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Israel Under Threat

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Nathan Jones: Israel has been under threat for over 3,000 years, but today it seems to be heating up, as though the Bible was prophesying that something big is coming soon. A Messianic Jewish evangelist is going to provide insight into what is going on in Israeli and Middle East politics.

The Prophet’s Blessing

Tim Moore: Avi Mizrachi of Dugit Ministries has joined us all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel. Avi is a pastor, a messianic rabbi, and a veteran of the Israeli Air Force. He’s a man who knows just what is going on in God’s Promised Land.

Tim Moore: We can look all the way back to God’s promise to Abraham in Genesis 12 where God said: “I will make you a great nation and will bless you and make your name great, so you shall be a blessing, and I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse. And in you, all the families of the earth will be blessed.” Avi, tell us a little bit about what is going on in Israel today that demonstrates God’s blessing. Also, tell us what some of the threatened curses that would come internally and externally if Israel forsook God.

Avi Mizrachi: On May 14, 1948, Israel declared its independence. Our first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, as soon as he declared our nation’s independence, six of the Muslim countries that surround Israel declared war. They said to the effect, “We have millions of soldiers and guns, our air force and navy, and tanks and cannons; so within a couple hours we will kill all of you Jews and throw you into the sea, and there will never be a nation of Israel again. You’ll not last but a couple of hours.” That is what they thought.

But, these Islamic nations forgot God and His promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel). God performed miracles upon miracles in protecting the Jewish people. Even up to today, we have miraculously survived many wars. I fought during the war with Lebanon when I was in the Israeli Air Force. So, still, there are existential threats to Israel.

Thank God for the peace agreement with Egypt! Thank God for the peace agreement with Jordan, Dubai, the Emirates, Bahrain, and Morocco, so now we can fly to these nations. What a miracle!

But, still, there remains a threat, especially from the countries that Iran supports. Iran supports our enemies in the north — Hezbollah in Lebanon — which wants to destroy Israel. Iran supports Hamas in Gaza that calls for Israel to be wiped off of the map. Other Islamic organizations are working in Iraq and Syria to destroy the nation of Israel. So, definitely, we see through the threat of the Enemy who wants to destroy Israel, especially through Iran, which is approaching nuclear status.

Tim Moore: In the book of Numbers chapters 22-24, we read a wild story about a talking donkey. This story about the false prophet Balaam harkens to a time when this prophet from a foreign land was asked by a pagan king to come and call down curses upon Israel and upon the Hebrew people. But, Balaam just couldn’t do it, and instead, he blessed the Hebrews. This pagan prophet even foresaw a future ruler who would come from Israel as a son of Israel. This Messiah would wield the scepter as king. What is the messianic importance of this prophecy?

Avi Mizrachi: In Numbers 24:15, we read about the fourth time that Balak has asked Balaam the prophet to curse Israel. Balaam instead returns a blessing because he does what God tells him to do. And, in verses 16 and 17, Balaam is prophesying over Israel and he declares: “The prophecy of one who hears the words of God, and who has knowledge of the Most High, who sees the vision of the Almighty, who falls down, with eyes wide open: ‘I see him, but not now; I behold him, but not near. A star shall come out of Jacob; a scepter shall rise out of Israel.'” I believe Balaam is prophesying to the people of Israel that one day King David would come, and later on, from King David, the Messiah was going to come and He would ultimately hold the scepter in His hands.

Tim Moore: So, this bright morning star was seen even by this pagan prophet whom the Lord impacted his heart? What a beautiful story!

A Politician’s Blessing

Tim Moore: What are some of the challenges that the new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is facing and what are some of the ways he is impacting Israel in a positive manner?

Avi Mizrachi: One thing for sure, because of his background, Bennett is very efficient. He’s a businessman. There were a lot of things that needed to be done that were sitting there piling dust for many years and nothing was moving in the government. For example, the budget; our government didn’t have a budget for three or four years! Bennett was able to pass a budget. He said to the effect: “Enough is enough! We need to get going and we need to help Israel to get out of its situation. The debts that we have due to the whole situation with the Coronavirus and tourism shut down must be fixed.”

So, Bennett decided to stop all of the lockdowns. No more Covid-19 lockdowns. He is trying to work within the system. As I said, Bennett is very efficient.

Bennett was also able to form a government by making a coalition with some on the left, which was a big challenge for him. He’s able to bring people together by saying: “Listen, we disagree, but let’s work together for what is important for our country. How can we help our country to be better in all those areas that we are lacking?”

I want to encourage the Church to pray for the salvation of our people, because we see as we pray that the Holy Spirit is removing the veil from the Jewish people so that more and more Jewish people are coming to the Lord like we’ve never seen before. What is happening in the last twenty years is amazing! How the body of Christ is growing, both Jewish and Arab.

Bless a Jew

Tim Moore: What is the perception in Israel of America as a friend? I think that we are kind of a fickle friend as we go up and down in our support depending on what political party holds office. Without putting words in your mouth, what is the perception of the current administration in Washington? Does President Biden support Israel? What does the average Israeli think?

Avi Mizrachi: In general, the Israeli people love the American people. We know that Americans are our best ally, that you stand with Israel, and we appreciate it. Even if there’s a change in government, we still know that America is Israel’s best friend, specifically the Evangelicals.

The last prime minister, Bibi Netanyahu, loved to go and speak to Christian audiences because he knew the Evangelicals were the ones who stood with us and supported us and prayed for us. So, there is an awareness in the land of Israel today that the Evangelicals love us and stand with us, and are our best allies.

Tim Moore: And, we will always will! God promises to bless those who bless Israel and to curse those who curse Israel, and that’s still in effect. We encourage people to pour out a blessing on Israel, not only through prayers, but also through the financial support of ministries like Avi’s Dugit Ministries which has a tremendous impact in Tel Aviv and throughout the nation.

Also, ask the Lord to send you one Jew, or maybe ten or even one hundred, with who you could share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then, you can truly be a blessing to a particular Jew.

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