that the Bible was finally translated into English. Now the Common Joe has access to Bibles they can actually read.

It used to be that the common man didn’t even have access to a Bible, much less one translated into their own native language. Bibles would be chained to the pulpits of Catholic churches, and the priest would read the Latin to the parishioners out loud, which they didn’t understand. The common man for the most part couldn’t even read throughout most of the Dark Ages, and had no access to a Bible other than though the priest.

Today, everybody has access to a Bible, especially online. Some of us can count some ten or more of them on our shelves. Bibles proliferate all over the world. What does that mean? Mankind has no excuse not to read the Word of God.

Back to Daniel’s time, the prophet was experiencing a great deal of difficultly in understanding the prophecies the angel was telling him because he had not reach the point in history when God would provide the understand for all of these prophecies. In contrast, today the world has been witnessing all of the prophetic pieces coming together, so we can understand future prophecies a lot better than Daniel could in his age.

Vic Batista: I really like what God’s mighty messenger angel said in Daniel 12:10, that “the wise shall understand.” When one wisely surrenders their lives to Jesus as Savior, we receive wisdom in return. The book of Proverbs becomes relevant. The road to wisdom begins with accepting a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Truly, “the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom” (Job 28:28).

The first segment of this series on the mighty angels of Daniel began with a tragic back story. In the eighty-sixth segment, God’s mighty messenger leaves us with a mathematical puzzle.

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