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Answers on the Validity of the Bible (Part 4)

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In a recent episode of Christ in Prophecy, we responded to some of the most frequently asked questions that Lamb & Lion Ministries receives concerning the integrity of the Bible.

Does archaeology prove that the Bible is God’s Word?

Nathan Jones: Archaeology is indeed another argument that proves the Bible is indeed the very Word of God. Read through the Bible, both Old Testament and New Testament, and every time a biblical archaeologist travels to Israel and digs with a spade in the dirt, they find proof for the stories that you’ve read about in the Bible. Contrary, read the cultic Book of Mormon. Archaeologists find no proofs for the battles Joseph Smith claimed happened or cities he said existed.

Tim Moore: The greatest archaeologists to this day use the Bible as their manual for where to go start digging in the Middle East. They have been able to find ancient ruins based on just reading the Word of God. Biblical archaeology proves that the events in the Bible all truly occurred.

Tim Moore: Biblical #archaeology proves that the events in the #Bible all truly occurred. #Apologetics Click To Tweet

Dr. Reagan: I’m constantly amused by archaeologists because the vast majority of archaeologists in the world are Atheists and Agnostics. A number of them focus on biblical archeology because they want to prove the Bible wrong, and yet, every time they turn over a spade of dirt they find that the Bible is indeed correct. To my amazement, they can find some little piece of information on a papyrus in Egypt and claim whatever it says is true, but they won’t take the Bible as any truth whatsoever, even though it’s archaeologically confirmed.

Do changed lives prove that the Bible is indeed God’s Word?

Nathan Jones: I believe the greatest argument for the validity of the Bible is changed lives. Just think of all the people that we have known through life who have gotten saved. I have friends who are now Christians who describe what they were like B.C., before Christ. I had such a hard time picturing what they were like then. They also have trouble believing it, too. Encountering Christ through the Bible radically changed their lives and transformed them into the new person they are today.

Face it, reading the Bible changes people’s lives. Not in the dozens, or even in the thousands, but by the millions.

Nathan Jones: Face it, reading the #Bible changes people's lives. Not in the dozens, or even in the thousands, but by the millions. #Apologetics Click To Tweet

Dr. Reagan: I good example of the Bible changing lives is a man who was our ministry’s featured singer for many years before he died. His name was Jack Hollingsworth, and for 20 years he lived on the streets homeless in an alcoholic daze. But, then he found the Lord, and was immediately delivered of alcoholism, and soon became an evangelist.

Tim Moore: We don’t have to look even further than right here, for short of the Scripture and the Holy Spirit indwelling in my life, I know that I would be an absolute reprobate. All of us would. Changes lives stand out as living proof that the Bible is indeed the Word of God. Each Christian becomes a living testimony of the validity of the Bible.

In the fifth part of our series arguing that the Bible is indeed the inspired Word of God, we’ll explore whether it is really necessary to study the Old Testament.

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