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Stepping Closer to Gog and Magog

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Tim Moore: Bill Koenig of World Watch Daily has for many years now possessed the keen ability to see patterns in world events, especially as they relate to Israel and America’s relationship with Israel. Bill has joined us to answer this poignant question: “What do you see in the near to intermediate future regarding Israel and America’s relationship with Israel?”

Bill Koenig: Let’s start with former President Trump’s administration’s efforts to make peace in the Middle East. It changed the whole dynamics of the Middle East positively by improving the Arab nations’ relationship with Israel by fostering normalization deals. I appreciated the normalization deals and accepted them, but my concern was it came at the expense of 132 Israeli communities. So, that is the bad thing. I believe that expense created some disruptions for the Trump Administration as well as for the Netanyahu Administration, and now neither administration exists.

But, the positive thing about the Abraham Accords is that it aligns Israel with some of these Sunni Arab countries, that for the most part they already had good relationships with Israel, but it was accelerated. As the result of former President Obama’s tragically flawed Iran Nuclear Deal, the Sunni Arabs had become greatly concerned that they needed intel intelligence, for their number one threat in the Middle East is Shiite Iran. Saudi Arabia, the old saying is, “Israel is going to be the first to be hit by a nuke, and Saudi Arabia will be second.” Well, a lot of people there believe that it will be Saudi Arabi that will be the first Sunni Arab nation to be nuked by Iran. So, that relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia stands very tenuously.

Most of the Sunni countries are petrified of a nuclear Iran and so they are going to run to Israel to gather their intelligence, build new relationships, and forge stronger cooperation. I think the normalization deal was very positive from that perspective.

Then there’s Turkey. Turkey has been nothing but a thorn in the side of Israel. Supposedly Turkey’s Erdogan now wants to improve his relationship with Israel, but I don’t trust Erdogan one bit.

Tim Moore: No, I don’t trust Erdogan either. I think that he has nationalistic Islamic ambitions so that he is going to try to make Turkey more and more radicalized than they’ve ever been since the Ottoman Empire. He’s flaunting some of his relationships with NATO and engaging in some very bad behavior in Syria. And so, that puts Russia and Turkey right on the northern border of Israel.

Events are poised for some very chaotic times! Now America has a president in Joe Biden who has been declaring that he’s going to restore the Iran Deal, and so he is going turn his back again on Israel.

Bill Koenig: Yes, the Biden Administration is already talking about organizing new Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, bringing William Burns of the CIA and few others from his administration who already have a history of operating in the Middle East. We know that these talks are going to go back to the old pattern of Two-State Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Supposedly the Biden Administration is going to start giving the Palestinian Authority hundreds of millions of dollars that we know will be going to all of the wrong people. It will be unfortunate, for the PA’s leaders are so corrupt, and the money will end up in the wrong hands. So, we’re seeing more of the same failed policies from the past.

I really appreciated the fact that President Trump moved the U.E. embassy to Jerusalem, and I don’t think the Biden Administration is going to undo that. They are going to accept that move as a reality and live with it. I just loved the Trump Administration’s acknowledgment that Israel has full rights to the Golan Heights despite the international community disliking that.

Then there may be enacted strong sanctions against Israel. Mordechai Kedar serves as one of the top Israeli intel guys, serving in the military for years, and who’s long studied the Middle East conflict. He said Iran was up against the ropes during the Obama Administration, but they threw him a lifeline that empowered Iran. Then Obama authorized a massive amount of money to be transferred to Iran — in the billions! Billions of dollars in cash were secretly transferred from the U.S. to Iran.

The Iran Nuclear Deal was a very bad deal. President Trump piled on some heavy-duty sanctions, and those sanctions were working. If the Biden Administration backs off Iran’s sanctions again, you can be sure that Iran is going to be bailed out again, which will make life more problematic for Israel’s survival in the Middle East.

Tim Moore: It certainly will. I am reminded often by Scripture to pray for the peace of Israel, not only right now, but that also means eternally. So, there will be no lasting and real peace, in spite of all these deals and accords offered by American presidents, until the Prince of Peace reigns in Jerusalem from Mount Zion on the throne of his father David. When Jesus Christ returns, Israel will have peace, and the whole world will be flooded by peace. So, even as we are commanded to pray for the peace of Israel, what that becomes is a prayer for the return of Jesus Christ — the Prince of Peace. While we advocate for peace in the Middle East right now, our prayer and our longing are for Jesus to return and reign and for peace to descend, not only upon Israel but on the rest of the world.

Bill Koenig: Absolutely! As fast as events happened in 2020 and even before that, but especially in 2020, now far into 2021, it could just be a matter of time before the Gog-Magog coalition as foretold in Ezekiel 38-39 forms. It’s all in God’s timing, though. A lot of these set up events — the catalyst or the hook in the jaw of the leader of the Gog-Magog forces could assemble at any time. Circumstances could accelerate quickly for the Iranian leadership to make a move on Israel and Israel responding to them as Jeremiah 49:35-39 prophesies.

We are now at a point in time with COVID and the precursors to the Mark of the Beast, with the political dynamics that are quickly falling into place, and with our country’s weak leadership, that the Gog-Magog War is just at the doorstep. I don’t think that there’s any doubt that Biden is going to be tested numerous times., and quite frankly, we all know that he’s not up to it.

Tim Moore: Bill, you mentioned “hooks in the jaws.” I pray the Lord doesn’t have to put hooks in people’s jaws to turn their heads and hearts toward Jesus Christ. I pray that we don’t live in a world where we have to be forced to bend the knee in order to see God’s calling.

Therefore, we turn our attention to godly things. Turn your study to God’s Word in order to understand the very prophetic events that we are speaking about. Then you can already be worshipping and longing for the soon return of Jesus Christ who is the Prince of Peace and our soon returning King. Godspeed!

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