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The Fall of the Georgia Guidestones

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Are the Georgia Guidestones prophetic?

Nathan Jones: On July 6, 2022, the Georgia Guidestones were partially blown up by an unknown assailant, and then rather expediently the officials of Elbert County, Georgia where this granite monument once resided had what remained standing quickly demolished.

So, what are the Georgia Guidestones exactly? The monument was created in March of 1980 by representatives from the Humanist New Age movement who desire to usher in their New Age Messiah whom they call Lord Maitreya in their belief that he is going to save the world. Behind this New Age group stood an organization called the Lucius Trust which was located at the United Nations Building.

Posted on these stones in multiple languages were the Ten Commandments for the New Age. Discerning Christians will recognize the New Age as the coming era of the Antichrist. The monument was located seven miles outside of Elberton, Georgia. It stood 20 feet high; even bigger than Stonehenge. The monument consisted of 951 cubic feet of granite and weighed 245,000 pounds. It contained slits in it through which one could peer through to witness astronomical signs and wonders. As astrology played a part in its design, the Georgia Guidestones resonated with a very New Age vibe sitting there in a field supposedly preparing the world for what New Agers call the Age of Reason.

Some Georgians even saw the Georgia Guidestones as a big tourist attraction going on for some 50 years.

Michael Branch: The Georgia Guidestones presented the New Age Ten Commandments, which offer a form of godliness but deny the power of the Gospel, as 2 Timothy 3:5 warns believers to turn away.

The first of its ten commandments calls the world to maintain humanity’s population at under 500 million in order to keep it supposedly in perpetual balance with nature. Today, almost eight billion people reside on the planet, meaning 7.5 billion would have to be eliminated. So, the Guidestones were calling for population control. There are plenty of humanists willing to make that happen in order to create what they believe is a perpetual balance with nature. Isn’t it interesting that we always see these same population control themes showing up in much of the humanist-type propaganda? After all, these New Agers believe in worshiping the Creation rather than the Creator.

The next commandment is to rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason. That sounds like a call back to what I believe to be and what Scriptures teach is the demonically-driven, Humanist religion that originated in Babylon.

Tim Moore: That word “humanity” shows up throughout these ten commandments, and at the very end of the first and last commandments is the word “nature.” Trying to balance nature and humanity rests on their dedication to reason, particularly an Age of Reason.

I’m reminded of the French Revolution when there was a massive appeal for reason. In the pursuit of reason, the French removed all of the representations of Christianity from the Notre Dame Cathedral and in their place put up a Goddess of Reason. They desired to elevate and worship reason as their ultimate goal in French society. Well, we know how badly that turned out for the French Revolution turned the country into a bloodbath. Why? Because when mankind is left to their own devices, even when pursuing reason, they will truly end up pursuing power. Is it really reasonable to eliminate 7.5 billion people? How reasonable is it to get rid of them all? Off with their heads? Shoot them off into outer space? Or, are these Humanists simply going to eliminate all of the people they don’t like or agree with? Not only is such thinking unreasonable, but it’s also absolutely ungodly!

Michael Branch: Which makes the Guidestone’s ninth commandment even more ludicrous when it calls humanity to prize truth, beauty, and love, seeking harmony with the infinite. It seems that these days Humanism has been flip-flopping truth into something that truth is not. We all know what truth is, but what the Enemy wants to do and what these New Agers want to do is replace what we know to be biblical truth with a new form of godliness and a new form of religion that rejects the God of the Bible and His Word and instead replaces them with mankind.

Tim Moore: And that’s the irony, for even the name of the man who was the mysterious financier behind the Georgia Guidestones was a deliberate in-your-face finger poked in the eye of Christianity.

Nathan Jones: Yes, that’d be Mr. R.C. Christian, which was clearly an alias. He was a representative of the New Age movement. New Agers have been trying to usher in Lord Maitreya and the Age of Aquarius back since the sixties when they were singing “The Age of Aquarius.” New Age Humanism desires to replace all religions and especially Christianity with their own.

When one of the commandments says to temper religion and faith, what it’s basically calling for is to subdue religion. Get rid of religion because it causes all of the problems in the world. If we just had universal reason society wouldn’t need religion anymore.

