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What Is He Waiting For?

What Is He Waiting For

[Note: Our guest writer, Janie B. Cheaney, is a gifted Christian author from Dallas who now lives in rural Missouri. She is also a senior writer for “World” magazine. Wonderful samples of her writing can be found at]

I can’t say “I’ll be back” to my husband without him repeating, in a spectral Arnold-Schwarzenegger imitation, “Ah’ll be bahck.” Even when he doesn’t say it, I hear the echo. In fact, when I think of Jesus promising to return, the pledge of the Terminator often comes to mind, and His pledge seems just about as real to me.

It’s a shameful thing to admit. I know the Bible is true, that Jesus Christ walked this earth and changed history forever, and that the Holy Spirit continues to act in my life, and other lives. But “Come, Lord Jesus” feels as remote a possibility as mountains melting and stars falling from the sky.

Jesus has wrapped up the past, but does He really hold the future? Of course, but still. It’s been so long. With multiplying crises and confusion, the fall of hopes and the rise of chaos, it seems that now would be an excellent time for Him to return.

The earth seems equally anxious. Take for example this headline from early last November: “Unnerving Study Reveals There May Be No Warning for the Next Supervolcano Eruption.” Toba Peak in Indonesia is one of the dozen or so volcanos capable of an eruption that could spell doom for us all. Research indicates that magma buildup can occur slowly beneath the surface and break out with no warning. Several paragraphs down the scientists acknowledge that it’s not likely to happen soon, but they’re keeping an eye on the steady growth of an island in Toba’s caldera.

Blazing headlines about Yellowstone blowing up or the New Madrid Fault tangling the Mississippi cause a momentary twinge of fear. “Some say the world will end in ice, and some in fire,” mused Robert Frost, but almost everyone says it will end. Fervent heat will consume this planet, wrote Peter. “God has appointed a day,” preached Paul (Acts 17:31). It’s all pointing to one event: He’s coming back, and this time no one will miss it. Nor will anyone escape it.

Just as there was a precise moment in time when a human/divine zygote attached itself to the womb of a virgin, there will be a precise moment when the divine/human Lord declares history over and rolls up the universe like a carpet. If there was a beginning, there must be an end — perhaps thousands of years into the future, or maybe sometime this spring?

The earliest followers of Jesus seemed as restless as we are, for scoffers were already saying, “Where is the promise of his coming?” (2 Peter 3:4). Neither Peter nor Paul could give a definite answer. Nor could they have imagined those of us, 2000 years into the future, who are still waiting. But God could.

Speaking for myself, I’m impatient and anxious and doubtful that it will ever happen. How about you? It’s been so long, and times are so frightening — impatiently we ask, what is He waiting for?

He’s waiting for you. He’s waiting for me. Perhaps He’s cast his favorable eye on great-grandchildren yet unborn to bring into His Kingdom. If He’s willing to wait for the next hour or the next millennium, so can we. But with hope and expectation.

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Tim Moore

Colonel Tim Moore serves as the Director and Senior Evangelist of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He leads pilgrimages to Israel and is the host of the television program Christ in Prophecy.

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  • Jesus Christ is Coming Back! Do you know when you are going to die? Better yet do you want I know how you are going to die? No you don’t. The fact remains that you may not die but you could. If the rapture happened while I am typing I would not die but would be changed and meet Him (Jesus) in the air after the dead in Christ has arisen. This sobering thought passed my mind for this reason: if you believe every Word of God then why question when is Jesus is going to return?’it is a moot point. The next question to ask ? Is Jesus delaying? Ans. No. It was not meant for us to know when or if it is delayed. Allow me to ask one more question if I can refrain myself. Bit first allow me to make a comment: God’s timing is a critical aspect to when Jesus returns. Do you believe this? If all things are possible with God and they are and if it impossible to please avoid without Faith then why question anything about Christ’s return. My Faith in Him alone and His trusted word should be sufficient for any Christian, on the other hand if I did not believe Jesus was going to return or delayed I would not have Faith and would be reason enough to ponder this whole line of questioning about where I stood in the afterlife. The scoffers say where is the promise of his returning, it’s been two thousand years or more. Which camp are you in? You either believe he will be returning again or you don’t. Now back to my first question: Do you know when you are going it to die or how your Iare getting to my to die? Ponder this from the book of John. He that hath the Son hath life and He that does not have the son, hath not life. Since Jesus arose from the grave where is He now? Ans. Seated at the right hand of God. His spirit, the Holy Spirit is in us who believe every word written in the Bible and it is called Faith in Jesus Christ Alone. I have a relationship with the one who created everything and died for me and I can now claim all the promises in Bible as it relates to me and those promises from His word. I also have peace. Allow me to ask one more final question. If you were to die while reading my post and I hope you don’t but if you did and Jesus asked you why should I let you into my heaven what would you say?
    I will leave with the truth written from his word and perhaps the question of when is Jesus coming back has more to do with your relationship with Jesus than when Jesus is coming back.
    Romans Chapters1 Corinthians Chapter 15. Ephesians Chapter 2.


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