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Myths About Islam: Shares the Same God as the Bible

The Fate of Islam

Is the God of Islam and the Bible the same?

We have very liberal Christians here in America today who argue that the God of Islam has to be the same God of Judaism and Christianity because all are defined as monotheistic religions. The misconception goes, if we all believe in one God, then we must all believe in the same God.

On our television program, Christ in Prophecy, we looked at statistics related to the growth of Islam, we explored the goals of Islam as taught by their holy books and imams, and we marveled at the fate of Islam as foretold in the Bible. We addressed these topics using clips from my latest teaching DVD titled, The Fate of Islam.

In Part 2 of our “Christ in Prophecy” teaching series on Islam and the Bible, we’re going to answer a very crucial question: Is the God of Islam and the Bible the same?

Allah Defined

Nathan Jones: In my experience, I find that people who proclaim that the God of the Bible and the god of Islam and the gods of Hinduism and all the various other religions, really tend to not be religious at all. They are irreligious people. They assume that all these different religions offer some kind of truth, so therefore all religions must lead a person to Heaven. They make this outrageous claim even though all the different religions teach doctrines that are totally different and at odds.

For instance, when it comes to Allah from Islam, the Koran teaches that Allah is a monotheistic entity. He is a single personage, with no Holy Spirit and no Son. If you even suggested to a Muslim that God exists as a trinity then the Muslim would accuse you of idolatry.

Allah is also described as very distant and unknowable. He’s aloof with his subjects. He doesn’t connect with his people whatsoever, even in the afterlife.

Dr. Reagan: Allah is never mentioned in the Koran showing love.

Nathan Jones: Correct, there is no love expressed by Allah to his people. He expects absolute, unwavering obedience from a Muslim, and that’s what the title Muslim actually means, “one who submits.” Between Allah and the Muslim exists a master-slave relationship, not the father-son relationship the God of the Bible demonstrates. Allah reveals his will, but he never reveals himself. He’s feared by his followers. They live in terror of his wrath. Allah also authored evil as well as good, meaning he’s not all good like Yahweh in the Bible, for Allah exists demonstrating both good and evil.

The Koran’s description of Allah certainly does not sound like the God of the Bible whatsoever.

Dr. Reagan: Not at all. When I look at liberal Christians from the old mainline Protestant denominations, I’m talking about primarily those super-liberal Christians, I find that their attitude towards Muslims is the same as their attitude towards the Jews. Liberals teach, “Just leave them alone! Do not violate their culture by sharing the Gospel with the Jews and Muslims because they have their own road to God.” To do so means we are going to love these lost souls right into Hell!

Liberal Christians hold the same view towards the Jewish people called Dual Covenant Theology. They’ll argue that we have our New Covenant and the Jews have their own Mosaic Law covenant. They teach the Jews can work their way to Heaven by following the Law of Moses.

Nathan Jones: That’s because the greatest ethic in this day and age is tolerance. Tolerance is elevated over truth, and that of course is how we end up with false teachings concerning salvation.

The greatest #ethic in this day and age is #tolerance. Tolerance is elevated over #truth, and that of course is how we end up with false teachings concerning #salvation. Click To Tweet

Islamic Beliefs Contrasted

Dr. Reagan: What are the fundamental beliefs of Islam as compared with those in Christianity?

Nathan Jones: One of the blessings of being the Web Minister here at Lamb & Lion Ministries is that I get to speak to Muslims all over the world. They either want to ask a question or debate about Islam. Either way, I get the opportunity to share the Gospel with them!

But, when you start quoting from the Bible, the very first thing the Muslim will say is, “Wait a minute! You can’t quote from the Bible. The Bible is corrupted.” Muslims are taught my their imams that the original Bible was corrupted by the Christians and the Jews. Therefore, they claim what Christians believe today isn’t what was originally written.

This claim that the Bible has been corrupted over time is substantially false. That claim totally goes against archaeological proofs. For instance, the Dead Sea Scrolls demonstrate that for 2,000 years we’ve had the same Bible translated from the original texts. Today’s Old Testament translations, developed from the original languages, teach almost perfectly word-for-word the exact same stories and doctrines as they did 2,000 years ago.

And, as for the New Testament, the fact that 86,000 references were made by the early Church Father’s to New Testament verses substantiates the New Testament in its original verbiage. Some 5,300 New Testament manuscripts exist dating back to the the 1st and 2nd centuries. Christianity holds a plethora of archaeological discoveries and documents that prove that the Bible is the Word of God, then and now, and so certainly has not been corrupted.

#Christianity holds a plethora of archaeological discoveries and documents that prove that the #Bible is the Word of God, then and now, and so certainly has not been corrupted. Click To Tweet

Dr. Reagan: The biblical scribes over the centuries recorded the Bible incredibly carefully. If even one mistake was made, the entire page had to be thrown away. The scribes even counted the number of lines down and they counted the number of characters over to make sure the recorded page was an exact copy of the original. Copying the Bible was very, very carefully done.

Nathan Jones: Another big difference between Islam and Christianity, as I stated earlier, is their belief that Allah is one personage and that he is not a trinitarian entity as Christians believe.

Dr. Reagan: That’s why Muslims think Christians do not believe in monotheism.

Nathan Jones: Yes, Muslims believe Christians are polytheists, just like the Romans used to think of Christians because we wouldn’t worship Caesar.

Another difference between Islam and Christianity is our creation stories are different. Muslims are taught that humanity was created out of a blood clot, and not made in the image of God and our bodies formed out of the dust.

A doctrine taught very clearly in in the Bible is that people are born in sin, therefore we have a sin nature. But, Muslims teach that man is inherently good, but strays along the way. So, Islam holds a totally different view of the sin nature of man.

Islam firmly believes in salvation by works, counter to what Christians believe. We believe that salvation comes by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior.

The Islamic view of Jesus holds that He was just a man. Jesus will play a role in end time eschatology, but He isn’t the Son of God. Jesus will even marry and eventually die.

Muslims also hold different views about the various resurrections and judgments. Their views of the end times vastly differ from our views, though Mohammed swiped some of Revelation’s imagery.

Dr. Reagan: I think we could sum up all religions other than Christianity as our good friend who pastors First Baptist Church in Dallas, Robert Jeffress, does. He often says, “Every other religion in the world is spelled D-O, but only is Christianity spelled D-O-N-E.” Salvation was all done by Jesus Christ on the cross. All people have got to do is reach out in faith and receive Christ. But, every other religion teaches a person has got to work their way to Heaven, and almost always you never know whether you did enough good works to merit you worthy to get in or not.


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