This terrible idea has been catching on as we’ve been seeing Humanism grow exponentially. The Nones, meaning those people who claim not to hold to any religious affiliation, are growing across the world. We know from the Bible that desire to rebel against God ushers in the Antichrist and his one-world rule over the earth. He’s anti-everything from Jesus and he’s going to set up his kingdom on this earth.

The Antichrist may even come as Lord Maitreya. After all, the New Agers have long been looking forward to the day when all Christians are removed off-planet. They believe there’s going to be a day when all Christians will be taken off of the planet because we’ve been holding humanity back. Humanity can finally evolve once we’re gone. That will be the New Age explanation for why the Rapture happens.

The Georgia Guidestones clearly are concerned with the rise of a false messiah. When talking about population control, we read in Revelation 6 how in just in the first half of the Tribulation, half of the world’s population will be killed by the Antichrist. He will succeed in bringing the world to that lower population level.

Reading the Signs

Michael Branch: How incredible that when you start to look at these evil things happening and you also know Scripture, these events form little breadcrumbs that lead you to see all of the end times signs converging into the prophesied Tribulation. For the believer, we know what’s going on. It’s like knowing how to read the weather. It’s pretty creepy!

Tim Moore: Do you know who else knows how to read the signs of the end times? That’d be Satan. We sometimes don’t recognize that Satan can quote Scripture. He did so to the Lord Jesus Christ. He knows the prophetic word. He doesn’t know the timing of end time events, of course, which is why he always has someone in the wings waiting to become the Antichrist. He’s offered up many Antichrists throughout human history, people who are against the revealed truth of Jesus Christ and the Gospel. Satan is always angling to try to gain a victory in his long war against God.

Notice how the Georgia Guidestones had its commandments listed in different languages, including four dead languages: Sanskrit, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Babylonian cuneiform, and classical Greek. Along with English, these commandments had been engraved on these massive stones.

Also notice that the backers of the Georgia Guidestones came out of the United Nations. That really hearkens all the way back to the Tower of Babel. The UN desires to bring all people together so that humanity can build for ourselves a legacy and reign in place of Almighty God. They instead long to elevate humanity to be our god.

News Spin

Nathan Jones: Just after the Guidestones had been demolished, it was so interesting watching the newscasters in Georgia trying to explain why it could have been blown up. I actually credit the saboteur   thank you — that thing needed to come down! It was wonderful to see the wrecker pulling down and destroying the remaining stones. But, in watching the newscasters, again and again, they lamented the loss to Georgia’s tourism. Still, other newscasters lamented their misguided belief that only good things had been etched on it. After all, don’t we want faith, don’t want we want love, don’t we want to be good to the environment? They’d bought into what the Guidestones had been teaching.

In truth, every time someone rises in government saying that they’re wanting to usher in peace and prosperity, what their rule inevitably ends up becoming is a dictatorship. For example, back to the French Revolution, that’s exactly what happened after the revolutionaries ended up chopping each other’s heads off. Napoleon rose to power and became a dictator.

Michael Branch: The Enemy is is certainly not original. All he can do is try to copy and counterfeit what God has already done. That in and of itself is evidence to anyone who reads Scripture and knows God’s Word that that’s the Enemy at work.

Tim Moore: The truly sad thing is that although the Georgia Guidestones have been eradicated, its philosophy has been defining our age and it’s been running rampant through our educational systems and proclaimed by our cultural influencers. Turn on the television or watch a movie and it’s easy to see how all of these kinds of humanistic mentalities are now running rampant.

I’m reminded again and again of Romans 1:28 where the Lord said through the Apostle Paul, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting.” We are most certainly seeing this godless mindset running throughout our Western societies.

Nathan Jones: Matthew 24:24 says “false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” We certainly live in a time of great deception. The Georgia Guidestones were just one of many deceptions. This humanist philosophy has become widely accepted throughout the world.

But, as Christians, we stand true to the Bible for it is truth. It is the Word of God. And, once you place your faith in Jesus Christ, then you will gain discernment.

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