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Answers on the Validity of the Bible (Part 6)

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In a recent episode of Christ in Prophecy, we responded to some of the most frequently asked questions that Lamb & Lion Ministries receives concerning the integrity of the Bible.

Should we believe the Genesis account concerning the Creation since scientists have “proven” that the universe is billions of years old?

Tim Moore: I would state that they have not proven that to me by any stretch of the imagination. No, I don’t have enough faith to believe in their theories.

Yes, absolutely, because the first three chapters of Genesis establishes the foundation of the Bible and point to the fact that our Savior, Jesus Christ, is also the Creator. Jesus is the same God who is evident throughout Scripture and who will come to reign as King of kings. So, if you don’t believe in the very beginning of Scripture you’re probably not going to have much acceptance of Christ returning as King as revealed in the book Revelation.

Nathan Jones: Agreed, of course we can trust the Genesis account. Genesis provides the very foundation for everything else taught in the Bible. It establishes the fact that we humans are who we now are due to our sin and the vital need for us to be reconciled with God.

Nathan Jones: We can trust the #Genesis account. Genesis provides the very foundation for everything else taught in the #Bible. Click To Tweet

The author of Hebrews and the Apostle Peter both referred to the end times when scoffers would scoff at the fact that there ever was a Flood and they would scoff at the fact of the Genesis Creation account. The very attack on the credibility of Genesis is in itself fulfilled prophecy. We are barraged daily by Evolutionists scoffing at the Creation and scoffing that there was a Flood. The Bible knew back then that people today would be scoffing about these truths. They took Genesis as fact.

Dr. Reagan: People didn’t have any trouble believing Genesis until the end of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Suddenly Christian leaders became overwhelmed by the theories of Science that precluded a Creator. Their theories were not proof that there is no God, but only theories. In order to compromise with these new evolutionary theories, some Christians came to embrace the Day-Age and Gap Theories. They believed they could conform the Bible to what Science claimed concerning millions of years by saying that God had an original creation and made a pre-Adamic civilization, but that civilization and all of the animals died off because Satan had corrupted the whole thing. That would explain extinct creatures like dinosaurs in the fossil record. Then God started all over again and recreated the earth in six days. These compromising Christians gave up the truth of the Bible to the baseless theories of Science.

Tim Moore: Yes, they contorted the Word of God to fit the current popular theories, and that’s all it is.

Dr. Reagan: My point would be that if you can’t believe what God says in the very first chapter about the Creation, why should you believe what the Bible says about Christ’s resurrection? Why should you believe what the Bible says about the Second Coming of Jesus?

Tim Moore: Jesus Himself cited the Creation and pointed back to those first chapters of Genesis as true history, and not as just some kind of myth or allegory. In the first few chapters of Genesis, the Bible explains why man is fallen, why man is corrupt and without hope, and why we need to be saved by the grace of God. No Genesis, no need for salvation.

Dr. Reagan: Genesis 3:15 even contains the promise that one day God will redeem both mankind and the earth.

Nathan Jones: I once had a Catholic priest actually tell me that we cannot believe the Bible as inerrant because he claimed there are two renditions of the Creation account in Genesis 1 and 2. I responded with, “No, Genesis 2 just fills in more details about mankind in the Creation. Genesis 2 is not a totally separate rendition of the Creation account from Genesis 1.”” Sadly, this is what some ministers and priests are teaching these days.

In the seventh and last part of our series arguing that the Bible is indeed the inspired Word of God, we’ll look at how the 66 books that make up the canon came about.

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