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Daniel’s Last Days To and Fro Frenzy (Part 10 of 10)

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[Note: This series covers my chapter from Terry James’ newest book, Discerners: Analyzing Converging Prophetic Signs for the End of Days. Available on Amazon! Start with the first segment.]


I hope I’ve made my case that the sign of technology, which is merely one of many categories of end times signs, points to the fact that Jesus Christ is returning soon. Knowing this wonderful day will inevitably arrive, how then should we apply this truth to our own lives? Is there an App for that?

Recognize the Times

First, when you have at last accepted the fact that the Lord could return at any moment, and by looking through the filter of the Bible at all these wondrous yet fearful events playing out before us, you will begin to recognize the times in which we are living. You will be comforted knowing that God’s got it all under control, that He has a great big plan in place, and that God’s children play a vital role in that plan. Life, therefore, isn’t meaningless, but purposeful. Christians are called to serve God in these dark times, so serve Him with all our unique talents, gifts, time, money, and experience.

For those of you who haven’t yet accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, but now recognize that we are living in the end times, the realization should act like an alarm clock buzzing you awake to the fact that the world doesn’t have much time left to it. We are all living on borrowed time.

Therefore, embrace the fact that God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son, and that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life (John 3:16). Respond to the Holy Spirit’s leading, praying from your heart in faith and repentance something like: “Dear, Jesus, please forgive me of my sins and be my Lord and Savior.”

And, He will do just that. Jesus Christ will free you of the guilt of your sins and transform you into a brand new person. He will also grant you the blessed hope of knowing that, one day soon, Jesus is coming to take you up to Heaven to live with our Heavenly Father forever. Our Lord, our Savior, the one who loves us so much and who calls us His children, He has an eternal plan for your life. Embrace it! Don’t flip another page without having accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior.

Utilize to E-vangelize

And, second, knowing that our Savior will be returning soon, consider how you can utilize all of this great to and fro technological frenzy that God has given us to e-vangelize the world for Jesus Christ. After all, did you know that as of 2018, 88% of the people in the United States access the Internet? China’s Internet access has quickly grown from 10% to 54% of the population in just a decade. Overall, you can now reach out to 55% of the entire world through the Internet, and that number is climbing up an exponential curve as well. Even language barriers may be a thing of the past, as translation software continues to improve.

That means over half of the world is now available at your fingertips. So, go, get online! Share the Gospel by post, pin, tweet, subtweet, text, blog, chat, message, meme, mention, notify, sponsor, comment, call, hashtag, trend, favorite, handle, feed, curate, emote, engage, like, friend, influence, reach, outreach…


In this book, edited by Terry James and including chapters by Dr. David Reagan and Nathan Jones, eighteen “watchmen on the wall” tackle issues that are critical for this generation of believers to understand. Each contributor examines, under the microscope of Scripture, a specific topic, from anti-God movements within religion and culture to satanic geopolitical rearrangements. This, we believe, will help make understandable the madness taking place in this generation.


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