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Prophetic Perspectives #130: Cultural Confusion

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Our society seems to be descending into absolute cultural confusion!

Why do I say that? Well, just in the last couple of months, two news stories caught my eye. One was of an actress who decided that she would change her identity to becoming a man. As I heard about that on a national newscast, I went to Wikipedia, and as of the same day that she made that proclamation, Wikipedia had changed her biography to read “he” or “they.” No longer were there any more references to an actress who one time played a pregnant young lady in the movie Juno. This was the actress Ellen Page who famously portrayed a pregnant young woman in that movie. Now she has proclaims herself to be a man named Elliot. And, at the conclusion of that national media broadcast, upon hearing that Elliot Page wants to impact the world, the newscaster said: “I’m sure he will.”

Then, just a week later, I heard about the passing of a man by the name of James Morris, also known as Jan Morris. James Morris was a famous British journalist who in the twentieth century lived a man’s life. He was actually in the British military during their time in Palestine during World War II. He was involved in some of the intelligent efforts and some of the fighting that took place in that part of the world. Later, he accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary as he climbed Mount Everest, reporting on his progress all the way up until Hillary reached the summit. This man was an adventurer. And yet, in the early 1950s, he decided he wanted to become a woman. He changed his identity and began calling himself Jan, and he lived the rest of his life as a woman. He even sired five children, but Morris divorced his wife yet continued to live with her as her companion for the remainder of his life.

What in the world is going on in our culture and society? I ask you this because it is a burden that every parent and grandparent needs to grapple with. You see, too many times in recent months I’ve had people connected with this ministry tell me that their son, their grandson, their children and grandchildren, have been swept up into this cultural chaos and have come out identifying either as homosexual, or as transgender, or have had roommates or close friends who have done the same.

And so, I am going to tell you very bluntly, that if your children and your grandchildren are attending a public university, they are being indoctrinated to believe in the chaos that is sweeping our culture.

Tim Moore: If your children and your grandchildren are attending a public university, they are being indoctrinated to believe in the chaos that is sweeping our culture. Click To Tweet

I had a friend who sent his daughter to the University of Kentucky. On day one of her exposure to the University of Kentucky, she was told point-blank she needed to abandon the values of her parents and that everything she had been raised to believe was false. As a matter of fact, she needed to go and participate in a gay pride or a drag queen parade so that she would be indoctrinated to the University of Kentucky “values.”

I’ve heard similar stories in Texas. It is not just coming from the radical Left coast of our country, rather it is seeping throughout our culture. And so, I would just caution everyone today, if you care about the eternal destiny of your children and grandchildren, then guard their hearts.

The Apostle Paul in writing to the church in Rome said that in the end times people would be given over to degrading passions. They’d be given over to apostasy. Eventually, the very light of truth would be snuffed out of their lives as the Lord gives them over to a depraved mind.

Our society is rejecting the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is becoming hostile to the religious liberty that has made our nation a shining city on a hill for all of the world to emulate. Our society is now attempting to snuff out the Gospel message that Bible-believing Christians would share with those who are lost around them. Do not let that happen in your life, in your church, and in your community! And, don’t let it happen in the lives of those whom you care about and love.

I would urge you to guard the hearts of those you have influence over by, again, making sure that they don’t embrace the false teachings of this age. See that they don’t listen to the voice of the Deceiver and the Father of Lies who is trying to undermine the truth of God’s revealed Word, but instead make sure that you and they stay grounded in the truth of the Bible.

We here at Lamb & Lion Ministries will pray for those you love to make sure that they stay true and connected to the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life — Jesus Christ. He’s our soon returning King of kings and our Lord of lords.


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