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Myths About Israel: All Palestinians Hate the Jews

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Do all the Arabs in Israel really hate the Jews?

Dr. Reagan: On our television program Christ in Prophecy we countered many myths about the nation of Israel and the Jewish people. We continued on in a second episode exposing yet another myth, the one concerning whether the Palestinians living within Israel are terribly persecuted, as the world claims. We have been proving with various video testimonies that this accusation is totally a myth.

Nathan Jones: If you don’t believe what Dr. Reagan and I said about Palestinians having equal rights and freedoms in Israel as the Jews, then take a look at this video clip we have for you. It shows an Israeli Arab woman being interviewed on an Arab television station. Listen to and/or read her response to the claim that Israel is an apartheid state.

Video of Arab Interview

Host: Is Israel an apartheid state?

Arab Woman: No! Israel is not an apartheid state, and anyone who believes this should be ashamed of himself.

No! #Israel is not an #apartheid state, and anyone who believes this should be ashamed of himself. #BDS Click To Tweet

You live in this country and enjoy all the full benefits of its citizenship. You are free to work, study, and express yourselves and whatever you desire. You lead and educate the next generation in a state that respects you. Look at Syria, Iraq, Egypt and the rest of the Arab countries. What have they done for the good of their people?

Host: I’m trying to understand. What is Israel?

Arab Woman: Israel is a democratic state, as it is stated in its Declaration of Independence. And, that it has minorities such as the Muslims, the Druze, etc.

What is a democratic state? It’s a state that respects its people and citizens that live within it. A state that provides freedom of belief, the right to educate, to elect and be elected, become judges or lawyers, a parliament member, and defends the individual’s right for freedom. Where else would you find these?

Host: Israel is a democratic state? How’s that?

Arab Woman: The fact that the country is providing you, an Arab journalist, a platform where you can express your opinions and state your mind. When in Russia, the media doesn’t even have the option to sound an opposing opinion, is proof that this is a democratic state.

I take myself as an example. I can work in whatever job I desire that suits my skills and profession. Every work opportunity is equal for both Arabs and Jews. I hope and wish for all Arab countries, citizens, and societies to have a democratic state just as Israel.

Host: How do you define yourself?

Arab Woman: I define myself as an Arab, a Muslim with Israel citizenship. Proud of my religion, myself, and that I’m living in a country that respects my will and my rights.

Host: What are your rights?

Arab Woman: What about your rights? The fact that you are here and have the possibility to express your opinions. I do not represent politics. I don’t care about any party. I only care about our current modern-day reality, and that I show the truth. Whether they like it or not. We are going to see the truth. I wish we should start seeing all the good things we have in this country. I hope we start to coexist and love each other.

Host: So, there is no occupation in Israel?

Arab Woman: No, there isn’t. I do not live under occupation in Israel. I have full democratic rights. And, I hope that we start living together in peace and understanding. I hope that we move on to a better future where we respect each other’s opinions and debate respectfully. That we open our eyes and see that we live in a democratic state that respects its citizens and grants them many rights.

I represent myself as a minority in Israel. And, I am not related whatsoever to politics. I’m proud to stand up and speak for Israel, and that I’m an integrated part of it. I hope that all the Arab countries will adopt the Israeli democratic regime. And, for your information, more than 90% of the Gaza Strip citizens and the West Bank wish they were under such a regime.

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